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Liv Cannon

Kimberley Carmona

Mallory Hill

Kexin Yu


We are students at UT working on a project for our Understanding Research class. We are seeking to know more about the iSchool students’ awareness of the mental and wellness services located on UT’s main campus. We are interested in the extent to which iSchool students are aware of UT’s available mental health and wellness service and, moreover, why they might be more or less inclined to use UT’s provided mental health services.

1 - you were not aware

2 - you know it exists

3 - you are aware of service details

4 - you know where it is, what it does, but have never utilized it

5 - you have taken advantage of these amenities

Your survey results will help us greatly to further our research. We are very appreciative for your time and we hope you’ve had a positive experience!

Thank you so much for your participation!