Sprint 2

Sprint Overview:

Coming into this sprint, our goal was to iterate on our existing project, focusing on expanding the capabilities of our detection software and adding an isolation element to our mechanical structure. At the end of the last sprint, we set our kaizen for this sprint to be “Timely Integration”. For team bonding we watched the LEGO episode of The Toys That Made Us, where we learned that all LEGO products fit with “The System” which allows all LEGO products to work together. This inspired us to add another goal for this sprint: to create a modular system.

On the mechanical side, we modified our existing parts so that they could interface with a standard pegboard and designed an isolation mechanism inspired by a bingo roller. On the software end, we worked on getting Open CV to recognize shapes and colors simultaneously, looking at the differences in side length for a 2x2 and and 2x4 brick.

Project Goal:

The goal of our project is to design, create, and build an aesthetically pleasing LEGO brick sorter.

Modified MVP:

Isolate single LEGO brick from a larger group and sort by two different colors and two different sizes

Sprint Goals:

Roadblocks and Lessons:

Next Sprint: