Competition Format

The 2017 Mider Cup will use a Match Play format (see Definitions below).  The Match Play format will consist of three, 12-hole matches. There will be a break for lunch after the first two matches (24 holes) have been completed.  We will finish the final match after lunch. An example of the three rounds: If your foursome started on hole 1, Match 1 would consist of holes 1-12;  Match 2 would be holes 13-6; and Match 3 would be holes 7-18.

Players will be slotted into a foursome within their division by their Mider Cup Captain(s).  Matches will be rotated on a clockwise format based on the hosting zone.


There will be team jerseys that will be purchased for the event. Each player will pay for their jersey (price to be announced). If a player cannot pay it will be up to the Zone Coordinator as to whether or not the player will be required to purchase a jersey. The jersey will be unique to each zone and customized for the 2017 event.

Division Breakdown

Each Zone will use an 18 member team. The breakdown is as follows:

The allowable rating per division is as follows:

Advanced 970

Advanced Master <935

Intermediate <935

Juniors* (<=19 during the calendar year)

Unless the gender is specified in a division, the divisions are considered gender neutral.  We will use the same age protection rules as the PDGA for Master and Grandmaster divisions.

For the Juniors division we will go by the “Junior 1” that is described in the PDGA rules.

Once players are slotted into the various foursomes, they must remain in that slot unless they are unable to play due to injury or some other valid reason.  A Mider Cup team will be allowed to sub in cases of injury.  It will be up to the Zone Captain to decide if a player is no longer able to play.

Amateurs that accept cash in an Open Pro division during the PDGA sanctioned events during the 2017 disc golf season (or prior) are ineligible to compete in the Amateur divisions. Anyone listed as Pro on the PDGA website is ineligible to compete in the Amateur divisions.

Qualifying Procedure

To be able to compete in the 2017 Mider Cup, every Mider Cup player must be an MFA member.  If there are more players competing for a Mider Cup division than slots available, the Zone Coordinator will be responsible for establishing the player selection process for their zone.

Players/Competitors must be PDGA current at the time of the event. Players must have also competed in a minimum of one PDGA event prior to the event and been subject to a minimum of one PDGA rankings update with said event being a part of said update.  Junior and Women’s divisions are exempt from this ruling.

An example of this ruling may look like the following.  Player “A” was PDGA current as of August 1st of said competition year and competed in a PDGA A, B or C tiered event on August 7th for which they received a round(s) rating for their play.  The Mider Cup for that year was scheduled for October 1st although the next ratings update for the PDGA wouldn’t take place until October 2nd. In this scenario, Player A would not qualify to play the Mider Cup. However, if the PDGA update were to have taken place on September 28th and have included the round ratings from the August 7th event, Player A would now be eligible to play in this year’s Mider Cup.

The Mider Cup team captain still retains the option to use non-current PDGA members on his or her team. The caveat being that non-current PDGA members, or current members not meeting the above guidelines must play in Open Pro, Grandmaster Pro or Master Pro.  Placement in the age protected divisions still requires the player meet the necessary age requirement.

Players may also earn a position on the Mider Cup team based on their current year standings in the MFA Minnesota Summer Tour.  There are a total of six (6) team positions that will be provided to the top point earners in the tour as of the MN State Championships on October 10th, of said competition year. The positions are as follows:

Open Pro – Top two (2) point holders

Master Pro – Top (1) point holder

Advanced – Top two (2) point holders

Intermediate – Top (1) point holder

Zone/team Captains for the Mider Cup will be required to give priority to the individuals whom meet these qualifications to fill their roster.  These individuals will be the top one or two point holders from their specific zone, not simply the top one or two point holders in the MFA MST Tour.

Let’s mock a point scheme for Open men as an example of this system.  Our goal is to award active MFA members who participate in MST events throughout the year.  A snapshot of the tour point leaders in Open may look something like this:

Division Name MPO – Open

Points     Player       Zone

572.94      Player A       West

564.13      Player B        North

558.30     Player C        East

552.18      Player D       North

549.79      Player E       West

535.93      Player F       South

508.61      Player G       South

487.44      Player H      East

483.69      Player I        West

385.22      Player J        North

Based on these results for Open the top two point earners in each zone receives a spot on the Mider Cup team automatically.  With that we would already know one player that each zone would have.

West ——— Players A & E

East ———- Players C & H

North ——— Players B & D

South ——– Players F & G

This same player selection model would be applied to the Master Pro, Advanced and the Intermediate rosters as well for the number spots awarded via MST points per division.  If for any reason one of these individuals cannot participate in the Mider Cup the team captain must choose the next highest points leader.  Going back to our previous example. If Player B from the North Zone team chose not to accept the invitation to play the Mider Cup event, the North Zone captain would then extend an invitation to both Player D and Player J. This process would continue until two players were found.  If no players from the current MST standings are willing to participate the team captain will be provided a choice of player to fill the empty roster position.  In the event that a player wishes to decline his or her position on the Mider Cup team from the MST Points selection process the team captain is required to provide the Mider Cup Committee proof of said refusal in the form of mail or electronic mail correspondence between said Player and the Zone Team Captain.

Scoring System

Each competitor will receive 2 points for every match won, 1 point for every match tied, and 0 points for every match lost.  Once all three matches have been completed, points are added for each zone.  If two or more zones tie for first place, a sudden death playoff will decide the winner.  The Zone Captain will choose one competitor from their zone to compete in the playoff.

All players will mark down a “1” on their scorecard when they win the hole and a dash if they lose or tie.  PLEASE no blanks or 2’s, 3’s, etc.

Team Captain

The Zone Coordinator will be the Mider Cup Captain unless the Zone Coordinator designates someone else as the Zone Captain(s).  Player info must be submitted to the Mider Cup TD a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event.  The Team Captain is responsible for letting the TD know where their players will be seeded within the divisions on or before 9:00AM the day of the event.

Entry Fees

The entry fee for each Mider Cup team member is $20.  Zone Coordinators are responsible for collecting entry fees from Mider Cup team members in their zone and delivering the entire amount due to the Mider Cup TD no later than 8:00 AM the day of the event, failure to pay will result in a team disqualification.  Failing to pay the full team dues will result in limited team.  e.g. A full 18 member team would have dues of $360 to compete in the event.  If a team can only provide $280 of dues at the time of registration it will be up to the team captain to remove four (4) players of his or her choosing, from a division(s) of his or her choosing to compensate for the lack of dues owed.

Cash Payouts and Awards

The team cash payouts goes to the Zone Coordinator.  The Zone Coordinators splits that cash payout equally with the Mider Cup team players in their zone.  The 1st place team will receive 75% of the total purse and 2nd place team will receive the remaining 25%.

The 1st place team will receive the traveling trophy and be responsible for updating the engraving.