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Puppy Questionnaire
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This puppy questionnaire gives us at Heart Stoppin’ Australian Shepherds the opportunity to learn about potential buyers. Each crossing, and therefor each puppy, is planned and raised as a member of our family. To ensure that each puppy gets placed in a home that is most suited to them. This questionnaire helps us learn the expectations a potential buyer will have on their puppy and what they are looking for whether it be just an active pet or a show prospect.

There is no guarantee that there would be a puppy for you. We do not place puppies on a first come first serve basis until after evaluations are made, between 6-8 weeks old. We strive to place puppies in homes that are best suited to them. A certain cross may have more puppies suitable for a working/ performance home, while others may have more that will be acceptable in a pet or conformation show home.

We strive to do our best in taking into consideration sex, and color for potential buyers however temperament and structure is ESSENTIAL in making sure the puppy goes to a compatible home. If for any reason there is not a puppy in this litter for you, your deposit will hold for the next litter, and if that is still not acceptable we can refer you to other breeders that may have a puppy that best suits your needs.

Shelby Collins

53 Terri Dr.

Collinsville, TX 76233

Your Information

Full Name:



Phone Number:

Email Address:


Average Weekly Schedule:

Members of Household:

Children in Household/Age of children:

Home Description (apartment, house etc)

Type of Fencing:

If no fencing how do you plan on keeping your puppy contained?

Do you have any other dogs in the house?

        Please list name, age, breed, if spayed or neutered, show or companion animal? How do they get along with other animals, puppies?

Other than current dogs in the house please tell me about the dogs you have had in the last 10 years. What happened to them?

Do you have any other pets? If so describe them.

Do you have a Veterinarian reference? May we contact them? If so please provide name, address and phone number.

Who will be taking care of the puppy you get from us? (ie training, feeding,)

How will your puppy spend its days?

How often will your puppy be alone?

How will your puppy spend its nights?

If this puppy is not meant to be a show dog are you willing to spay/neuter?

About Your Puppy

Why did you choose an Australian Shepher?

What made you reach out to Heart Stoppin Australian Shepherds?

What is your gender preference & Why?



What is your color preference & Why?

What is your intended goal with this puppy?

Do you plan on breeding this puppy?

        If so are you willing for us to stay on the papers until proper health testing & titling requirements are completed?

If we do not have puppies that meet your requirements are you willing to wiggle if we have a puppy that we believe would be best suited to your needs, temperament or structure wise?