Every day you will get “robo-dial” phone calls from unknown callers, proclaiming that your small business  qualifies for hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight. It’s amazing how the person from another country across the globe will tell you in less than thirty seconds how much your business needs (at an unethical interest rate that is more often than not higher than the principal).  These loans are dangerous, and about 40% of the time can drive a small business into bankruptcy.

We aren’t in or near that business. We don’t agree with it. We discourage the idea. However; we also fully understand that nearly every small business needs money to fuel its engine.

KANKETA teaches “Safety first. Profit second”. Kanketa is set up to help small businesses grow safely. We have safe loan programs with terms and amounts that you can handle, with a very specific prescription for how to use the money to make more money.  We never put a business in harm’s way.  

The Kanketa working capital loans are extremely business friendly.  

$50,000 - $150,000 is our lending range for small businesses of 1 to 30 employees. Our team works with you to ensure that your loan is used in the best possible way.


Kanketa “Split Line Lending” is a specific loan program that is designed to increase your line of credit with the goal that you can eventually self-fund internally without any further outside loans.

Kanketa loans tie into our Vision and our Mission:



all small business owners will achieve personal financial freedom, working in their businesses by choice, not from need.

 We transform small businesses into high performing companies.

Many companies that do not otherwise qualify for bank loans, will find the Kanketa funding program to be a welcomed relief.