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Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc.

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Franklin High School:

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Old Traditions…New Beginnings

Letter from TFB Directors:

May 28, 2020

Greetings to the Franklin Band family!

Old Traditions...New Beginnings. This is the motto of the Franklin High School Band. We are all a part of an organization with a rich history, dating back well into the last millennium. This rich history was created by people no different than us, whether they were students, parents, staff, or directors. These old traditions of excellence and community were developed with hard work, commitment, and a pursuit of excellence. These values have led to numerous awards, appearances in nationally recognized events, and thousands of students who have used their high school band experiences in this wonderful organization as building blocks for their own lives.

As we look toward our future, let’s remember those that came before us as we create our own new beginnings. We believe the future has great things in store for us: wonderful performances in concert ensembles, dynamic chamber music performances, success in marching band and winterguard, and individual growth. All of these, of course, lead to the continued development of remarkable people. In addition, families can benefit from our new beginnings as parents and students work side by side to achieve lofty goals.

As all groups that have existed for as long as we have, change is upon us.  We have a smaller staff, new designers, new policies, and new ways of going about our business.  Certainly, change can seem daunting, but if we put into place the habits that create healthy group dynamics, and we commit to those habits while focusing on our core values, we will meet those changes and thrive as an organization.

We are now beginning the tenth year of using our Franklin Model as the “way we do things.” This model sets a clear path before us as we grow into the band that we want to be. Emphasizing that model has impacted us tremendously and we will continue to emphasize it in 2020-2021. Later in the handbook you’ll find that model, with our purpose, core values, BHAG, and vivid description. Yes, it’s a lot of words, but it’s the words that we will live by. In fact, it’s really just an elaboration of “Old Traditions...New Beginnings!”

So, as we begin this new school year, we say “Go Franklin!”


Jacob Campos - Director of Bands

Briana Vogt - Assistant Director of Bands

Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc.

P.O. Box 1371

Franklin, TN 37065-1371



May 30, 2020

Dear Franklin Band Family,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the Franklin High School Band Boosters, I welcome you to the 2020-2021 band season and to the pursuit of excellence that is a hallmark of the Franklin High School Band program. This is the time of year when we look back with pride on past accomplishments and look forward to the growth that comes as a result of the direction, discipline, and dedication of our students, directors, and parents.

Our organization offers a variety of opportunities for all family members to share in the band experience. The involvement and support of our band families are essential to the success that our young musicians have achieved in the past and will continue to achieve again this year.

I invite you to volunteer your time and skills to promote the success of our band programs. You can find plenty of information in the Band Handbook about the activities planned for the year and the person to contact to join in the fun. By volunteering, you will not only help the band to thrive, but you will also spend time with great people and make lasting memories.

This year promises to be exciting – perhaps more so than ever. We look forward to sharing great times with you. Please let me know if you have questions or if I can help you in any way throughout this year.


Jimmy Bird

President, FHSBB 


Purpose, Core Values, BHAG, Vivid Description



To enhance the growth, maturity, and experience of Franklin High School students.


Core Values:

Community.        The community in which we live and our own community within FHS shapes who we are and in return, we shape it.

Excellence.          Employ a positive work ethic on our steady march toward excellence:  students, parents, and staff included.

Enjoyment.          Students should enjoy their band experience, their friends, their musical activities, and the processes involved with them.

Inclusive.             Be a “big tent” organization, serving students of various abilities and backgrounds.

History.                Old Traditions...New Beginnings.  Value and reflect on our past while being innovative in new endeavors.

Engagement.        The wants and needs of our student, parent, and community stakeholders are important to us.

Advocacy.            Be advocates for music education, in neighborhood chats and in discussions with decision makers.

Versatility.           Be well rounded in terms of what we do, but with a strong foundation in concert literature.

Challenge.           Create an environment that challenges students and promotes personal growth.

Stewardship.   Be good stewards of our resources, both personal and financial.


BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

We will be a Bands of America Grand Nationals Finalist by 2021.


Vivid Description:

We will have excellent student musicians-----numerous mid-state and all-state players.  We will have concert groups perform at state and national conferences.  We will have nationally recognized percussion and guard programs.  We will be in consideration for national awards like the Sudler Shield and Sudler Flag.  Our staff will provide top level instruction and be role models for our students.  Our band parents will provide appropriate funding, advocacy, and support for the band’s development.  Our students will be great leaders, helping young members succeed and passing on knowledge to the next generation.  Our alumni will be advocates for our program and for music education.  We will expect to be good, and do what is necessary to achieve excellence.  Our marching band will place well at regional marching band contests and will perform in nationally recognized events.  We will be motivated intrinsically.  We will embrace competition but not be consumed by it.  We will recognize the excellence in other programs, learn from them, and show appreciation to them.  All of this, because WE ARE FRANKLIN!


Hedgehog Concept


About the Franklin High School Band


Prior to 1948, no history is recorded on the Franklin High School Band.  In 1948 the band was reorganized with 12 members (11 players and one majorette).  12 different head band directors later, the Franklin High School Band has grown to approximately 220 members.


The Franklin Band is one with a history of excellence and rich in tradition. The Franklin band has been competing in Bands of America events since 2008, and has been named Regional Finalist, Regional Class Champion, Regional Champion, and has three times won 2nd Place in Class AAA at the Grand National Championship.  The Franklin Marching Band has been a Contest of Champions finalist numerous times and is a four-time winner of the Grand Championship.  The Franklin band is a six-time Tennessee Marching Band Champion, winning the Governor’s Cup in 1980, 1981, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018.  


The Marching Band has made appearances in the Orange Bowl Parade, the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade.  The band also appeared in the Academy Award winning movie Nashville, in Madonna’s American Pie video, the movie The Secret Handshake, at the local premier of the movie Friday Night Lights, and for the premiere of Jimmy Gentry’s documentary An American Life.


The Franklin Band is not just a marching program, as our concert bands receive superior ratings and several of our present and former students have been selected to All Mid-State, All-State, and All-American ensembles.  These opportunities for individual growth are beneficial for students not only for their inherent value, but also for potential college scholarships, regardless of major.  

Here’s a list of accolades outside the scope of marching band:

Wind Ensemble:        Tennessee Music Education Association Conference:  2012, 2017

                        Music for All National Festival:  2013

Percussion Ensemble:        Music for All National Festival:  2013, 2017

Tennessee Music Education Association Conference:  2014


Chamber Music:        Music for All National Festival:  2015, 2017, 2019

Winterguard:                  SCGC State Champions:  2015


The Franklin Band performs at all varsity football games, local parades, selected contests, concerts, and various performance opportunities in the area.  All students at FHS have the opportunity to participate in the Franklin Marching Band.





Student agrees to maintain satisfactory attendance at rehearsals and performances.

Student agrees to uphold core values of the program.

Unless otherwise noted, student is enrolled in a band class.

Student meets financial obligations. (WCS Marching Band Fee of $250, see p. 12)


There are three concert band ensembles: Freshman Band (high school introductory level band class), Symphonic Band (intermediate level band class divided into three periods), and Wind Ensemble (advanced level band class).  Each group has performance requirements, which may require an occasional after school activity.


To be a member of the Franklin High School Marching Band, the student agrees to attend summer rehearsals and is required to attend Band Camp.  In almost every situation, missing band camp results in the student being designated as an alternate.  The Marching Band performs at football games, contests, festivals, and parades.  There are financial obligations to meet the operating expenses of the Marching Band. Contact the Financial Controller at or one of the Band Directors for information on financial assistance.



The Battery and the Front Ensemble are select groups with membership through audition only.  Members must meet all requirements for Marching Band.


The Guard is a select group with membership through audition only.  Members must meet all requirements for Marching Band, except this is the only group in which members do not have to be enrolled in a band class.  Color guard students that play instruments should be enrolled in the appropriate band class.


The Tech Crew is a group of students made up of alternates and non-musicians from the student body who will perform in the show using props and other objects. They provide extra performance roles and greatly enhance the overall general-effect of production. Tech Crew members are considered full-fledged members of the Marching Band.  This means that the tech crew is expected to attend all rehearsals.  


Students will be evaluated during the summer based on music skills, (equipment skills for guard) movement skills, attitude, attendance, and “coachability.”  Based on that evaluation process, some students will be designated as alternates.  Any student who has attendance issues or whose skill set does not match the skills necessary to perform can be moved to alternate status, and will not have a permanent marching position in the show.


Alternates will be given a task that benefits the marching band and must meet all requirements for membership.  Many times alternates take on a performance type role in the show.  The student will rehearse and may perform with the group, possibly earning a permanent spot at any time.  Alternates will also perform in all parades and pre-game show activities and will play in the stands.  Alternates are considered full-fledged members of the Marching Band.  This means that the alternates are expected to attend all rehearsals.  Alternates may be rotated in and out on a per performance basis in order to provide the opportunity for more students to perform have the opportunity to perform in the show, depending on the show’s design.  Alternates will travel on all trips with the Marching Band.  If a student is an alternate for an entire year, they will be given priority for a spot in the next year’s show.


There are many opportunities for students to rehearse and perform in small groups.  It’s through this chamber music experience that the students grow and develop.  Students are highly encouraged to join a chamber group.


The Percussion Ensemble is a select group with membership through audition only and meets mostly in the Spring semester.



The Jazz Band is a voluntary group that rehearses after school during the 2nd semester.  Standard jazz instrument players are welcome.  Students are not required to be enrolled in a band class, but must have director approval.


The Winter Guard is a select group with membership through audition only.

Expectations for Behavior

Behave in a way that reflects our Core Values.



Marching band is the most visible part of our band program.  Performing at football games, contests, parades, and other events, the marching band will give more than twice the performances than the concert band, percussion ensemble, or winter guard.  Therefore, our band’s reputation depends on excellence in Marching Band.


In many ways, marching band is a microcosm of life.  Like life, it requires commitment, hard work, a positive attitude, and teamwork in order to succeed.  Through all of this, we will develop a community that will bind us together for life.  Many of your memories from high school (both good and bad) will center around marching band.  Best advice to you:  Savor every moment!


School-owned instruments become the responsibility of the student to whom they are issued.  Any damage other than normal wear and tear will be repaired at the student’s expense.  Individual instruments must always be maintained in top playing condition. Always show the director your instrument before taking it in for repairs.  Remember that horseplay can cause damage to instruments and equipment.  Be careful with your own instrument, place it out of harm’s way if it is necessary for you to put it down, and never play around with or play on anyone else’s instrument.  Be good stewards of our equipment.  Students that use a school owned instrument will pay a $75 instrument rental fee.



Students will be assigned an individual INSTRUMENT LOCKER for storage of their personal or school owned instrument.  Keep the lock closed, even on an empty locker.  Locks are provided by the band boosters and students must pay a $10 fee for a replacement for lost or stolen locks.  Only instruments or personal items related to band (shoe bag, personal uniform accessories, water jug, rehearsal needs, etc.) should be kept in the locker.  No personal items should be stored in the UNIFORM LOCKER which is shared with your section.  DO NOT store drinks or food in your instrument locker or the uniform locker.



When you wear the Franklin High School Band uniform, you represent your school and community.  Students are expected to wear their uniforms with pride and present a unified appearance.  When in uniform, STAY in uniform unless otherwise directed.


Students will be fitted at the beginning of the year.  We make every attempt to properly fit a uniform on a student.  All alterations will be done by the uniform parents after initial fitting and upon request in the case of height or weight changes.


Students will be assigned a uniform locker & slot number.  Uniforms will remain at school in the assigned locker & slot and will be cleaned as needed by the band uniform parents.  Cleaning is expensive and students can help reduce cleaning expenses by properly caring for their uniforms.  Students will be instructed in the proper hanging and care of their uniform.  They should be hung properly after each performance in the correct locker & slot.  Students should report uniform mishaps (spills, tears, loose or missing snaps, etc.) immediately following a performance to uniform parents so uniforms can be kept ready to wear. Uniforms (or uniform parts) should never be taken home.


Full Uniform:

Casual Uniform:


Bibbers (pants)

Member T-Shirt

*Items are purchased in the Uniform Room


**Black Shorts

**Items are students’ responsibility to obtain.






 *Items are purchased in the Uniform Room

Member T-Shirt



Shako & Plume



*Black Marching Shoes


 *Item is purchased in the Uniform Room

**Black Socks (mid-calf or longer)



**Black Athletic or Compression Shorts or Leggings





Information on guard uniforms will be given as soon as the details are determined.  Each guard member should have an adequate supply of hair accessories and make-up for his or her own need.  Guard members may need to purchase appropriate undergarments, shoes, or other accessories for the selected uniform.  Specific uniform questions regarding the Guard should be directed to the Guard instructor(s).






Marching Band students are responsible for the WCS Marching Band Fee ($250), as well as the Field Trip Fees outlined below.  The Marching Band Fee partially covers the cost of general annual expenses such as uniforms, competitions, instructional staff, show design, school owned instruments, and occasional major expenditures.  


The 2020-21 budget is in the process of being finalized and approved.  This includes a $250 school marching band fee (set by the district) and an additional Field Trip fees expectation of $600 to cover your share of the budget.



Reduced Fee Amount Due to Fundraising Efforts

Travel/Field Trip Costs                                        $600                                                 



Payment Plan for Total Commitment:

1.        July 1st 2020: $250 Extracurricular Fee due – payable to Franklin High School ONLY

2.         Remaining amount is due by specific dates in order to allow deposits and the request of    

            buses etc. It is also broken up into more manageable amounts. Any family can make

            payments in charms in smaller increments before the due date.

$150 Aug 1st

$150 August 22nd

$150 Sept 12th

$150 Oct 3rd

Total Commitment per Student = $850 ($250 extracurricular fee + $600 total Travel)


The amounts listed above are due on or before the date shown.  If enough families (90%) do not make the payment in full by that date, the activity for which the payment is due will be canceled.  That being said, we understand that sometimes circumstances arise which present temporary financial hardships.  If this should be the case, please contact the Booster Controller at to discuss alternate payment arrangements.  All such conversations will be kept strictly confidential between the affected family and the Booster Board.

Mailing Address:

Franklin High School Band Boosters

P.O. Box 1371

Franklin, Tennessee 37065-1371


The first payment (due JULY 1st) is a required fee by the Williamson County School Board. Failure to pay this fee in a timely manner will result in the student not being able to participate in Marching Band.  These funds will be used to pay the staff and facilities charges throughout the season.  This fee is not refundable.  The Band Camp Field Trip fee will be available for refund if the student does not attend camp.  If they attend camp and then decide not to participate, no amount will be refunded.

Additional expenses beyond the Field Trip Fees include, but are not limited to, one-time expenses such as band shoes, band bags, uniform shirts (issued one, others must be purchased), gloves, etc.  Annual expenses may include black socks, additional gloves, reeds, percussion sticks, mallets, cork grease, mouthpieces, etc.  Ongoing expenses can include money for food/meals at games and competitions and band swag (spirit wear). Guard will also have expenses such as warm ups, shoes and other uniform costs.  Any items ordered, (shoes, gloves, member shirts, guard warm ups) will not be delivered to the student without the amount being collected for those items.  


Students who play a school owned instrument for marching or concert band (including percussion) will be assessed a $75 annual rental fee.  These fees will be due by August 31.  




Every attempt is made to ensure that the published schedule (TFB Director’s Calendar available online at TFB DIRECTORS CALENDAR) is correct.  However, occasionally circumstances dictate that we make changes to the schedule.  Please check both the TFB Director’s Calendar and the website frequently to familiarize yourself with any changes or upcoming events.


The rehearsal schedule is normally set well in advance, allowing students to plan other activities and obligations around the established schedule.  It is essential that we make efficient use of the rehearsal time we have.  All band members are dependent upon each other.  Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is absolutely essential.  Students should avoid conflicts.  Appointments (medical, etc.) are better made during the summer, on Wednesdays, and on days off school.  Students should not schedule meetings, tutoring, study sessions, etc. if it conflicts with a rehearsal.  These activities are available before school or on Wednesday afternoons.


If you must miss a rehearsal, or in the rare event that you must miss a performance, Mr. Campos must be notified IN ADVANCE for the absence to be excused through the rehearsal absence form at


Students should be on the field for marching rehearsals with all necessary equipment before the appointed start of rehearsal.  Allow at least 15 minutes to get into the band room, get all equipment, & get to the field.


Rehearsals are seldom cancelled.  If a cancellation occurs, students will be notified as early as possible during the school day in order to make transportation arrangements.  Follow us on Twitter for immediate updates.  Students should dress appropriately for the weather.  At times, we may rehearse in rain.


During the school year we will rehearse on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before football games.  See the calendar for detail.  These rehearsals are mandatory.  After the last competitive show of the season our after school rehearsals will be reduced dramatically until our football team’s season ends.


Personal Belongings:  Students should never leave valuables out in the band room.  This room is open during rehearsals.  Students should lock purses, calculators, backpacks (if possible), etc. in their instrument locker during rehearsals.

Traffic and Pickup:   Please enter & exit the campus at the light on Joel Cheek Blvd.  You may park in the lot or pick up your student in the car line near the rear entrance.   Please, DO NOT drop off/pick up on the road adjacent the bandroom.  



The full schedule can be found at TFB DIRECTORS CALENDAR.  In addition to Mini Camp (just after Memorial Day) and Band Camp (usually in mid to late July), rehearsals are held in the summer on selected evenings in June and July.  If you are in town, attendance is expected. All rehearsals are required.  Attendance at Monday rehearsals will be considered in the selection of alternates.  (The director should be notified if a student is unavailable for any summer rehearsal.)  Section rehearsals will be announced as needed and may be scheduled at the discretion of the section leaders or director.  If a student must miss a rehearsal, they will be expected to attend open bandroom nights (see Charms calendar) to make up for missed time.  Missing significant time in the summer may lead to a student being assigned an alternate position for the competitive show.


Open band room nights are designated as individual and small group practice time, with some staff on hand to assist.  If a section is having a difficult time with a skill or portion of the show, student leaders may call a sectional to address the issue.



Mini Camp is held at Franklin High School at the start of summer.  Percussion and Guard Camp 1 is generally in early June.  There is a second week of Percussion and Guard camp in mid-July before Band Camp.  Attendance is required if you are in town.  Attendance at Mini-Camp will be considered in the selection of alternates.  Mini Camp will be used to introduce the equipment and music to the band and to begin teaching fundamental marching band concepts to rookies.  

Band Camp is in July and is usually held at Cumberland University in Lebanon. Band Camp begins on a Sunday afternoon and will conclude on the last evening (Thursday night) with a performance for parents.  After the band camp performance students will ride home with their parents.  Band Camp is when we begin learning the show, coordinating marching with music and equipment work. Experienced chaperones will be present at all times during your child’s stay at the camp.  Students are transported to camp by bus, and parents come on the last evening for a Parent Performance, camp awards, and to transport their student back home.

All forms and the school fee (see inside front pocket of handbook) must be completed, notarized, paid & turned in before your child will be allowed on the bus to camp.


Band Camp Chair:  See Charms and/or handout for chairperson. Email address is


Cumberland University Address:

1 Cumberland Square, Lebanon, TN 37087


On game days, students should bring everything they need to school & remain there to rehearse and prepare to perform or travel.  A weekly schedule will be published (either by email and/or via the website) that will give specific information regarding schedule and other details.


Home Games:  The band rehearses after school.  After rehearsal students relax, eat dinner at home concessions (at a discounted rate and operated by the band boosters), dress for the game, and warm up.  The band performs pre-game, half-time, and in the stands.


Away Games:  Depending on time, the band will rehearse immediately after school.  Dinner will usually be at the mall food court, but occasionally (on long trips) students will eat at the game concessions.  (Specifics will be given in the weekly schedule.)  Generally, the band performs at half-time and in the stands.



Students should bring the same items needed for game day.  Schedules & specifics will be published/announced weekly.  Students may sometimes need $ for lunch, dinner, or snacks.  Depending on the format of the contest & how long the students are there, we may have a tailgate meal at which parents provide food for the whole band.  (See Tailgating page.)  Details will provided by an email of the schedule (see website).



Competition is a part of life in a free-market society such as ours.  In life, you will compete as an individual with others for scholarships, employment, promotions, etc.  You will compete with others in business, education and civic situations, even your local softball team.  Learning how to compete is an essential life skill.


We attend band contests to engage in friendly competition with other bands.  We do this because it is inherently challenging to us as a group and as individuals.  The betterment of the band, as well as the individual band members is our goal.  If along the way we win band contests, so be it.


We will not live and die by the decision of a small group of judges.   We will always support other groups.  Congratulate those that place higher than you and be gracious to those that place lower.


Concert Band

Concert Band and Percussion Ensemble

Rehearsals are where the process of music education takes place.  Music is a wonderful art form and you should pursue it with a most serious mind.  It is not easy, but nothing worth anything in life is.  Not every moment will be fun; in fact, there will be many tedious moments.  However, if we give our best to the rehearsals, music will be made and that is our reward.  Come to rehearsals with a positive attitude and an open mind.

Grading System for Band Classes

Your grade in band will be based on two categories: participation and playing tests.


In order to participate to the fullest extent, you must have all items necessary for rehearsal.  In the event you are without your instrument, your music, or any necessary item, your participation grade will be lowered for that day.


Participation in concerts is mandatory.  Missing a concert will have a negative impact on your grade.


Performance Attire

Wind Ensemble, will wear black suits with a white shirt and black bow tie with no additional colors for boys and black dresses or black pants and blouses with no additional colors for girls.  Arrangements will be announced at the beginning of the year.  Each student will be required to purchase their own.


9th Grade Concert Band will wear concert black dress clothes. Boys wear black slacks, black button-down shirt, and black dress shoes.  Girls wear black dresses or slacks with a black button-down shirt.  Students may incorporate maroon accents in their outfits.

 Symphonic Band, will wear concert black dress clothes. Boys wear black slacks, black button-down shirt, and black dress shoes. Girls wear black dresses or slacks with a black button-down shirt. Any dresses/skirts should be at or past knee-length; floor length is preferable, as most members will be seated above audience members for most performance. Students may incorporate GRAY or SILVER accents in their outfits.

Percussion Ensemble will wear concert black dress clothes. Boys wear black slacks, black button-down shirt, and black dress shoes.  Girls wear black dresses or slacks with a black button-down shirt.  Students may incorporate maroon accents in their outfits.

Individual Opportunities and Chamber Music


Work on technical requirements, such as scales or other technique builders (5 min.)

        Find examples of these fundamentals in your music (i.e., solo, ensemble literature)

Work on a new or difficult piece (10-15 min.)

        Remember: whole-part-whole (think big picture, break down details, then big picture).

Review at the end of each practice session (5 min.)

Learning only happens in stages.  Sometimes the student will work on a piece for a long time without any apparent improvement and then discover a sudden leap in ability.  Other times learning happens very quickly.  Consistent practice will yield results.  Set practice goals.



Private lessons are the key to developing an outstanding musical organization.  Students who study their instruments privately with a professional show rapid improvement in individual musicianship.  As these students improve, their excitement towards practicing increases, they continue to improve, and they become a stronger contributor to the overall success of the band.


Private instruction has a great impact on the individual student and on our band program both this year and in the future.  The Director will assist you, if needed, in selecting a private instructor.  The key to satisfactory results from private instruction is to start as soon as possible . . . SO START NOW!

Summer Camps

There are several fine summer music camps available to Franklin Band students.  The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts is an excellent summer program.  Music For All’s Summer Symposium and Positive Performance Concepts are also good choices.  See Mr. Campos for suggestions/information about summer camps.


All Mid-State, All-State, and Honor Bands

Honor Band activities provide students with the opportunity to excel individually on their instrument and to receive recognition for their musical achievements.  Auditions for All Mid-State Band, All Mid-State Orchestra, and All Mid-State Jazz Band are held in early November and December.  The top students receive All-State status.  Each of these groups participates in a clinic with a guest conductor culminating in a performance.  There is a nominal audition fee and traveling expenses if your child is selected.


There may be other honor band type activities announced throughout the year.  See the directors calendar at TFB DIRECTORS CALENDAR for more information.  

Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble Festival, held in the spring, also gives students an opportunity to excel individually or in small instrumental groups.  The director will assist students in music selection.  There is a nominal fee to participate.

Chamber Music Groups

Several small groups will convene throughout the year, such as jazz band, brass quintet, woodwind quintet, and other duets, trios, and small ensembles.  These ensembles are excellent opportunities for performance, composition, arranging, and student leadership. While Directors will help to organize several chamber groups, any student may start and organize their own chamber ensemble. Guard/dance can also be included - there are no limits to the creativity involved in chamber ensembles!



Following marching band season in the fall, we will host an informal marching band banquet at the school.  In the spring, a formal banquet is held (at a local hotel) where we will award outstanding students for their achievements during the year.  Distinguished Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior awards will be chosen using All Mid-State Band audition scores and the individual students’ accolades during the year.  We also award students that are most improved and students who demonstrate outstanding work ethic.  Winterguard awards will also be presented at the spring banquet.




The Franklin High School Band Boosters exist to promote interest in, aid in the financing
of, assist the directors with, and further the interests of the Franklin High School band programs.  At the root of all of that lay our students.  It is ultimately for them that we exist.


The Band Boosters meet periodically.  The Booster Meetings are used to keep parents
informed about what is happening, where help is needed, the condition of our finances, and other items of importance and interest.  They also provide a forum for your ideas,
suggestions, and questions.  The highlight of each meeting is a time for our directors to update us about the band program and upcoming band events.


The Boosters and the Directors recognize that everyone has commitments in addition
to band.  It does, however, take a lot of work to keep our Band running.  We ask each parent to devote some time to the volunteer opportunities available.  If every parent pitches in, it lightens the load for everyone.  We guarantee that, at the very least, you will find it rewarding and worthwhile.  There are opportunities to fit all circumstances and schedules. Whether you commit just an occasional few hours, or volunteer at every available opportunity, we need you.   We
encourage you to pick an activity that sounds interesting or one where you have a special skill (for example, if you have carpentry skills or an interest in carpentry, our props team might be a great place for you) and jump in.  Simply contact the committee chair shown on the volunteer list in the Band Handbook and let them know you want to help.

We try to use several means of communicating with parents.  Of course, email is our main avenue of communication.  It is, therefore, very important that we maintain current emails for all of our Band Parents.  Please make sure we have an active email address for everyone in your family that will need to receive band information.  We also use other communication tools (e.g.
GroupMe, Facebook, Twitter).  Any of our Boosters will be happy to help you get signed up.  To reiterate, and this is very important,
please make sure you give us an active email address so that we can communicate with you efficiently.


To our new Band Parents, we know that walking into a fairly large, existing group can be a little unnerving.  To that we say, “don’t be shy.”  You will find us to be open, warm, and welcoming.  We celebrate your arrival at Franklin High School and relish the opportunity to get to know you.  As you are acclimating yourselves in our program and find things you need help with or you have questions about, feel free to contact one of the veteran Boosters or any of the Board members.  We will all be happy to help you.


Welcome to The Franklin Band 2019-2020.


Some of the things we do to support the entire Franklin Band Organization. . .


Purchase, clean and repair band and guard uniforms

Purchase & repair instruments and equipment

Provide transportation to many events away from FHS

Chaperone camps and events away from FHS

Provide water to band members during rehearsals, camp days and competitions

Provide medical personnel during many events away from FHS

Enhance the band room (install shelves, clean trophies, etc.)

Provide auxiliary staff throughout the year

Assist with trips and events away from FHS


Friends of the Franklin Band program

Annual Raffle

U.S. Flag Subscription program

Concession Stand – all home football games

Grocery Purchases (Kroger, Publix)

Amazon Smile

Parking at Downtown Franklin Festivals

Car Wash Extravaganza

Sonic Boom Marching Band Competition



Encourage our students

Attend games and contests

Wear band related clothing

Compliment students for a job well done & lend a sympathetic ear

CHEER FOR THE FRANKLIN BAND! And every other band.


A list of Band Booster Officers and Committee Chairs will be available on the Band Website, and on Charms under Handouts.


All checks, unless otherwise stated, should be made out to Franklin High School Band Boosters.  Note the student name & purpose of the check on the memo line.  There is a drop lock box in the band room or checks can be mailed to the Booster PO Box:


Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc.

P.O. Box 1371

Franklin, TN 37065-1371


Please do not leave payment or paperwork for the band in the school’s front office.  These items should be mailed to the booster address, hand delivered at summer rehearsals, or sent with student to be placed in the band lock box.



The Power of Everybody



Our program requires an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes activity both in preparation and implementation.  Harnessing the “power of everybody” is essential in developing the spirit of community and working together toward our common goal. Your gift of service will ensure that our kids are able to concentrate on playing, marching, and performing to the best of their ability, and that our directors are able to concentrate on teaching & directing, fostering relationships with & between our kids, and bringing out the best in our students.



All of us have interests and skills that, when put to use, enable us to make a meaningful difference. Actively supporting and engaging in this important program, to which our children have such a high level of dedication and work ethic, gives them and their friends positive role models, stronger self-esteem by making them feel appreciated and respected, and inspires them to develop a commitment to service (now & in the future). Deciding to willingly and generously serve gives us, as parents, the ability to be participants rather than spectators, ownership in the band program, and friendships with other families, as well as a connection to purpose and shared experiences with our children that develop into an increased sense of family cohesion and lifelong family memories.



If you’re not sure what volunteer area would be the best fit for you, feel free to get involved in a variety of experiences. As you explore different opportunities, you should soon discover your niche in a particular area of service.

Some people need to experience something different than what they do in their everyday lives. Others are happier working with something familiar. Either way, we encourage you to complete the “Profile” section of the online sign-up form at, as we often will use your unique information to connect you with a special service opportunity that may arise in which your talents, skills and experience would be a match.




ALUMNI RELATIONS DIRECTOR: Work with our graduates and grow the alumni base through developing and implementing innovative strategies and initiatives including generating content for and managing social media pages with active alumni to increase alumni support and encourage interaction with the FHS Band community.


BAND CAMP TEAM: Chaperone & assist with logistics & activities at camp during the week of July 20th-24th, 2020. Male adults esp. needed!


BANQUET TEAM: Assist with hosting the annual banquet in May.


BLOCK TICKET ORDERS TEAM: Organize band families’ block ticket orders for Drum Corps International (DCI), Contest of Champions (CoC), and BOA Grand Nationals marching competitions.


CAR WASH TEAM: Participate in various aspects of planning (ticket sales, marketing, concessions, workforce management, operations, etc.), and participate in day-of activities including setup/break down/clean up, supervising student workforce (car washers),  operations, concessions and having fun in the sun!


CHAPERONES TEAM: Supervise students on bus trips, make sure that all students are accounted for, and have misc. supplies (supplied by band) available for students.



CONCESSIONS TEAM: Help with all aspects of the concession stand during all varsity, junior varsity, and freshman football games.

EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTATION TEAM: Load & unload instruments & equipment to & from band camp, games & contests.


FLAG TEAM: Assist with all aspects of flag program, such as organizing sales and installation dates, data entry, financials, participation in sales and installations, and assembly of new flags as necessary.


FRIENDS OF THE FRANKLIN BAND: Program coordinator tracks donations and executes donor benefits for this annual fundraising program.


GUARD COORDINATOR TEAM: Help with equipment, cleaning, organization, dressing.


HOSPITALITY TEAM: Coordinate donations and help serve refreshments at various band events.


LAUNDRY TEAM: Collect uniforms to wash and dry, and return uniforms by the following Friday.


MATTRESS SALE TEAM: Participate in various aspects of planning (marketing, workforce management, operations, etc.) and participate in day-of activities including, setup/breakdown/clean up, and supervising student workforce.


MEALS TEAM: Plan/assist with serving occasional meals & snacks for the band (e.g., during full rehearsal or on performance travel day).


MEDICAL TEAM: Act as medical attendant at camp, rehearsals, trips, or performances. Please note availability.


MENTORING TEAM: Act as a mentor to new band families by answering questions and serving as a friendly face & point of contact.


MERCHANDISE TEAM: Assist w/ orders & delivery + sales of souvenir items and band swag at booster meetings & home football games.


NOTARY TEAM: Notarize health forms in the band room during summer rehearsals and meetings prior to band camp.


PHOTO BUTTONS TEAM: Coordinate taking pictures of ALL the students, making the buttons, and distributing when complete.


PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Take still photos or video of the band at various performances & rehearsals to share with other band families.


PIT CREW TEAM: Help with pushing front ensemble instruments on & off the field at football games and/or competitions.


PROPS TEAM: Moving props to & from competition sites including assembly & disassembly, loading on & unloading off trucks, & rolling to & from trucks to competition facility.


RAFFLE TEAM: Help with all aspects of Raffle such as organizing & distributing ticket packets, selling tickets before/during football games, collecting ticket packets, mailing ticket stubs for online orders, data entry & financials.


SEWING (FABRICATORS) TEAM: Sew flags, costumes, accessories, and/or uniform parts for both fall and winter guard; help with minor uniform alterations.

SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR: Build the Franklin Band’s brand and reach through digital engagement by providing sound and innovative strategies and initiatives using social media outlets.

SONIC BOOM TEAM: Assist with staffing and managing this invitational marching band competition at FHS for ~12 visiting bands.


TAILGATE TEAM: Host a food table and/or donate food for   family tailgate events during marching band season in the fall.


TRIP COORDINATOR: Helping to plan trips by arranging busses, identifying and booking hotels, sorting rooms and room keys, working with chaperones, arranging meals, and all other associated tasks involved with organizing and executing out-of-town events.


UNIFORM ACCESSORIES TEAM: Sell gloves and socks, fit shoes, and distribute small uniform pieces at performances.


UNIFORMS TEAM: Includes fitting, organizing, and supervising dressing for all events.


WATER PREP TEAM: Prep sport water bottles or ice down individual water bottles before and during home games, travel days, and competitions.

For additional information on how you can plug in or if you would like to discuss different ways to get involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, JImmy Byrd, at

Get connected at: VOLUNTEER FORM 20-21


The following forms can be found in the inside pocket of the handbook and should be returned to the band office ASAP in order to aid in our information processing.



Band students and their parents must thoroughly read this handbook and sign the Band Agreement stating that all parties understand and will abide by the rules stated within.  Students may not attend camp nor be a member of the Marching Band unless the Band Agreement has been received by the Office Coordinator.

Due:  6/1



It is very important that you carefully read this form, then complete & notarize it before band camp.  There will be a notary available at the annual Kickoff meeting and at several summer rehearsals.  Students will not be allowed on the bus (for camp or any other trip) unless the Medical & Travel Form has been notarized and received by the Office Coordinator.  

Due:  7/8



Order additional uniform pieces such as shoes, member shirts, and gloves through the uniform room.  Students should try on shoes and gloves in the uniform BEFORE submitting the order form.

Due:  7/26



In the Band Booster section of the handbook there is a list of volunteer opportunities for parents and other boosters.  Please look over this list with descriptions and complete the volunteer form indicating in what areas you would like to work.

Due:  8/1


Forms should be mailed to the address below or hand delivered to band office volunteers at summer rehearsals.  Please do not deliver or mail to the school’s front office.


Mailing Address:

Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc.

P.O. Box 1371

Franklin, TN 37065-1371

CHARMS MUSIC is the online database for the FHS Band.  You can access personal and financial information for your student using this secure online database.  Please read the instructions below, and test the system when you receive your student ID number.  Contact Suzanne Ward at to request your student ID number.


How to access parent information:



Franklin High School, Franklin, Tennessee



In consideration of the volunteer participation with the Franklin High School Band and the Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc. (collectively the “Band”), the undersigned (the “Volunteer”) hereby agrees to donate and offer his/her personal services, labor, materials, and/or supplies, free of charge, to the Band.  Volunteer understands and agrees that he/she is not an employee of Franklin High School Band Boosters, Inc., the Franklin High School Band, Franklin High School, Williamson County Board of Education, or the Williamson County Government or any department or subdivision thereof, and is not entitled to any wages and/or benefits of any kind.


Volunteer, for himself/herself and his/her heirs, representatives, trustees, receivers, administrators, executors, and agents, hereby releases and forever discharges the Band, their directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, volunteers, invitees, sponsors, cash donors, in-kind donors, and all other persons or entities whomsoever (collectively the “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, rights, obligations, liabilities, damages, losses, and causes of action of any kind or nature, whether known or unknown, disclosed or undisclosed, whether such arise in contract, tort, or otherwise, including, without limitation, personal injury, property damage, and death, which he/she may now have or which he/she may hereafter acquire and which are related in any way to the volunteer services, labor, materials, and/or supplies provided by Volunteer.  Volunteer understands that the Band does not assume any responsibility or obligation to provide financial, medical, or other assistance of any kind to Volunteer at any time or for any circumstance.  Volunteer acknowledges and understands that this Release and Waiver of Liability (the “Release”) is effective for any activity in which Volunteer participates for a period of one (1) year from and after the date of execution of this Release (the "Effective Period").  Volunteer acknowledges that Volunteer may participate in one or more of the volunteer or other activities offered by the Band during the Effective Period, and that such activities may include work that may be hazardous to the Volunteer, including, but not limited to, construction, loading and unloading, cooking and grilling, and transportation to and from performance and practice sites.  Volunteer understands and agrees that this Release shall be applicable to any and all of the volunteer activities in which Volunteer may participate during the Effective Period.


By executing this Release, Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that he/she has read and fully understands the contents of this Release and that the execution thereof is done by Volunteer knowingly and freely, without coercion or undue influence by anyone, agreeing to be bound by the provisions hereof.


                VOLUNTEER:                                        ______________________________

                                                         (Print Name)


Date:__________________________                ______________________________


The Franklin Band

Uniform and Accessories Order Form


All NEW band members will receive one ultra-dry Franklin Marching Band Member shirt free.   We strongly recommend that you buy an extra shirt so that your student has two available at all times.

All new band members should order band shoes and gloves. Returning band members may order new shoes and/or gloves if needed. Samples are available in the Uniform room to verify size. Guard members DO NOT wear these shoes or gloves. Percussionists DO NOT wear gloves.

Student Name:_____________________________M/F         Grade:_______

First Year:  Y  /  N                      Returning:   Y  /  N

Contact Info (Best # to be reached at): ___________________________________                                                        


Email: ____________________________________________________________


Member T-Shirt  ($10 each, new students will receive their first shirt free)

Quantity _________                                                                                            Price _________

Size:            X-Small        Small    Medium         Large                      X-Large           XX-Large


Band Shoes ($37, whole sizes only-no half sizes)

Quantity _________                              Size _________                                   Price _________

Gloves ($5 pair)        Quantity _________                                        Price _________

Size:            Small            Medium              Large           X-Large           XX-Large


Total _________

Accessories cannot be picked up until they are paid for (charges are not included in band fees).  Please note on check “memo/for” line payment is for accessories. All orders must be placed by 7/26/20.


--------------------------------------------------Booster Use Only-------------------------------------------

Rec’vd by: _____  Amt Paid: $_______ Check # ______  Cash Recvd _____ Credit ______