Elizabeth Chitester

Founder and Director

Rising Voices LLC



December 4th, 2017

Studio Performance Standards

Members of the Rising Voices Studio take part in private music instruction within our youth programming. Studio members  expected to perform and held to high performance standards as musicians, as appropriate for their age and experience level. For more information, please consult our position statement regarding performance as education.

The Rising Voices
runs seasons twice a year, January-June and late July/early August -December. Studio members are expected to pay for lessons at the first lesson of each months. Assessments are billed for on the first official lesson.

Studio members are expected to:

Conduct themselves professionally during lessons, ie:

  • Follow instruction without talking back.
  • Stand upright during lessons and performances  with their hands at their sides.
  • Be on time for all lessons.
  • Emote and engage in exercises meant to cultivate expression during lessons.
  • Engage with one on one instruction, accepting critique and rehearsing outside of lessons to improve technique and emotional expression.

Conduct themselves professionally during performances at the end of seasons.

Attend all scheduled lessons, and provide at least 2 weeks notice if a lesson must me canceled or rescheduled. Illnesses do not apply, and students and not to attend rehearsals if they have run a fever or thrown up within the past 24 hours.
Note: lessons canceled with 2 weeks notice will not be billed. Lessons canceled with  less than 2 weeks notice may be billed. Lessons canceled with less that 1 week notice will be charged.

Students interested in pursuing  more rigorous performance are encouraged to consider the Youth Choir.

Elizabeth Chitester