PaoChui Level 1 (Je Ben Gong the framework).


5 details of Shi Zi Chui (Number 10 Stance)

5 details of LaoHu (Old Tiger)

3 details of Ma Bu (Horse Stance)

3 details of Forward Stance


Shi Zi Chui  to LaoHu transition

Young Wolf digging

Reverse Young Wolf Digging

Monkey Beatings


History and practice:

Who is Joey’s primary PaoChui Shrfu?

What generation is Joey?

What does SanHuangPaoChuiQuan translate to?

Describe Ming & An FaLi.


Tuo (head)

Kua (inner hip)

Yao (low back)

Jin (Shoulder)

XiGai (knee)

Level 2: Concepts in motion.


Shake Spear


Demonstrate An FaLi

Line Drills:

CeLaBu with rolling punches

CeLaBu with monkey beatings

SanPi. (three splitting)

Front snap kick with blade of hand strike


Demonstrate and explain the SHPC fist

Demonstrate and explain DingTuo

Demonstrate and explain grabbing the ground with feet

Demonstrate and explain the opening and closing of the Kua

Demonstrate and explain proper Yao alignment.

Demonstrate and explain upper back and chest alignment

Explain upper back and chest alignment both biomechanically & with Qi theory

Demonstrate proper Jin Alignment

Give three basic XiGai safety tips.        


Yi Liu (1st form )

Fireside Chat:

Ask me an interesting question


How Old is Classical SanHuangPaoChui

How Old is Modern SanHuangPaoChui


Quan (Fist)

Ti (Kick)

Zhang (Palm)

Jiao (Elbow)

Pi (split)

Level 3: Partner Drills & FaLi.


Two person side body impact training with FaLi

Two person arm spin to throw combination with FaLi

Circular push hands

Two person forearm press in single and double

Line Drills:

Two person forearm strikes to kick.

Two person coiling step with drag


Define and demonstrate dragging FaLi

Define and demonstrate crushing FaLi

Define and demonstrate whipping FaLi

Bow and arrow FaLi

Stomp kick FaLi

Role Ball (burrito) FaLi


Push sparring




Fireside Chat:

Ask me an interesting question


Lead 5 classes (3 under Joey’s supervision and 2 solo with trade compensation)

Instruct one new student up to level 1

Take one outside seminars on teaching

Attend 10 classes in other arts at FTA or other schools

History and practice:

Complete SanHuangPaoChui lineage

Notable achievements of three masters in our line

Level 4: Complexities.


Demonstrate 3 of WangQi’s coiling warm ups

Demonstrate free striking FaLi

Demonstrate spear FaLi in La, Na and Cha

Demonstrate Uncle Cao’s warm up.

Demonstrate CeLaBu with double Pi leading into Double Palm with FaLi


Give 5 safety tips for sparing

Demonstrate 3 throws

Demonstrate 5 striking combinations.

Demonstrate  Push sparring

Demonstrate Wolf digging sparring

Demonstrate Boxing sparring

Free spar Joey Haber

Fireside Chat:

Ask me an interesting question that makes me go “huh?”





Lead 10 classes (5 under Joey’s supervision, 5 solo with trade compensation)

Instruct two students up to level 2

Take 4 outside seminars with one on teaching at FTA or other schools

Attend 20 classes in other arts at FTA or other schools


BaiWei (vertex of head)

HuiYin (perineum)

LaoGong (center of palm)

YangQuan (Ball of foot)

Level 5: Shit I don’t yet know.