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Maths 2021 2022
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Maths online

Teacher Daniel Teague

15 classes a week to choose from



Ks2 year 6

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Dan is the AWE Maths teacher, he uses the online classroom Zoom. He is a great teacher and has helped many students overcome their concerns around Maths. He teaches Ks2 Year 6, KS3 and GCSE Level at foundation and higher. Please see the timetable where you can chose which day, time and level are best for your child. AWE teachers teach to the child's ability level not their age so the classes are mixed age ranges which works very well. It is very easy to swap between the different levels of classes depending on your child's progress. If they find a class too difficult they can move down a level or too easy they can move up a level. Dan also runs revision groups to help students prepare for exams.

Dan teaches general Maths topics not aimed at any one particular exam board. He will provide homework if students want it but it is not compulsory as we understand some children find homework too stressful.

Dan teaches the main topic areas that are guaranteed to be found in an exam and focuses particularly on areas students often find difficult and helps them to gain confidence in their abilities.

Please note one hour of Maths a week is not usually enough for Home Educated students so it is assumed that the lessons are to supplement other Maths education. Not every aspect of each exam board syllabus will be covered. Some students opt for additional lessons nearer to exam times and Dan will try to help with areas they need extra help in.

Dan uses worksheets that he makes himself.See his message below.

Fees £11 for KS2 and Ks3 year 7 and 8. £12 for Year 9, GCSE and Revision/exam prep

If parents need a recommendation for which text book is best these are the ones Dan would suggest.

GCSE Maths Edexcel Higher Student Book (Collins GCSE Maths) Fourth edition Edition ISBN-13: 978-0008113810, ISBN-10: 0008113815

GCSE Maths Edexcel Foundation Student Book (Collins GCSE Maths) Fourth edition Edition ISBN-13: 978-0008113827, ISBN-10: 9780008113827

Hi, this is from Dan the maths tutor.

Here is some information about how the lessons will work this coming term.

I will send the work and the zoom link usually 24 hours before the lesson. If you haven’t received this - please don’t hesitate to get in touch as sometimes they can end up in Junk folders.

If you haven’t received it by Sunday evening, feel free to email me directly.

For the first lesson I am sending the work and the zoom link slightly earlier to give people a chance to prepare and answer any questions you may have.

 The zoom link will be the same every week. Click the link and you should be automatically connected, there are no passwords or codes. You will be held in a waiting room until the lesson is ready to start.

Print off the sheets before the lesson and have pens, calculators and blank paper handy.

We will work through half the sheets together in the lesson, and the other half will be homework sheets can be done in your own time.

I ask that students have their cameras and mics turned off.

Students can communicate with me using the chat function (giving me answers or asking questions of things they don’t understand).

The lessons are recorded so if you like a recording of the lesson just let me know in an email.

 The answers to the all the work will be sent out later in the week (usually Thursday or Friday), which students or parents can mark

Example of topics covered