Members and Guests are expected to conduct themselves in a way which ensures all members can enjoy the community environment. Members and Guests should use common sense in determining between right and wrong and what is and, is not appropriate.



However offense is generally taken not given. What some might find offensive others might not. It is therefore that any conflict should be handled by means of the steps described in the section conflict resolution.

Sacred gaming space

Gaming channels be it chat or voice are meant for gaming. Any offending behavior that is unrelated to the game is by definition out of place and should be conducted elsewhere or not at all. This refers also to channels or other spaces that are intended for other purposes. The intended purpose takes precedence.


We will always endeavour to resolve any issue as it arises as fairly as possible. However, on occasion action may need to be taken - depending on the seriousness of any violation of the above one or more of the following actions may be taken:

In a case where a permanent ban is justified, a temporary ban of up to 30 days is permitted to allow for a decision to be made at the nearest meeting of the Community Team.

Further details on how conflict will be dealt with by the membership support team can be found in the membership support guidelines.

Conflict resolution

General philosophy

In general most people join the community to play games. Everything that hinders people from doing just that should be avoided. Primarily we want to prevent conflicts as much as possible. If conflicts do arise we want to deal with them in the most professional and correct way. Primarily we believe that all people involved in a conflict are responsible for the steps to be taken to resolve the conflict.

Preventative action

The guidelines are primarily there to give people a framework. They are only there to prevent conflicts from occurring or if they do to prevent them from getting out of hand.

Conflict resolution

When a conflict occurs the first step to be taken is:

  1. The people that are involved in the conflict should try to come to an agreement about what the cause of the conflict is and take measures to prevent it in the future.
    This means that if you are offended by someone’s behavior it is your own and primary responsibility to make that known to that person.
  2. If it is not possible to resolve the conflict the parties involved can choose to go separate ways.
  3. When separating the involved parties is impossible or again doesn’t solve the problem membership support should be contacted. They will conduct further mediation.

Sometimes issues do arise, members are required to report violations of guidelines to a member of the community team or in writing to (