Sport info Electric Hockey

Technique and action describe this team sport mainly for young people with physical disabilities. The electric sledge has three wheels and to score the player must show good skills in ball control, reactions, overview and understanding of the high speed game!


Dates & Times

Thur Feb 6

Fri Feb 7

Sat Feb 8

Sun Feb 9




Hyllie Sportcenter


Scandic Triangeln

Possibility to book official transports to the sport venue from this hotel


Division A, B, C.

Division A is for high experienced teams comparable to Danish division 1.

Division B is for medium experienced teams comparable to Danish division 2.

Division C is for less experienced teams comparable to Danish division 3.

FIFH as organizer reserves the right at any time to move teams between divisions.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

Regulations according to the Danish Electric Hockey rules.

Tournament rules will be distributed before tournament.

Depending on the entries, the organizer reserve the right to place teams in different classes in accordance to previous results and qualification.

Maximum 6 players per team.

There is a limited number of participants allowed.


The event is unlicensed, means there is no requirement for license holding.


requested at registration

Teams should register a referee for the tournament

Other info

The teams must be dressed in uniform club outfit consisting of home- and away clothing.

Contact persons

resposible for Electric hockey tournament

Anders Wesslén