As ANC Commissioner for SMD 6B06, I recently followed up on the last five years of all tree-related 311 requests in my SMD. Going through the list, the thing that stands out the most is just how much work you and your contractors have done. It’s impressive. However, I have some issues that I want to bring to your attention, one a critical time sensitive issue related to an elm on Kentucky Avenue SE.

1) (CRITICAL REQUEST RELATED TO ELM TREE) Elm tree on Kentucky Avenue east side of 1414 E Street SE (Cityworks Work Order 677397; 311 Request 18-00554799). 

We need to ensure this elm tree is removed in the narrow elm tree work window this winter. This tree didn’t leaf out at all last year. It would be dangerous (and sad) to leave it standing until next winter. It’s across the street from one of the beautiful old oaks and adjancent-ish to a couple of other non-elm trees.

Here’s a streetview link of the tree from June 2018:,-76.9846607,3a,90y,263h,117.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4zN7QQ16dtWq0Fvs1mWjGw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

2) Maple at 1356 G Street SE (Cityworks Work Order 604535, 311 requests 17-00582660, 18-00294870, and 18-00311244)

This tree has been marked for removal for 15 months and is still up. It’s not a huge tree or posing imminent danger, but still should be down and replaced by now. It’s the latest open request that needs action in SMD 6B06 (just over 15 months).

3) Stump removal at 542 14TH STREET SE (Cityworks workorder 589825; 311 Request 18-00301640)

This work, despite a closed work order, was never completed. We need this stump removed with a replant requested as soon as we can.

4) Replant after removal at 1402 E Street (Cityworks workorder 596245, no 311 request)

This tree was removed on Monday, January 28. The residents nearby would like a replant this planting season if possible. The loss of the pin oak, while understandable, was difficult.

Please follow up as soon as possible on these five trees with approximate times of completion.

Related to this work, I also added four planting requests and one inspection request. However, I wasn’t too focused on those issues. I am planning on surveying every street tree in 6B06 after leafout this spring for inspection, pruning, removal, and planting

While I’m here, I also want to take the time to thank you personally. Your love for our trees is evident in every interaction I’ve had with you. More importantly, my constituents, even those who intensely disagree with your findings, all respect the work you and UFA do. It’s nice to know a city agency is fighting on the same side as it’s residents. Furthermore, your notes and details in closing 311 requests are second-to-none. I took on the task of going through these requests because I knew your and your colleague’s notes would make this easier. No other 311 service offers the amount of communication and note taking as you do and I want you to know it’s appreciated.

I need to stress I’m writing this letter in my individual capacity of ANC Commissioner and not representing the Commission. As such, it is not entitled to great weight in any way.

Thank You,

Corey Holman

ANC Commissioner for SMD 6B06