ON-LINE Professional Leave Request Form.   Once staff complete and submit the online Form, a hard copy will be emailed to staff within 24 hours.  Please print and give to your building Administrator to sign.   Once building administrator approval, the Professional Leave Request form should be submitted Cheryl Hedrick at the school board office for processing.


Click on the “Professional Leave Request Form" link below to submit an ON-LINE Form.  You will also find this link on our home page under Staff Quick Links, Professional Leave Form.



· Any SCPS staff attending a professional activity must complete a Professional Leave form, even if activity is on a Saturday, no cost, or if the school is paying for all cost including the substitute.    

· Submit one form per activity (if the activity is held several times a year, you must complete a form for each) Sorry, we are tracking each activity separately.

· Submit one form per person

· Only On-Line Professional Leave Request Forms will be accepted after May 31, 2018.

· The Professional Leave Request Form is used to track professional development activities, cost to the division as a whole, etc.  Sub rates are: $86.12 (Full Day) and $43.06 (Half Day).  

·If your school is paying for the professional leave, your school bookkeeper can provide the budget code.  The bookkeeper may ask you to forward the form to them to include the code.

· If the school is paying with school funds that do not have a budget code, check “Other” and write SAF (School activity funds).  In the “Other” budget code section, write the name of the account (General fund, etc.).

·If the division is paying, please indicate the program (Technology, SPED, etc.).

· If paying with a special accounts that does not have a budget code, check “Other” and write the special account info:  Title I, Moore Grant, Medicaid, VPI, CTE, etc.  In the "Other" Budget code section, write in the budget code if known.  (CTE forms to Katie Rice for approval.)

·The Professional Leave Request Form must be approved before you attend the activity and will need to be attached to any request for reimbursement.    See Things to know before you travel for more information.


Professional Leave Request Form


If you have any questions or suggestions on this process, please contact Cheryl Hedrick (clhedrick@shenandoah.k12.va.us) or 459-6761.  Thank you.