BMORE Beautiful Say YES!

Youth Engagement Registration Form

Dear Baltimore City Youth and Parents/Legal Guardians:


Thank you for your interest in BMORE Beautiful Youth Engagement Program.  The BMORE Beautiful’s  Say YES! Youth Engagement Program pairs youth 13-19 to work with community leaders to identify education and assist with cleanup and beautification efforts in their own communities. Hired youth will be responsible for reporting sanitation issues, taking weekly community cleanliness surveys, collecting litter and participating in community organized events.  


Youth must be 13 on or before September 1, 2019 to be eligible to participate in the program and live in community they are working.

BMORE Beautiful’s Say YES! Program will offer three sessions for youth to work in their neighborhoods. The first session is a 10 week opportunity that will operate between March 23 -May 25.  

Selected youth will have a schedule, and will be paid hourly rate accordingly. Please note that completing this registration does not guarantee your acceptance into this program. Selected youth are only eligible to participate in one session. Please read the registration guidelines carefully before submitting your form.



BMORE Beautiful Say YES! Youth Engagement Program : Terms and Conditions of Participation

In consideration of acceptance into BMORE Beautiful’s Say YES! Program, I understand and agree to the following terms:


Selected youth will be compensated at an hourly rate of $10 per hour and at the conclusion of each work Saturday work session. During the school year you can earn a maximum of 5 hours weekly. You could potentially earn up to $500.

Please note that during your employment you are NOT permitted to accept tips from residents.

Work Hours:

During the school year, it is recommended that youth participating in BMORE Beautiful Youth Engagement Program work on Saturdays from 10:00am-2pm. These hours can be adjusted by the program coordinator/organization that will provide direct oversight for your activities. Selected youth will work in conjunction with community leaders to clean up the neighborhood by collecting loose litter, completing weekly neighborhood cleanliness perception surveys, and completing other beautification tasks identified by the program coordinator/neighborhood organization.  In addition to recommended Saturday work sessions, Youth can earn additional 1 hour during the traditional work week, Monday-Friday by completing the following tasks.

  1. On the eve of neighborhood trash collection, youth will be expected to sweep the gutters and collecting loose litter from their home block. Students can submit before & after pictures to verify completion, or have block captain sign off on form.

It is recommended to pay youth on Saturdays for up to 5 hours of work. Payment will be issued to youth by the program coordinator/partnering organization. Youth will be asked to sign in/sign out and verify that they have been paid at the conclusion of their Saturday work session

General Conditions of Participation:

Selected youth will be provided with a BMORE Beautiful, work gloves, and trash gabber. Equipment will be provided to your program coordinator/community organization. You will be responsible for returning the equipment to the community center after completing your work after each clean up. The focus of this pilot program is to keep the streets clean and educate residents.

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(If under 18 years of age)

BMORE Beautiful

Youth Engagement Registration Program

Message to Applicants: BMORE Beautiful Care-A-Lot Youth Employment Program is a pilot program that is geared towards employing youth ages (13-19) to help clean up their communities. You will work in conjunction with community leaders, BMORE Beautiful to combat litter and other sanitation issues in your community. ***Please note registration does not guarantee employment***

        Applicant Information

Full Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

First name                                Middle Initial                         Last Name

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Sex:  (circle one) FEMALE   or   MALE                 Date of Birth: ____ /___ /_______

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If under the age of 18, Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

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Current School Name: _________________________________________________________________

Current Grade Level: (circle one) 8th 9th 10th 11th  12th  N/A

Emergency Contact (if parent/guardian is unavailable):_______________________________________

Emergency Contact Telephone: __________________________________________________________

Tee Shirt Size:

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Things I need to keep in mind:

During this program, I will follow the BMORE Beautiful Care-A-Lot Youth  Pledge. I have high expectations for myself and I plan to have a great summer while I gain valuable skills for the future.

BMORE Beautiful Care-A-Lot Pledge

Any youth participating in Care-A-Lot Youth Program must sign the pledge. The pledge is a basic outline of the expectations and guidelines for behavior. Failure to comply may lead to you being dismissed from the program.

The Pledge

Be on time, dressed appropriately and ready to work consistently.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Obey directives the first time they are given.

Respect yourself, fellow youth workers, and work site supervisors.

Evaluate the impact you are making for yourself and in your community.


Printed Name




Failure to comply with the BMORE Beautiful Pledge may result in a your dismissal. Below is a following outline of expected behaviors.

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. One-On-One Meeting w/work site supervisor
  3. One Day Suspension
  4. Dismissal from program