Texas PinBelle League

General Overview:

The Belles and Chimes chapters in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio have teamed up to create a super league! Each city will host a qualifying event, each following the same format. The top 5 players from each event will advance to the finals along with 1 wild card player. The finals will take place during the same weekend as the Bat City Open in Austin. The winner will be immortalized on a traveling trophy, and will possess the trophy until the next season.

 2020 Schedule





Houston Qualifier

EinStein’s Pub (Richmond)

May 2, 2020

1:30 PM

San Antonio Qualifier

What’s Brewing 

May 2, 2020

1:30 PM

Austin Qualifier

Buffalo Billiards

May 2, 2020

1:30 PM


Bat City Open

June 26, 2020


* Location and times subject to change.


Qualifying events will determine which players will advance to the finals to represent their city. Players may play in any qualifying event; however, they may only play in one! E.g., A player can play in either San Antonio or Austin, but not both.  Players are encouraged to participate in their chapter event, even if they might not be able to participate in the TPBL Finals.

 Each qualifying event will use the following format:

All events will be managed using the matchplay.events website. The IFPA/PAPA rules will be used to cover all other rulings not listed on this document.

The total points earned across 8 rounds (one game per round) will determine each player’s TPBL qualifying score.  

Qualifying events must be open to women in the public. Dates, times and locations must be determined at the beginning of the season, and posted on the TPBL website one month prior.  

 The top 5 players from each region will advance to the TPBL Finals. Those who qualify to advance must confirm their TPBL Finals attendance at the conclusion of the qualifying event. If a qualified player is unable to attend the finals, the spot will be given to the next highest ranked player from the same chapter event, until all slots are filled. Ties for the 5th position (from those who commit to attend the TPBL Finals) will be broken by playing a single game on a randomly chosen machine at the conclusion of each region’s event. At the Official’s discretion, a similar tiebreaker may be held for the 6th or 7th position, in case any of the top 5 have to cancel their attendance.

One wildcard position will be awarded to the player who scores the highest amount of points in any city but did not qualify in her city. If necessary, Matchplay.events placement tiebreakers will be used to break the wildcard tie (determined by qualifying points, then number of first place finishes, then number of second place finishes). If the tie still cannot be broken, then Texas IFPA ranking, measured on the day after the last of the three regional events will be used.

Seeding for the finals will be determined using the following method. Positions 1-3 (Bin 1) will go to the top qualifiers from each city,  Positions 4-6 (Bin 2) will go to the second qualifiers from each city, and so on. The 16th seed will always go to the wildcard position. Positions within each bin will be determined by qualifying points, then number of first place finishes, then number of second place finishes, then Texas IFPA ranking, measured on the day after the last of the three regional events.

The date and location of the finals will be announced at the beginning of each season, before qualifying events are announced.

 The finals format will be as follows:


There will be a $5 fee collected at the three qualifying events. Fees will be used to cover awards and miscellaneous league expenses. Any remaining fees will be paid out to the highest finishing Finals players:  40% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, 20% to 3rd, and 10% to 4th.