This document contains information and links to information to assist parents and students with technology access and problems during our elearning time at Vantage Career Center.  Check back for updates.  This is a work in progress.

If your student is having problems accessing and completing assignments online, please have them email their teacher about the issue (or call the teacher’s extension at school- ALTHOUGH EMAIL MAY BE THE FASTEST WAY TO GET A REPLY)  and feel free to copy one of the tech folks on the list below.  

How to make a Screenshot - Teachers may ask students to make screenshots of progress in online learning.  This tool can also be used to capture error messages or other technical problems to forward on to the Technology Department.  

Submitting a SCAN of paper documents to your teacher - instead of taking a photo and uploading it, consider using a scanner app on your phone.  These files are usually smaller and, therefore, load quicker.  On an iPhone iOS11 or higher, the Notes app  has a scan feature built in.  See instructions here.   On an Android device, you can choose to add a scan to Google from Google drive.   Both of these methods create PDFs not JPEGs.  PDFs will transmit easier.  

Internet Providers and Internet Assistance Programs - A list of possible programs to Internet service.  Vantage is just providing information as a service to our families.  We do not provide technical support for these programs.  

Parents wanting to receive emails about student assignments in Google Classroom should contact the instructor and ask to be invited.  Once you receive an invite from the teacher (he/she will need you email), PARENTS CANNOT COMPLETE THE SIGNUP THROUGH THE CLASSROOM APP ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.  Instead go to on a browser to finish the signup.   This invite does NOT give you access to view Google Classroom.  Instead, it provides email updates.  

A video - Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

Our technology staff is readily available by email. We are here to help.

Luke Compton

Mary Ann Falk

Stacie Lippi