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How to Fund Use of the RCD Project Tracker
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How to Fund Use of the RCD Project Tracker

One of the most common concerns we see about the RCD Project Tracker is about how to budget staff time for Project Entry and updates. We put together this quick guide to help address these questions!

  1.  How much time do I need to budget per project?

2. How do I bill staff time spent entering projects?

The time spent entering a project can be billed to the funding grant(s). There are two main ways that RCDs can bill staff time for project entry to a grant:

3. How do I help pay for Project Tracker maintenance and improvements?


Low Annual Estimate - Maintenance only

High Annual Estimate - Maintenance and extensive support, new development

Site Maintenance



Governing Body



Expanded Functionality



Site Administrator






Monthly total



Monthly, across 30 RCDs



Monthly, across 50 RCDs



Created by Jenna Kahn and Gold Ridge RCD; Last updated June 28, 2022