Drill to Increase your Draw Length, Increase your Strength, Improve your Alignment and Force Balance, and Increase your Bow Command

Draw length Increase and Strength Phase

1) Blank bale, 5 yards

2) Draw to your fully stretched out / forces (fore and aft) balanced out / completely in line. You will undoubtedly pull through your clicker (probably by 1/2" or so). This is fine.

3) Now anchor at this position, fully upright/straight. Feel the expansed stretch. It feels wonderful.

4) Once at your full ‘eagle spread’ draw, hold for 10 seconds in perfectly straight alignment, using (as much as possible) only your back muscles to hold the bow apart and maintain your line. Then after 10 seconds shoot the arrow.

5) Rest 20 seconds

6) Repeat this sequence as many times as you want that training session

At first, you'll probably feel weak and unstable stretched way out there. But keep at it.  Be resolved to build your strength out here at the far margin of your alignment capability.  And, be committed to systematically over time turning your limb bolts in to further compel your body and archery muscles to get stronger.  Realistically, you’ll need to shoot 4,000 arrows this way before moving on to Clicker New Position Phase. Keep at it.  Before long, you'll gain strength out at the margin and then feel how solid and secure you are all stretched out and in line - great feeling of power and confidence!

Clicker New Position Phase

At some point, nudge you clicker position back toward you until on some attempts you don't quite pull through the clicker too soon. After some more time, adjust your clicker to where your arrow point at full draw is close to breaking clicker but rarely does.


You don’t have to do this exclusively of other/more normal shooting/training.  You can just work this training technique into your mix during each week of training.  But, understand it will take most people 3,000-5,000 arrows shot this way to really make this new position (longer draw weight, straighter alignment, more strength) their new normal - it takes a lot of ‘testing repetition’ to 1) build the strength, and 2) groove the nerve pathways at this new stretched out position.  If you shot 300 arrows this way EACH Week, it would take 3 - 4 months to really have baked this new capability into your cake.

But the effort is worth it:  This will help establish a new draw length for you, with better alignment and more strength/stamina to control/dominate the weight at which you'll be competing. More strength, more confidence, low risk of injury, feels great.