Tuning: Akem, Kowareta, Minome

Art: Mato, Ekkoberry, itporl

Creativity: Ariotsu, Nate

Mixing: GHPZ, KenjiB 

Interpretation: Kuro Cure, WanWan

Welcome to the first chorus battle event hosted by UTAU Human Project!

Here’s some helpful information to get you started.


Members and Roles

Every team should include at least one person for each of the following roles:




The minimum number of members and voicebanks per team is 3.
The maximum number of members and voicebanks per team is

How you distribute the roles amongst your team is up to you. You can have however many people doing one role as long as there is at least one person on each. Just be sure to credit everyone accordingly.

Team Names and Concepts

Every team needs a group name. It can be anything you’d like, as long as it isn’t offensive. You can use full words or acronyms — it doesn’t matter! Do whatever you like.

You can come up with a concept to match your team name. Even though there will be a theme assigned for each round, we’ll look at your initial concepts as a team before the challenges start. The concept you choose can’t be changed, but has nothing to do with the assigned themes. Think of it as an introduction to who your team is and what you’re all about. You can use your concept to show your attitude.

For example:

“Our team name is the “Butterfly Effect” because we’ll cause a chain reaction that’ll ripple through the judges’ hearts!”

Initial concepts can help sway the creativity judges in your direction, and get you extra charm points.

And don’t worry, every concept will get a minimum of 1 charm point! Max is
(insert number of judges + 1). So if you want extra points, be sure to come up with a concept for your team.

Scoring System/Points

The point system is simple. Each judge will give a vote out of 10 for each category. The maximum number of group points you can get is 100.

Charm points come with your initial concept, as well as each rounds interpretation. Judges can decide if they want to give charm points to a group based on personal appeal to their category. You can get charm points for exceeding creativity, interpretation, tuning, etc. The max amount of charm points one group can receive is 10.

Overall, the judges of UHP-CB are looking for a clean, creative, and impactful entry. We want to see blood, sweat, and tears poured into each and every one!

It’s worth noting that while you are permitted to use any UTAU voicebank you wish (so long as it is legally acceptable, and within the creator’s TOS), we highly encourage you to use voicebanks other than the big names (Kohaku Merry, Shione Lt, Yamine Renri, Namine Ritsu, etc.), if you’re stuck on ideas, our judges have offered their very own voicebanks for your use!


The following actions will result in disqualification

Make note that using USTs released to the public is allowed; however, the tuning must be cleared and then you are to tune the defaulted UST.

Discord Server

While we will still be posting updates and information elsewhere, we believe it is in your best interest to at least have one member of your team in the UHP-CB discord server. Through discord, information is relayed very quickly, and there are several event admins that you can speak to should you feel the need. There will also be channels containing anything important you may need; important documents, released entries, a Q-and-A channel, updates, and more.

Having trouble finding yourself a group? There will also be a channel where you can find team members in order to assemble your teams! We’d love to see participation from anybody who wishes to participate; we hope this facilitates the recruitment process.


Submission deadlines are final, no matter what the circumstances of your team are. Please make sure to get your submission turned in on time and adhere to the posted schedule! Should something incredibly urgent arise, please contact one of the event staff and we’ll see what we can do.

In your submission, you will need:

To make submission easier, please upload your entry to google drive and share the file with us at uhpcb.2018@gmail.com, and title it with your team name. If for some reason you’re unable to upload your entry to google drive, you can also either email it to us at the same address, or you can link us the download as a .rar or .zip file using mediafire or any other source you may have.

Thank you for participating in UHP-CB 2018!

We expect great things from you!