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An inventory of your library collection should be done once a year. If it is too difficult to do the whole collection, then inventory the most popular sections and/or ones you would like to weed.

Why do an inventory?

Inventory Steps

Note: If you have a handheld scanner, you can use that for inventory but keep in mind that if won’t tell you if a barcoded book is not available in Destiny because you upload files of barcodes to the inventory.

Positive Beep: Copy scanned correctly.

Negative Beep:

Keep scanning until all sections are completed. Do not finalize the inventory until you have scanned all the books you want to include. Books that are checked out are fine and will not be marked as lost.  You can keep circulating books throughout the inventory process.


Click on Finalize Inventory when finished. Change all the unaccounted books to Lost. If you don’t do this step, it will be as if you never did the inventory!  If you go to Reports-­>Inventories, you will have the option to delete all the lost books.  I recommend you do this because it is a lengthier process to delete lost books at a later time.