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NSCN Roadmaps

To help you make the best use of our webinars in your job search process, we’ve created curated lists of webinars to address a variety of situations.

Past Webinars

Other past NSCN Webinars:

Insights for Older Workers in the Time of Coronavirus with Chris Farrell

What the Coronavirus Could Mean for Job Seekers (Presented by Colin Von Liebtag, Rutgers Career Services--Recording and Handouts

Mastering the Applicant Tracking System--Recording and Handouts

Working with a Work Search Buddy--Recording and Handouts

NJ Library Resources for Your Job Search--Recording, State Library Handout, Career Resources Handout

Career Resilience in a VUCA World--Recording and Handouts

Jumpstart Your Job Search for 2018--Video recording and handouts

What Comes After Plan B?--Resources for surviving during job search.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Portfolios

Social Media and LinkedIn

Job Search Strategies & Tools


Emotions and Job Search

Navigating the Gig Economy

New Pathways