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SWS-Athletic Handbook
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St. Wenceslaus School Athletic Handbook

St. Wenceslaus School

Athletic Handbook


Contact Info:

St. Wenceslaus School

227 E. Main Street

New Prague, MN 56071

(952) 758-3133

Philosophy Statement

In an effort to build community spirit, self-esteem, lifetime fitness, and athletic skills, we support a variety of athletic extracurricular opportunities for our St Wenceslaus students. We encourage participation regardless of ability or experience. Our goals are to:

  1. Present opportunities for students to participate on a sports team regardless of skill level or prior knowledge of the sport.
  2. Develop and promote good sportsmanship as well as the respect of teammates and opponents.
  3. Have students learn responsibility and develop self-discipline while competing on a team.
  4. To teach the fundamentals, techniques, and strategies for each sport in a progressive and planned sequence that is appropriate to the student’s grade level.
  5. To realize the lifelong health and social benefits of athletics.
  6. Build character and self-esteem through hard work and dedication.
  7. Have students experience the relationship between practice and improvement and how that transfers to other areas of life.
  8. To develop and maintain good relationships between teams, faculty and our community.
  9. Have fun!

Code of Ethics

Athletics provide more than exercise and competition. Sports, at their best, teach courage, grace, persistence, discipline, and greatness of spirit. We at St. Wenceslaus believe athletics are intrinsic to the spiritual and physical well being of young people. Sports are a vehicle in which young people can learn to work together toward a common goal, respect others, build confidence, and develop sound values that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Athletic competition is guided by the following ideas:




The success of our athletic programs is not measured just by the final score, but rather by the efforts of all individuals striving to achieve team goals. The sense of purpose, commitment, and self-discipline has much more lasting value than the outcome of any competition. Accordingly, any participant in the St. Wenceslaus program whose conduct is in any way unsportsmanlike on or off the field of play, is subject to probation or suspension after meeting with the coach and athletic director. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or any other illegal substance, will result in the automatic suspension of the offending player. In addition, regular school policy will be enforced.  The coach and the principal will determine the length of the suspension.

Team Selection

We want all student-athletes to develop their skills and gain team experience. Team size may be limited so it is workable for practice and games. Additional coaches will be solicited if demand requires additional teams. The selection of players for the various teams may be based on ability, attitude, and commitment level. This selection process shall be at the discretion of the coaches and the Athletic Advisory Council to maximize the student’s potential to develop athletic and social skills.

Playing Time

The athlete must understand that game time is directly related to practice experiences, and that performance in practice will be rewarded by game playing time. Each coach should communicate to all athletes what each player’s individual abilities are, so as to adequately address measures to improve.  Any coach must reserve the right to use key players in key situations.

Job Descriptions

Athletic Director


If you are interested or know of someone who would be a great coach for one of our teams, please contact the school principal or Athletic Director.

Athletic Council

The purpose of our Athletic Council is to have a forum for discussion of issues related to the success of our athletic programs. Key topics to discuss include:

People on this council will serve a two-year term. The Athletic Council will meet on a monthly basis, or as deemed necessary by the Athletic Director.

General Information on Sports’ Opportunities

The following is a list of activities currently being offered, or in the planning stages:

Fall Season –  (Typically begins right after Labor day & ends mid- to late- October)

                Girl’s volleyball – Grades 4-8

Winter – (Typically begins right after Thanksgiving & ends the end of February)

Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball – Grades 5-8

Spring – (Typically begins mid- March to the end of May)

This payment must be paid in full prior by the first day of practice for each sport.  Refunds will be granted upon request per the following guidelines.  A student who quits a sport, for any reason, prior to the first game will receive a full refund (assuming all equipment, uniforms, etc. have been turned in).  After the first game, no refunds will be made except in the case of injury or illness, which prevents continued participation.


Attendance & Behavior Standards


Parents are responsible for the transportation of their own children to practices and to and from each game, home or away.

Background Checks

In order to ensure a safe environment, volunteer coaches and others working with SWS students in the athletic program will be required to submit an Archdiocesan mandated criminal history background check and attend the Archdiocesan mandated Virtus Training session.  This information is available from the school office.

Athlete/Parent/Coach Communication

The method of communication which should be used when problems or issues arise should be as follows:

Player contacts the coach, then if further resolution is needed:

Parents contact the coach, then if further resolution is needed:

Parents contact the Athletic Director:

Parents contact the St. Wenceslaus School Principal:

Finally, Parents contact the Pastor

Student/Parent Handbook

Agreement to be governed by handbook policies

After reading this Athletic Handbook, please sign below and return this form to your coach or the school office within three days of receiving it.  Student-athletes must have this copy on file in order to participate during the academic year.

We have received and read the Athletic Handbook and agree to be governed by the policies contained herein.

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Student Signature

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Parent/Guardian Signature

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