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An Incan Adventure

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Would you like to visit Peru and hike to Machu Picchu? Mrs. Hill is organizing a trip to Peru in June of 2021. Any current students enrolled in Spanish or future students are eligible to go. The trip lasts 10 days and covers several cities in Peru. Please email Mrs. Hill at lhill@rcentral.org for more information.

Spanish Club Members: 2020-2021

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Lexi Dubas                Grayce Burpee                Madysen Ayres        Ashton Anderson        

Halle Heiss                Makenna Gehle                Rachel Bos                Molly Behring

Kelsey Hudson        Emaree Harris                Aleyna Cuttlers        Leslie Bos

Hunter Kohl                Leyla Hilsabeck                Isaak Fredrickson        Braelyn Christensen

Jenna Krenke        Abigail Hudson                Danny Jackson        Adelyn Heiss

Megan Lange        Faith Johnson                Jaden Kohl                Madi Leise

Grace Mueller        Hannah Kile                        Addison Kottas        Olivia Masek

Connor Nichols        Alainey Marshalek                Asher Lahm                Brooklyn Maxson

Calleigh Osmera        Madelynn Peterson        Josie Lahm                Cassie Osmera

                                                                                Kaden Parde

Logan Parde                Rachel Potter                Morgan Lahm        Kamarin Simmons

Rylee Polivka        Sierra Springer                Heather Lange        Cali Springer

Lauren Prososki        Zoie Stachura                Madison Parham        Rosalie Tvrdy

Faith Welton        Emily Welton