AWest Chromebook Help

Use this document to help troubleshoot your Chromebook.

These tips solve about 80% of chromebook issues.

Clearing Cookies

If you have trouble loading certain websites or if your Gmail account is unable to be accessed, try clearing cookies.


Device running slowly?

Chromebooks have very little actual storage space.  Downloads might be bogging your system down.  Try deleting downloads to free up space.


Removing Extensions

Unapproved extensions can cause security issues and decrease functionality of your device.  (games, wallpapers, themes, ad blockers are not approved)  Please remove unapproved extensions.


Troubleshooting your Chromebook

Contact the Jeffco Help Desk for Tech Support


 between 7 AM and 4 PM

Monday through Friday

                                                       Jeffco Troubleshooting

Chromebook Won’t Turn On?

Unplug your charger block and plug it back in

Plug it into your chromebook for 15 minutes and then, try to turn it on while still plugged in.  (If it doesn’t turn on, try holding the power button for 10 seconds.)

Reach out to Ms. Lindblom or Mrs. Zoll for Chromebook help

Fill out this form to get a loaner if yours is broken

Email @

Resetting your Device

If your device is not responding, will not power on, or is stuck on a screen, try resetting your device.


Written Directions

Lori Guyll, April 2020