6th Grade


O. Henry Middle School

Choice Sheet


Student Name:_______________________________

Student ID:__________________________________

Current School:______________________________


Please choose your courses very carefully.  Courses are designed based on the selections from the choice sheet.

Schedule change requests will not be accepted once school begins, except to address any errors.

Required Courses------Check one box per Core Academic Course

English Language Arts

  • Academic and Reading
  • Pre-AP 


  • Academic
  • Pre-AP: Algebra Track
  • Pre-AP Advanced: Geometry Track

Math Teacher Recommendation

Academic   Alg Track    Geom Track

Signature ___________________

Social Studies/World Cultures

  • Pre-AP


  • Pre-AP

Students who are identified as needing extra support in any academic area may be placed in a one or two period academic booster course in place of elective.

Required Physical Education Credit

_____ Dance Wellness and Functional Dance                or                           Functional Fitness & Physical Education

Elective Courses

Rank in order of preference, with #1 being your top choice, Rank at least 12

Fine Arts  

Students are required to take a minimum one class in Fine Arts over the three years of middle school.

_____Choir (yearlong)

_____Orchestra (yearlong) Instrument:_____________

  • _____Band (yearlong) Instrument: ______________
  • _____Art I
  • _____Theatre Arts I

World Languages

_____Spanish I for Native/Dual Language speakers only

            (HS Credit) (yearlong)

  • _____Discovering Languages and Culture

Journalism and Liberal Arts

_____Introduction to Journalism

_____Creative Writing I: O. Henry Writing Project

_____Book Whisperers


_____Mustang News and Broadcasting (yearlong)

_____National History Day (yearlong)

STEM and Technology

Students are required to take a minimum one semester in technology over the three years of middle school.

_____Coding (yearlong)

_____Investigating Careers in STEM (yearlong)

_____Keyboarding (HS Credit)

_____PLTW Flight and Space & Energy and the

           Environment (.5 HS Credit)(yearlong)

Additional Electives

_____AVID (application)(yearlong)

_____Mustang Foundations (highly recommended)


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Student Signature: _______________________________________________________     Date: __________________

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