Popular Romance/Chick-Lit Authors:

Townsend Public Library owns at least one title from each of these authors.  Additional titles may be obtained through inter-library loan.

Adams, Carrie
Ahern, Cecelia
Andrews, Mary Kay
Browning, Sherri
Bushnell, Candace
Cabot, Meg
Carr, Robyn
Colgan, Jenny
Cook, Claire
Crusie, Jennifer
Dare, Tessa
Evans, Harriet
Fforde, Katie
Fielding, Helen
Garlock, Dorothy
Green, Jane
Harbison, Elizabeth
Hilderbrand, Elin
Jacobs, Kate
Jewell, Lisa
Kinsella, Sophie
Mallery, Susan
Mansell, Jill
McInerney, Monica
McMillan, Terry
Miller, Linda Lael
Moyes, Jojo
O"Flanagan, Sheila
Palmer, Diana
Peterson, Tracie
Peterson, Tracie
Putney, MaryJoy
Shalves, Jill
Skye, Christina
Strohmeyer, Sarah
Thayer, Nancy
Toon, Paige
Weiner, Jennifer
Weisberger, Lauren
Wiggs, Susan