Marion Logo for Contact Info

Marion School District Contact Information

200 Manor Street

Marion, AR 72364


870-739-5156 (fax)

Central Office

Susan Marshall


Glen Fenter


Susan Shurley

Special Services Director

Tim Taylor

Technology Coordinator

Hugh Inman

Ass’t. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Helen Johnson

Ass’t. Special Services Director

Julie Coveny

Federal Programs Director

W. T. “Dusty” Duncan

Ass’t. Superintendent for Facilities

Derek Harrell

Athletic Director

Lynn Lampkin

Director of Communications

Dr. Robin Catt

Human Resources

Kenny Phillips

Transportation Director

Angela Walker McCray

Magnet School Specialist

Patricia Wilson

Curriculum Director 

Ruth Hegwood

District Technology Trainer

Sandra Halley

Curriculum Director



Visual & Performing Arts Magnet

1402 Crestmere Street

West Memphis, AR 72301


Carissa Lacy, Principal

Blake Owen, Asst. Principal

Betsy Laughter Asst. Principal

Herbert Carter Global Community Magnet

133 Military Road

Marion, AR 72364


Adam O’Neal, Principal

Shelbi Cole, Asst. Principal

Math, Science and Technology Magnet

100 L. H. Polk Drive

Marion, AR 72364


Ali Weimer, Principal

Takelia Carter, Asst. Principal

Rafael Smith, Asst. Principal

7th Grade Campus

(Marion Jr. High School)

10 Patriot Drive

Marion, AR 72364


Marion Junior

High School

801 Carter Drive

Marion, AR 72364


Elmer West, Principal

Rickey Everett, Asst. Principal

Willie Rogers, Asst. Principal

Marion Senior

High School (10-12)

1 Patriot Drive

Marion, AR 72364


Paul Johnston, Principal

Jonathon Crymes Asst. Principal

Clint Williams, Asst. Principal

Alternative Learning Environment

Kevin Jordan, Director