How the World Works

Home Learning Grid

Directions - Highlight the activities once you complete them. You can only do each activity once. All Home Learning is due back to class on Friday!

Build a Structure

Use any materials that you have at home to build your own structure. Write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) that explains the purpose & function of your structure.


Use Brainpop or another appropriate website to investigate one of the following scientific principles - tension, stability, or gravity. Write & draw about what you have learned.

Shapes and Structures Word Inquiry

Find out what these words mean: arch, beam, truss, column, and lintel. What is its shape? How is it connected to our unit of inquiry. Draw each word.

Be a Photographer

What makes a building a landmark? Take a walk around Hong Kong and snap pictures of interesting structures. Print them out & share what makes each of these buildings special.

Explore Aesthetics

What makes something beautiful? Bring in examples of structures that you find aesthetically pleasing to share with our class. Does everyone find the same things beautiful?

Be an Architect

Design your own dream structure. It could be anything you want! Be creative and don’t forget to label it.

Game Time

Play a game with a family member or friend. What went well and what didn’t? What can you do next time to improve your cooperation skills?  Record your reflection in your Home Learning Notebook. Be sure to follow the reflective writing checklist.

Seven Wonders of the World

Find out which structures belong here. For each structure, record anything about the shape that you think helped it to withstand the forces acting on it. Add ideas about how the  materials helped it last over time.

Three Little Pigs

Read or listen to the story The Three Little Pigs. Then build a house of toothpicks (use the flat kind), and only toothpicks. No glue. No tape. No adhesive of any kind. The house needs to withstand a mass of 20g (1 ten-dollar coin weighs around 10g), and the blow from a big bad wolf (a fan), and be 6cm tall! Bring in your house to share...even if it is just a pile of sticks at the end. It’s the process that counts.

All of the activities on this Home Learning Grid have been designed to align with the Central Idea, Attitudes & Attributes, and Key & Related Concepts for this unit of inquiry.

Central Idea - Many factors need to be considered in the process of creating a structure.

Attitudes/Attributes - Thinkers, cooperation and creativity

Key and Related Concepts - Function, causation, reflection, structure, design and aesthetic