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Foundations in Socially Responsible Engineering / 9-12th grade

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Mr. Chris Better / Mr. Matthew Emmett


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In this course, students will acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities pertaining to the Foundations of socially Responsible Engineering. The year will be divided into seven major units of study, representing each of the Seven Areas of the Human Made World (Construction, Transportation, Communication & Information, Power & Energy, Manufacturing, and Medical/Agricultural Biotechnologies). Each thematic unit will address products, systems, 21st Century Careers, historical perspectives and ethical issues associated with that area; and each unit will culminate with a Design Challenge that requires use the Engineering Design Process to generate solutions to technological problems. A strong emphasis is placed on safety throughout the year as students become acquainted with the facilities, tools, machines and materials. CAD Software, such as AutoDesk 123D Suite and ProEngineer CREO, will be used in conjunction with rapid prototyping CAM equipment. The Adobe Creative Suite and various Web 2.0 tools will also be used by students to communicate with others and document/present work.

Course Expectations and Assessments

Course Expectations and Assessments

Students are to work towards completion of a project of their own choice.  They have the opportunity to work with community members, school officials, and look to outside sources for mentors.  We expect to have project completion by the beginning of June so the students can showcase their work for their school year.

Course Policies 

Attendance, Tardiness:

Students are expected to attend class in accordance with the Public School Requirements of Gateway High School. Students are expected to be in class and prepared to learn when the class starts. If a student is absent, they will need to make up the work that they missed.

Class participation:

Participation in class discussion and lab activities is a required part of this class. Students will clean up everyday ten minutes before the end of class to complete their clean up job.

Missed exams or assignments:

Students may make up exams or assignments and receive a recorded grade when a note from the parent documents an excused absence(s). Students who have complete all of their previous work will be given the opportunity to re-take an exam. Assignments not turned in on the assigned date will be accepted with a deduction of points.

Lab safety/health:

It is the responsibility of the students to follow the training of safe practices in the technology and engineering education lab. The safety program consists of more than lecturing and posting safety rules and regulations. It includes instruction that actively involves the students in learning and choosing behaviors that promote the safe use of equipment that is used in the technology and engineering education lab. The implementation and promotion of safe practices in the technology and engineering education lab to prevent incidents and injuries to students are the

responsibility of everyone. It is the students’ responsibility to adhere to all safety rules and regulations within the classroom.  Horseplaying or touching of one another can result in serious injury.  This will not be tolerated and can result in days out of the room.  Closed toed shoes need to be worn at all time.  Shoes can be brought in and locked up in the room if needed.  Failure to have these shoes on can result in an alternative assignment for the day.

Academic dishonesty:

Loss of credit for assignment or course may be appropriate in addition to other consequences. Restitution for loss or damage projects/documents may be requested. Where appropriate, school administration team/guardian will be notified.

Required and Recommended Materials 

If you are interested in having your own things in class, the following are items we will use throughout the year


We are here after school and during lunch almost everyday for students to come down for extra help.  They can also use this time to complete projects/assignments.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Refer to code of conduct