Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout Rules Overview - DRAFT RULES

Updated January 25, 2019

Version 1.1

This is a draft/outline of the 2019 Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Competition (“Competition”) Rules (“Rules”). THE RULES MAY BE ADJUSTED AS NECESSARY BY HORSEPOWER WARS OFFICIALS TO ENSURE A COMPETITIVE BALANCE.

This is a draft of the preliminary rules.

Overview of Shootout: Teams will compete against each other to see who can build the quickest drag racing car (“Vehicle”) over a period of 10 days, with a budget of $10,000 -- which will consist of $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing Equipment Gift Card. Each Team (“Team”) will consist of six people: One (1) Team leader (“Team Leader”), and five (5) crew (“Crew”) members. Among the Team of six (6) people, one driver (“Driver”) must be pre-identified. Team Leader shall be the original Applicant for the Competition; and will lead the Team and be the final decision maker for all decisions during the Competition. During the Competition, there will be surprise bonuses, competitions, and challenges that can assist, or hurt, the chances of each Team’s ability to build their Vehicle and win.

Prizes: The winning Team will win their Vehicle and shall be awarded $10,000 in cash, payable at the conclusion of the 2019 Duck X Productions No Mercy Race in Valdosta, Georgia.

Build Location & Details: The 10 day build period is May 8 - May 18, 2019 in Riverside, California. All  Team members must be present by 1:00 pm on May 7, 2019 for orientation. Teams will work May 8-May 11, 2019 (including Saturday). Teams will get Sunday May 12, 2019 off, and will resume building on May 13, 2019. All team members must stay in California through, May 19, from 8:00 am through 3:00 pm for final wrap up, filming, interviews. Teams will be released at 3:00 pm on May 19.

Build Details: Each Team will have ten (10) days to build their Vehicle in accordance with the Rules of the Shootout. The entire build will be done by each Team in Riverside, CA. Each Team will be provided a lift, and access to basic tools, equipment (including welding equipment), and shall have access to a chassis dyno in the Facility. After the ten day build process, each Vehicle will be impounded prior to the race portion of the Competition. The studio will be closed to the public and the public will NOT be permitted to observe the builds and/or filming at the Facility.

Protests - Build Process: Protests during build process should be addressed directly with the Horsepower Wars Official (“Official”) that is actively on site during the builds. Penalties and/or decisions shall be made exclusively by the Official.

Protests - Racing: Protests during racing should be addressed directly with the Horsepower Wars Official that is actively on site during the race event. Penalties and/or decisions shall be made exclusively by the Official.

Build Times: The Tech Center shall be made available to each Team at 8:00 am PST until 8:00 PM PST for the first eight (8) days of the build. For the final two (2) days of the Build, Tech Center hours shall be amended to 8:00 am PST until Midnight. At the conclusion of midnight on the final day, each Team shall be removed from the build area and the Vehicles shall be sealed and impounded. There shall be a 1 hour break for lunch each day at noon. From noon-1 pm no crew members may be in the shop build area, may not work on the Vehicle or components of the Vehicle, nor may remove Vehicle or components from the build area. Teams may source products and/or parts during lunch at their option.

Rules on Vehicle:

  1. Selection of Vehicle
  1. Each Team will be able to buy one Vehicle from a selection of six Vehicles that have been pre-selected by the Horsepower Wars Team for the price of $500. A challenge on Day 1 of the competition will determine the order in which each Team will be able to choose their Vehicle. Vehicle must be accepted by Team “as-is.
  1. Permitted Combinations/Minimum Weight
  1. Base minimum weight with driver of all vehicles is as follows:
  1. Small block nitrous - 3,000 lbs
  2. Big block nitrous - 3,250 lbs
  3. Turbo/blower - 3,350 lbs
  1. Other: Final race weight may be different than base depending on results of contests and twists during shootout.
  1. Removal/Sale of Parts
  1. Team may remove parts from the Vehicle that they will not be utilizing during the competition (i.e. stock engine, transmission, smog equipment, etc.) as long as the Team complies with the weight loss rules in section 6. The Team may discard sell these parts to offset team expenses (and/or beer), but it may not be utilized in their build budget. Parts may not be traded.
  1. Body & Chassis, Exterior
  1. Exterior of body and all body panels (hood, fenders, nose, bumper cover, doors, rear hatch, trunk) must remain intact and not be lightened, with the exception of any lightening permitted in section 6.
  2. Aftermarket, lightweight body panels may be purchased so long as they retain general factory appearance. Headlights and taillights are required. 
  3. Factory firewall is required. (Firewall may be clearanced if necessary.)
  4. Steel bumpers may be removed and replaced with fiberglass or plastic bumpers, but front and rear bumpers must remain on Vehicle.
  5. Hood may not be removed, however, you may clearance the hood as necessary for induction system or carb. A hole may be made in the hood, however it must be no more than an 16-inch diameter hole, or 200-square inches if not a circle.
  6. Vehicle may be modified for larger tires, including reasonable, required trimming of bodywork, frame rails and chassis. Excessive clearancing is illegal.
  1. Interior
  1. Interior may be removed.
  1. Lightening
  1. Vehicle may be lightened, but must meet minimum weight.
  1. Suspension - Front
  1. Front suspension may be modified, or aftermarket front suspension installed.
  1. Suspension - Rear
  1. Any rear suspension components may be utilized.
  1. Brakes
  1. Front and rear brakes are required and must be functioning.
  1. Engine
  1. Any engine is permitted.
  1. Power Adder
  1. Maximum of (1) single power adder type is permitted. Single power adder defined as: single or twin turbo, supercharger, or nitrous oxide.
  2. Nitrous oxide may not be combined with any power adder, and may only be used with a naturally aspirated engine. Nitrous may be multiple stages.
  3. Turbochargers may be a maximum of 80mm, cast wheel only.
  4. Superchargers may be a maximum of 91mm (centrifugal) or 8-71 (roots).
  1. Intercoolers
  1. Air-to-air Intercoolers only are permitted on all forced induction applications, with the exception of those using E85 fuel.
  2. Intercoolers not permitted on E85 applications.
  1. Electronics & EFI
  1. Any permitted.
  1. Tires:
  1. All Vehicles must run Mickey Thompson 275 Pro (275/60/15) tires that will be provided. Mickey Thompson will supply 26 x 4.5 - 15 front skinny tires should Team elect to utilize 15-inch skinny front wheels.
  1. Fuel & Fueling
  1. Vehicle shall be permitted to use a spec-racing fuel, or spec “E85” ethanol, which shall be provided. Spec Fuel may be the only fuel utilized in the Vehicle. Fuel additives are prohibited. Use of water meth, or methanol is prohibited. Any fuel delivery system is allowed.
  1. Cooling
  1. Cooling system may be removed or modified.
  2. Water only permitted in cooling system if utilized.
  1. Nitrous
  1. Competitors shall be required to source and pay for Nitrous. Nitrous shall not come out of team budget.
  2. Teams may supplement or supply additional nitrous bottles that do not come from their budget. Nitrous bottles must be up to date.
  1. Laptops & Data Acquisition
  1. Teams may supply their own laptops for tuning if desired and laptop may be in vehicle during competition.
  2. Teams may purchase aftermarket EFI systems may utilize data logging and/or 02 logging.
  3. Aftermarket wideband 02 sensor logger may be utilized and supplied by Team. It may be removed after competition at Team discretion, and will not require team budget. Pass-through devices like hand-held programmers or gauges are permitted and will not be required to be taken from the team budget.
  4. Tuning credits or tuning devices that may be needed to tune Vehicle must be appropriated from budget.
  1. Safety
  1. Safety: Vehicles must comply with safety rules.
  2. Driver must have license for applicable E.T. Driver must have protective clothing and helmet.
  3. SFI Chassis Certs will be provided at no charge.
  4. The following safety gear shall be provided at no charge to the Teams. Seat belts, battery box, master cut-off switch, driveshaft loop, and window net.
  5. Fire safety equipment can be provided or sponsored to the teams (fire system, extinguisher, etc.) but will not be provided by Horsepower Wars. Fire safety equipment will not count against the budget for the Vehicles.
  1. Completion of Vehicle
  1. Completion of Vehicle - Once vehicle has been completed during build period, or the build time has expired (whichever comes first) - no additional parts may be purchased or added without both the Tech Director and Competition Director’s approval in writing.
  2. Frozen Parts Rule -  Once vehicle has been completed, or the build time has expired (whichever comes first) - the following components shall be frozen (“Frozen”) through the final round of the race. Once a part has been Frozen, it can not be swapped or exchanged for a different part without written approval. Frozen part may only be exchanged due to damage only, and the Tech Director and Competition Director must both sign (in writing) permission to swap in a similar product that offers no competitive advantage or difference. Frozen parts may be replaced with “exact, 100% identical” replacements only, so long as the Tech Director has been made aware, the parts form has been submitted, and the Tech Director has provided approval.
  3. Frozen Parts List:
  1. Turbocharger(s), supercharger(s), nitrous system kit/type.
  2. Engine Long-block (heads to oil pan)
  3. Intake Manifold
  4. Transmission
  5. Torque Convertor
  6. EFI System, Fuel Injectors
  7. Headers

Rules on the Build Process

  1. Build Team
  1. Only Team members can touch Vehicle or Vehicle components. Only Team members may source parts or build/develop Vehicle components.
  2. Team Leader must be present and active during every day of the race and build.
  3. Tech Center/Studio is closed to the public and the public will NOT be permitted to observe the builds and/or filming at the Facility.
  1. Parts
  1. Each Team will be given $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing credit. Each team may designate two team members who will be responsible for ordering parts from Summit Racing.
  2. $3,000 must be utilized to purchase the Vehicle and any new or used parts from independent third-parties.
  3. Summit Racing will provide free overnight shipping of all components on in-stock, non-freight items.
  4. A Horsepower Wars Official (“Official”) will be observing each Team.
  5. Pre-Approval: All purchases of parts other than those from Summit Racing must be submitted in writing through an electronic form provided to the Team in advance. The following information will be required:
  1. What is the part being purchased.
  2. A screenshot of each product on Summit Racing’s website (or, if not available at Summit, a common/popular retailer.) showing the “real world / street value” when new from a retail company.
  3. Detailed explanation of each item being purchased (if more than one)
  4. What is the parts condition (new or used)
  5. What is the part numbers of the product.
  6. What is the value of the product brand new.
  7. Include/attach photos of each part being purchased.
  8. What price is being paid for each part (must be itemized).
  9. Where is the part located?
  10. Who is the seller.
  11. What is the seller’s phone # and/or email.
  1. All teams - as well as the public - will have access to review purchase parts requests in real time. Teams may protest new parts purchases within 2 hrs of request submission. (Each team shall get a fixed # of protests).
  2. All used parts must be purchased by unaffiliated parties at market value price which shall ultimately be approved or rejected by the Competition Director and Officials.
  3. No parts may be received as gifts.
  4. No parts may be provided at a discount by third-parties in trade for exposure or benefit.
  5. Receipts must be supplied with all parts purchases.
  6. Certain parts will be provided at no-cost to the build Teams from Horsepower Wars show sponsors. A list of these parts will be revealed to the build Teams no less than 21 days before the competition. Teams generally must utilize the sponsored parts, unless the part will not work with the parts combination.
  7. All parts purchased, except from Summit, need approval from a Horsepower Wars Official BEFORE purchase.
  8. Any parts acquired for the Vehicle - whether from Summit - or a third-party - or used, must be processed through parts customs/logging before they will be permitted in the build area. All parts must be shipped to a designated address and name provided by Horsepower Wars.
  9. The Official may reject part purchases where the purchase price does not match the market value of the product. All new parts will be evaluated using public pricing available, on Summit Racing’s website, and others. All used parts will be evaluated based on market value.
  10. No free or borrowed parts may be accepted from any third-parties.
  11. Violations of the parts rules may result in Team disqualification, rejection of the parts, or removal of budget from Team to equalize market value, at the sole discretion of Official.
  1. Machine Work
  1. The Horsepower Wars Studio is not equipped with engine machining capabilities. Each Team will need to source their own tools or coordinate machine shop(s). If a team wants to hone their own block, lap valves, using portable tools, etc. they are free to do so.
  2. Each team team will be provided with $500 in cash for machine work. This $500 in cash can only be used toward machine work. Any machine work costs beyond this the teams may supplement this with their own funds if desired (which will not be reimbursed).  All machine work other than that which is specifically listed below must come from the budget.
  1. Boring / Honing
  2. Align Hone Crankshaft
  3. Decking
  4. Cam Bearings
  5. Block Sleeving (Factory-style)
  6. Wash
  7. Crankshaft balancing
  8. Mill heads/intake
  9. Valve Job / Grind Valves
  10. Surface Heads
  11. Guides/Seats
  12. Polish/Grind crank


  1. Each team will be responsible for establishing contact with a machine-shop and coordinating the machine work needed. A list will be provided prior to the builds of all regional machine shops in the area.

  1. Machine work must be pre-approved by the Tech Director (submitted via online form) and a receipt must be submitted, even though it will not count toward the budget.
  2. Third-party labor and/or machine work is only permitted to be performed on parts and components of the Vehicle (engine machining, assembly of transmission, etc.) but not the Vehicle itself.
  1. Shop Access
  1. When the Shop is not “open” during build times, Crew is not allowed in the shop area.
  1. Media & Camera Access
  1. All Crew must agree to, sign, and then follow the official Horsepower Wars Media and Camera access and use policy.
  1. Junkyards
  1. Team must notify Official and Production when making a trip to any junkyard. Camera crew(s) and/or Official(s) may accompany Crew to Junk Yards.
  2. Receipts are needed for all junkyard purchases.
  1. Dyno Testing
  1. Up to two (2) separate (3) hour sessions may be reserved for chassis dyno testing by each Team. These reservations must be placed, first come, first serve, on the fifth day of the Vehicle builds.
  2. Vehicle will be inspected for safety prior to dyno testing by Official.
  1. Parts Hauler
  1. If you desire to rent a Uhaul or Parts Hauler, Official will provide you with up to $200 for the rental. These funds may not be used in other areas, so you must provide a receipt and return of excess funds.
  1. Vehicle Completion
  1. Teams have 10 work days to complete the build, however if the Vehicle is not running, it can be completed on wednesday of the Race. Vehicle must be a “roller” in rolling condition by the end of the actual 10-day Build. This is required for transportation.
  2. Parts may be purchased during the period of time between the 10-day build and the Race, however the same approval process applies to all parts purchases in this time period. Items must go through the same exact online process, and all parts must be shipped directly to the designated shipping location.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Option:

  1. Teams may run out of money during the Build because they have incorrectly calculated their budget or run into unforeseen issues.
  2. Teams may run out of money during the Build because of parts breakage.
  3. With approval, teams may utilize their own funding (up to $1,500) to add to their build budget. However, there is a catastrophic weight penalty incorporated in this rule.
  1. $500 - add 100 lbs to base weight
  2. $1,000 - add 200 lbs to base weight
  3. $1,500 - add 300 lbs to base weight
  1. To trigger the Fresh Price option, you must notify the Tech Director via email or writing within the first eight (8) build days. Once that option is triggered, the additional weight is added regardless of how much budget you use. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air option ends on the last day of the Build. After the final build day, the additional budget may no longer be triggered.
  2. Regardless of whether a team has triggered the Fresh Prince rule, once vehicle has been completed during build period, or the build time has expired (whichever comes first) - no additional parts may be purchased or added. (Except with both the Tech Director and Competition Director’s approval in writing.)
  3. Race repair budget will NOT be permitted to be utilized during the build phases.
  4. All lead weights must be provided by each HP Wars $10K Team, but will be returned to the Teams at the end of the competition. Budget will not be required for lead weight.

Race & Regulations

  1. Team - Only Team members can touch Vehicle or Vehicle components. Only Team members may source parts or work on behalf of the Team. Only Team members may participate in the tuning, optimization and racing of the Vehicle.
  2. Race Location:
  1. The race portion of the Horsepower Wars Shootout shall be conducted at No Mercy 10 at the DuckX Productions No Mercy Race in Valdosta, GA..
  1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rule - Weight must be added in accordance with the Fresh Prince weight scale.
  2. Vehicle Pick Up / Prep / Race Day
  1. Wednesday, October 16, 2018 shall be the pickup, prep, and start of qualifying for each Team. Each Team may work on, prepare and/or complete any final details on their Vehicle on Wednesday once they get to the racetrack. Vehicle may not be modified, worked on, etc., prior to entering impound area.
  2. Vehicles may be picked up at 8:00 am on Wednesday.
  3. Each Team will be provided a “repair-ONLY budget” of up to $1,500 cash per team that they may utilize through the weekend (in addition to any money saved from the original build). This cash will be dispensed for repair use only, on a case by case basis. It will only be used to provide repair/replacement of like/similar components.
  4. No test runs permitted.
  5. Vehicle may not leave the impound area.
  1. Qualifying & Racing
  1. Qualifying & Racing
  1. Wednesday-Saturday
  1. Each Team may make up to six (6) qualifying passes with their Vehicle at No Mercy 10 in conjunction with the official qualifying runs. The ET and MPH will be shown on the scoreboards and to other competitors.  Vehicle may be worked on in impound area.
  1. Saturday
  1. Competitors are permitted 1 final qualifying attempt (#6).
  2. 4-car pro Ladder will be established (#1 races #4, etc.)
  3. Competitors race on .400 Pro tree.
  4. First round shall be Saturday evening.
  1. Sunday - the final race will determine the winner of the Vehicle and the $10,000 cash prize. Sunday’s race to be run in combination with the Finals from No Mercy 10.
  1. All NHRA competition rules will apply (i.e., staging, red light, etc.)
  1. Breakage: If any of the Teams damages Vehicle beyond repair during qualifying, they will be removed from the ladder, and the #1 qualifier will receive a bye to the final.

Team Rules

  1. Apparel
  1. Teams and Crew must wear Horsepower Wars provided T-shirts at all times during filming, build, parts sourcing, and during the race weekend. T-Shirts will contain Team name, Horsepower Wars logo, and Horsepower Wars Official sponsors.
  2. T-Shirts must be clean and presentable during filming.
  1. Stickers on Vehicle
  1. Team may decorate Vehicle.
  2. Horsepower Wars staff will add sponsor stickers, windshield decal, and Team names to each Vehicle.
  3. No stickers or third-party sponsorship elements may be added by Team to Vehicle. (other than to windows, see Section 8). This includes interior, engine compartment, etc.
  4. Stickers from third-party, non-conflicting sponsors may be applied to the rear window.
  1. Interior of Vehicle, Engine Compartment
  1. No stickers or paint may be added to interior of Vehicle, or engine, or engine compartment, other than Team Name.
  1. Safety
  1. Teams are required to follow smart safety provisions. Teams must wear safety glasses when grinding, cutting, and removing parts from Vehicles. Welding safety equipment such as welding gloves, welding helmets, and welding jackets/sleeves are required when fabricating.
  1. Language
  1. Be yourself on camera, but avoid racial, discrimination, political, or incendiary language that could be offensive or turn off viewers.
  1. Code of Conduct
  1. All Teams, Drivers and Crews are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  2. All Teams will be expected to follow the rules and regulations of the competition. Cheating will be addressed according to the severity of the situation.
  3. The entire body of rules, regulations and procedures contained within here is presented with the assumption any modification(s) and/or condition(s) not expressly and specifically permitted in this rulebook should be considered illegal, unless you obtain expressed written permission from an Official.
  4. Any and all Drivers, Crew, or Teams, by entering into the Horsepower Wars $10K Competition, agree to be bound by all rules, regulations, terms and decisions.
  5. Weight may be added if rules are broken as well as other restrictions if a Team is caught cheating. Teams may be eliminated from competition if they demonstrate a lack of integrity.
  1. Interviews
  1. Each crew and Team will be asked to participate in interviews, both during the build, and in a confessional room. Each crew and Team must participate when production requests their involvement. Production will attempt to provide a fair balanced amount of interviews for each Team and crew.
  2. Interviews are required by every crew member and participant at the conclusion of the build, and the race event.
  1. Third-Party Sponsorship
  1. Each Team may solicit up to four independent third-party sponsors, however these sponsors will not be Official Horsepower Wars affiliated sponsors, nor may they conflict.
  2. Teams may provide only the following sponsorship benefits to third-party sponsors:
  1. Hats - logos on hats
  2. Rear Window - up to four contingency size stickers (one per sponsor)
  1. Helmet - logo on helmet.
  2. Racing suit - logo on racing suit
  3. Social media - may tag up to four sponsors before, after, and during HP Wars.
  4. Each third-party sponsor must be approved by a Horsepower Wars Official, and they may not conflict with Horsepower Wars Official Sponsors.

Contests & Twists

  1. Contests
  1. All Teams and Crew must compete in all Contests.
  2. Contests will be released on a schedule that the Team will receive prior to the start of the $10K Competition Build.
  3. Prizes may be awarded for contest and challenges.
  4. Contests may require physical ability, mental skills, and/or automotive knowledge.
  1. Twists                
  1. Certain twists may present themselves during the Competition. Twists will be optional should the Team choose to take them on.

Travel & Taxes: Winning Team will be responsible for state and federal taxes on the Vehicle and prize money. Teams are responsible for travel, lodging, and transportation during builds and race event. Lunch shall be provided each day during the 10-day Vehicle build.

Agreement to be bound by Rules - All participants, by applying to compete in the Shootout, agree to be bound by the Rules including any regulations, terms, and decisions - in any form - made by Horsepower Wars Officials. All decisions made, before, during or after, the Shootout, are final.