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Class Expectations 2021
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U.S. History

Mr. Dowling

Green House

Room 24 

This course explores the story of United States history from the early stages of European exploration to the Civil War.  During this time period, we will encounter many interesting people, places and events that have shaped U.S. History, for good or for bad.  As students, we owe it to our ancestors to learn history.  Remember, the events that we have experienced in our lifetime will be history for future generations to learn.

Supplies:  One five subject notebook and at least one pocket folder.

Classroom Expectations:

Homework Assignments:  Homework is not given to keep you busy after school.  It is a necessary learning tool.  I do not give busy work.  Everything assigned will count towards your grade.  Remember:  You are always expected to re-read and re-learn your class notes at home.

Students are expected to come to class prepared.

Extra Help:  A schedule for extra help will be prepared shortly.

Grading Policy:  Tests/Projects/Homework/Participation/Preparation = 100%

                                        95-100 = A+

                                        90-94 = A

                                      85-89 = B+

                                        80-84 = B

                                        75-79 = C+

                                        70-74 = C

                                        65-69 = D

                                        Below 65 = F