Dear _________________________________________________,

You are invited to attend SIMS’s annual trip to the Carowinds Festival of Music!  You have been given information about this trip previously.  If you need the information again, please visit Ms. Nordan’s or Mrs. Norwood’s website to view the slideshow.


We have lots of important deadlines to meet as we prepare for this trip.  Make a note of each of the following deadlines, and remember, there is no penalty for turning things in early!  Beware: if you miss a deadline for ANY reason, your invitation to attend this trip may be revoked, and your slot may be given to another student.

Friday, April 20:  Register on RevTrak or cancel your reservation.

Please register for the trip on RevTrak.  $120 is due at this time.  Season pass holders may receive a discount and should speak with Ms. Nordan before registering.  If you decide not to go on this trip, you MUST notify Ms. Nordan or Mrs. Norwood before this date.  This could give another student the opportunity to go in your place.

Friday, April 27:  Chaperones must turn in all required paperwork.

Chaperones have already been selected and contacted.  All chaperones are expected to pay on RevTrak and sign up for a t-shirt size.  All chaperones must also complete the Child Safety Training video in the front office, and must sign off on the completion sheet.

Monday, April 30:  (Chorus students ONLY) - Spring Chorus concert.

If you don’t attend the concert, you don’t go on the trip.  Period.

Tuesday, May 1:  (Band students ONLY) - Spring Band concert.

If you don’t attend the concert, you don’t go on the trip.  Period.

Friday, May 18:  Trip to Carowinds.

6:30am - students meet at SIMS to load buses.  Final itinerary, packing list, and details will be given the week before the trip.

We are always here to help.  After reading this material, please shoot us an email with any questions.


Rebekkah Nordan, Chorus Director

Tayler Norwood, Band Director