My student wants to transfer schools. . .

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Bylaws and Chicago Public Schools Athletics Bylaws govern transfer student athletic eligibility. Any transfer student wishing to participate in athletics at his/her new school must first complete the Request for Eligibility Form through the new school’s principal who will submit it to the Office of Sports Administration.

The IHSA’s “Fundamental Principle”, which is applied to all student transfer and athletic eligibility cases, states:

“High School sports are best controlled and conducted fairly when students reside full time with their parents and attend high school in the district/area in which they reside with their parents. Departure from this basic premise requires circumstances which are within the parameters established within Article 1.460 of the IHSA Constitution, which do not conflict with the overall purpose and scope of the by-laws.

Once the Request for Eligibility Form is submitted, the Office of Sports Administration will determine a ruling of “eligible” or “ineligible” for a period not to exceed 365 days.

A ruling of Eligible is likely to be granted when:

A ruling of “Ineligible” is likely be determined when:


For more information, IHSA Rules 3.040 and 3.030 outline the criteria and standards for the eligibility of students after transferring schools.

IHSA 3.00 Athletic Eligibility By-laws