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To: All Stakeholders

Subject:  JRealty Security Deposit Guidance

Dear Stakeholder,                               


We follow CA Department of Consumer Affairs guidance when working with security deposit returns.  Relevant sections can be found here and here.  

In general, the reimbursement of the Tenant’s security deposit is based on the overall condition of the property when the Tenant moved out versus the condition of the property when the Tenant moved in.  When Tenant moves out, if the overall condition of the property is in the same or better as the overall condition when Tenant moved in, then security deposit should be fully reimbursed.  If the property is left in a condition that is worse than when moved in, the costs incurred to get the property into move-in condition should be deducted from the security deposit.  

We work to operate with common sense, good faith, and reasonableness when assessing security deposit deductions.

Please see the bulleted items below regarding the administration of security deposit returns:

Below is a list of specific guidance on common questions:

Walls & Paint

Length of stay


Less than 6 months

Full cost

6 months to 1 year

two-thirds of cost

1 year to 2 years

one-third of cost

2 or more years

no deduction

Cost of cleaning