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Next Big Theme IX


1- General information

2- Theme concept restrictions

3- Rules and tips

4- Approved entries


Start: Sunday, July 8th
Submission Phase: Sunday, July 8th - August 5th (for regs) and July 29th (for staff)

Workshops: Saturday, July 7th and Saturday, July 21st
Theme Making Workshops: Sunday, July 8th and Sunday, July 22nd
Staff Selection Phase: Monday, August 6th - Friday, August 10th
Showcase Phase: Saturday, 11th August - Tuesday, August 14th

Final Voting Phase: Wednesday, August 15th - Tuesday, August 21st
Winners Announced: Wednesday, August 22nd

What is NBT?

Gimme more info. I need the details.

  1.  One player has a special ability or mechanic that rotates every round;
  2.  Players are benefited if attacked multiple times;
  3.  A recreation of a game show;
  4.  Players have to avoid obstacles or traps rather than fight each other;
  5.  Players' rolls are rolled in PMs instead of in chat;
  6.  Dead players still have the ability to influence the game;
  7.  Survivor with board game mechanics;
  8.  Players work together to reach a common goal;
  9.  The player who completes a goal in the least amount of rounds wins;
  10. Players can earn multiple attacks per round.

See the next page for contest rules and theme-making tips!

General NBT Rules

Tips/Guidelines for Creating Themes

Approved Entries


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