Roundtable 4: Climate Change & Sustainability

Facilitator: Aerin Jacob

November 30, 2018

Courtney - Y2Y, communications

Darcy - Central Kootenay, planner

Jessie - Squamish, planner

Tyler - Jackson, WY, planner

Matthew - Canadian Mountain Network, funding coordinator

Gary - Squamish, GM


  1. Wildlife mitigation (northward shift and upward shift of animals) and the effects on planning
  2. Flooding & erosion hazards and how that affects planning & development
  3. Water quality & availability
  4. Community carbon reduction planning & what levers (influence) do we have at the local/smaller-scaled level?
  5. How to influence design of buildings as resilient to flooding?
  6. Increasing wildfire risk
  7. Affective outreach with respect to GCC

Issues & Solutions Associated with Flooding & Erosion Hazards:

NOTE: Aerin to find “flood visualization” from hurricane in southeastern US and share with group

Facilitator: Aerin Jacob, Y2Y

Scribe: Joshua Welsh, Town of Canmore

Flip charter: Courtney Burk, Y2Y