The Influencer Contest is an audition where individuals must describe their favorite place in Japan through a three-minute performance to vie for a spot in Little AKIBA’s growing group of Influencers. Finalists will perform live on the Little AKIBA x Inbound Media Labo stage (Hall EX) on September 29, 2018 where one (1) Grand Champion will be chosen to receive JPY 50,000 in cash, while two (2) First Runner-Ups will be chosen to receive JPY 10,000 each in cash. All three will have a chance to work directly with Little AKIBA and Inbound Media Labo as Influencers, individuals who will share and disseminate information tourism (sightseeing, food, shopping) and culture (pop culture and traditional culture) of both Japan and the Philippines.

What is LittleAKIBA Project?

Little AKIBA Project is a product of the cooperation of Brainbusters, Take two Ltd. and Copyrights Asia in finding new talent in Asia and promoting AKIBA town and AKIBA contents. They have produced LittleAKIBA events in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.



Contest registration is only available online. Deadline of registration is on September 16, 2018, 11:59PM. The following information must be submitted through the online form:

  1. Real name;
  2. Nickname or alias;
  3. Working contact details (mobile phone AND email);
  4. One (1) minute self-introduction video (YouTube/Facebook link);
  5. Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

The information above must be truthful; falsifying any of the information will result in instant disqualification and the applicants will not be allowed to join the succeeding year's competition as an additional penalty. All registration information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and other competitors will not be informed whether a particular competitor has entered the contest or not.


A maximum of ten (10) finalists who can perform on the Little AKIBA x Inbound Media Labo Stage on September 29, 2018 will be chosen from all the entries submitted online.

Finalists will be sent a Friend Request by Little AKIBA Representative on Facebook not later than September 19, 2018 and will be asked to send the following:


The Finalist must confirm his or her attendance at the Stage Area (Hall EX) on or before 1:00 PM on September 29, 2018. (S)he will be provided a contestant number and tag upon confirmation. (S)he must be in full costume, if any and ready to perform by 1:30 PM. The Grand Finals on the Little AKIBA x Inbound Media Labo Stage (Hall EX) will start at 2:00 PM.  All contestants will be required to purchase tickets to the event in order to participate, but there will be no additional registration fees to join the contest.


  1. Fanservice is allowed but should be “General Patronage”. Any kind of extreme kind of fanservice (ie. nudity, etc.) that is deemed inappropriate for minors are strictly prohibited. Keep in mind that Influencer Contest is a wholesome and a General Patronage event.

  1. Costumes that are too revealing (ie. exposes private parts) are prohibited. Scantily clad and/or sexy costumes are allowed but not encouraged. The Cosplay Mania organizing team has the right to disqualify any participant on this ground.

  1. All kinds of costume props must be handled with utmost care and must not be harmful to his/her fellow contestants, event staff and event attendees. Any kind of sharp and/or bladed objects that will be used as costume props that could cut human flesh are strictly prohibited. Any kind of pyrotechnic equipment/s that will be used as costume props that could render damage to the venue and/or property is strictly prohibited.

  1. The Influencer Contest organizing team, Cosplay Mania organizers and its staff will not be held responsible for damage or injury resulting from mishandling and/or negligence of a contestant in his/her use of props/materials throughout the duration of the event.

  1. Contestants under eighteen (18) years of age as of the event date must have their parent/s and/or legal guardian/s sign the waiver/image release form to be provided at the registration table.

  1. Cosplay Mania organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant who ignores and/or violates any of the aforementioned guidelines.

  1. Registration and participation in this contest constitutes that the contestant gives the right and the authority to the Cosplay Mania organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to take pictures and/or videos of registered contestants and will be the sole property of the organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to be used for future publications and/or advertising promotions.

  1. Cosplay Mania organizers and its staff and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from participating in the competition. This includes parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, uncles or aunts, first cousins, nephews or niece and brother or sister.


  1. The competition is restricted to a maximum of ten (10) individuals only.

  1. Contestants may or may not be in costume. The costume can be an original costume, but bonus points could be provided for particularly creative costumes. Crossdressing is NOT allowed.

  1. Each finalist will have a maximum of three (3) minutes stage time to describe their favorite place in Japan through performance.

  1. Explanation can be in Japanese or English, but bonus points could be provided if the finalist speaks in Japanese.


A panel of judges will judge the contest with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Performance Quality (40%): Overall quality of the performance including vocals, music, and background effects.

  1. Personality (30%): The overall stage presence of the finalist.

  1. Audience impact (30%): The reaction of the audience on the performance.


In addition to the judging scores, penalties will be imposed on the following rule infractions:

  1. Exceeding Time Limit (10% Infraction): For every one (1) minute or fraction thereof that the performance exceeds the time limit of three (3) minutes, a 10% score deduction will be applied.

  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct (10% Infraction): For actions that are demeaning to the other contestants or that incite conflict in the competition, a 10% score deduction will be applied. If this unsportsmanlike conduct continues, it may result in disqualification and ejection from the venue grounds.

  1. Incomplete Requirements (5% Infraction): If any of the materials required are incomplete, a 5% score deduction will be applied to the final scoring.

The Influencer Contest judges’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.


At the end of the event, the scores will be tabulated and the highest scores based on the judges will be determined. The award will be as follows:

The winners must be present for the awarding ceremony. If the winner is not present during the awarding ceremony, the next highest scoring competitor will be awarded the prize instead. If there is a compelling reason for the winner not to be present during the awarding ceremony, they will be required to inform an organizer beforehand and provide a proxy for themselves during the awarding ceremony.

Rules are subject to change and revisions without prior notice.

The Influencer Contest Rules and Guidelines is the sole property of, Little AKIBA and Inbound Media Labo.

The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or

permission from its parent owners.