General Studio Information

1. Classes are open to students from July through May each season.

2. Students are required to create an account to register and pay for each monthly session through elite's on-line office.

3. Studio closings are normally for the following holidays and productions: September - elite production week,  November - Thanksgiving week, December  - elite production week, Christmas Break (following school schedule), April - elite production week, June - Summer Break

4. Student EVALS are scheduled for July and December of each season for level placement for students. Private EVALS may be requested at the Private Instruction rate.

5. All studio information is posted on the elite website STUDIO page. Monthly  newsletters are sent at the beginning of each session for updated information, reminders, upcoming events and studio news.

6. In case of INCLEMENT WEATHER, please check the website home page for any changes to the schedule. Notices will also be sent via Facebook, email and text.

7. Students must check in on the Master Class list before entering their classroom. Any student that has not not registered/paid will be asked to register and pay in the elite office before taking class.

8. Parents may not leave students or siblings untended before, during or after classes. elite Dance will not be responsible for students, children or siblings outside of classes.

Rules and Standards:

1. Students are expected to behave with respect towards others, work hard, be in dress code and be teachable.

2. Level 4-7 students who are more than fifteen minutes late will not be allowed to participate in class.

3. elite Dance Studio reserves the right to dismiss a student from the studio for any reason.

4. elite Dance Studio will not tolerate any illegal behavior.

5. In the event that a student leaves elite Dance or is dismissed, any deposits, registration, or monthly tuition paid for the student or the student's activities will not be refunded or transferred.

6. Performances: elite Dance provides numerous theatrical productions each season for our elite students to participate in. A registration fee is required for all shows.