MUN Impact Planning Tool


Once you have chosen your SDG, identify the target that you can connect to your community. Identify, if possible, an indicator for the target that you can build your project or campaign around.








Indicator to push that is relevant to the Target






Local Issue



What could you do to address this issue? Brainstorm and list your ideas below.









Who is impacted by this issue?

Interviewing Stakeholders

Individuals, groups, institutions

Who will you need to talk interview to more fully understand the issue and its impact on the community?










Course of Action

This will be an Awareness / Advocacy / Fundraising / Community Engagement/ Other Project (circle one)

For more information on targets, indicators, and a load of other resources, see the following links:

Links, Indicators and ideas by SDG

General SDG Resources and Links


Use the space below to brainstorm how your local issue and future project connects to the SDG. Look critically at your community to determine what is needed, who needs to be involved and what actions would need to occur to move your idea forward.


The MUN Impact planning tool will guide you through the needed steps to lay out your plan of action.

SDG (and Target)

List which SDG and associated Target your project will address.




Project Description

Key Team Members and Responsibilities

Describe your project in 2-3 sentences

Name the team that will be helping to implement this program. Add a brief description of their area of responsibility.


















Project Date and Duration

Include launch date, duration, and the completion date.





Project Goal(s)


State clearly what you will achieve with this project.

Approvals required to start and build your program