100th Episode Celebration!


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Heroes Forged: 94

Diablo Heroes Forged: 17

Warcraft Heroes Forged: 30

Starcraft Heroes Forged: 12

Hearthstone Heroes Forged: 17

Heroes of the Storm Heroes Forged: 2

Overwatch Heroes Forged: 7

Fun Heroes Forged: 6

Jeff’s Choices

Favorite Hero Forged

The Innkeeper (Episode #8)

“BOOM Bot Shot!”
Activating “Q” for The Innkeeper sends a “specialty order” for the enemy heroes- a Boom bot shot! This boombot attaches to the enemy hero and will detonate at a random time with a random amount of damage dealt. Can be talented into later in the game to allow The Innkeeper to detonate all boombots at a selected time. only one boombot can be placed on a hero at a time.

Favorite Ability Forged

        Harrison Jones (Episode #33)

Heroic #2: “Boulder Chase”
What would Harrison be without a bolder ability… this ability is just that! A bolder is summoned behind the Harrison player and travels quickly in a straight line- the boulders direction is controlled by the Harrison player- depending on the direction that they run away from it. If the bolder hit an enemy hero they are stunned in place and take damage. The boulder will roll for a good amount of time damaging and stunning heroes in its path. If Harrison is killed while this ability is active the bolder will run in a straight line.

Favorite “Given Name” to a Hero

Treasure Goblin (Episode # 41)

Don'yoku- Japanese translation of the word “greed”

Favorite Mount

        Kristen’s Licio Crowd Surf (Episode #7)

Favorite Skin

        Headless Horseman (Episode #95)

Specialty Skin: Undead Count Dooku

Team Comp Using Forged Heroes:

Warrior: Jeff’s Deathwing (Episode #72)

Support: Jeff’s Amara, Warden of Hope (Episode #62)

Assassin: Kristen’s Imperious (Episode #5)

Assassin: Kristen’s Kyle Vlaros (Episode #66)

Specialist: Jeff’s Elise Starseeker (Episode #6)

Kristen’s Choices

Favorite Hero Forged

The Dark Wanderer (Episode #2)

“East. Always... into the East”

Following the cooldown of abilities that summon minions, the longer you go without summoning them, the stronger they are when released.

Favorite Ability Forged

        Arcturus Mengsk (Episode #24)

Jeff’s Trait: “Totalitarian”

If Mengsk is know for anything it is his brutal and unwavering rule. The oppression and tyranny that created this rule ultimately led to his downfall. In Heroes of the Storm I imagine that Mengsk would use his superb skills of manipulation to suppress the enemy team. Similar to the way that Abathur plays Mengsk would not be a hero on the battlefield that would be in the center of the fight. He would be setup at the beginning on the battlefield at a podium just next to the core. He is not able to move- but can use all of his abilities while at this podium. From here he can use his propaganda to influence the tide of battle. If Mengsk is defeated by the enemy team… he is not able to respawn.

Favorite “Given Name” to a Hero

Cow King (Episode # 77)

His Royal Highness, Hugh Heifer

Favorite Mount

        Kristen’s Scar the Zergling (Episode #87)

                The zergling swarm that forms Scar all get a tiny mounts.

Favorite Skin

        Edwin Vancleef - Heartthrob Vancleef (Episode #16)

He was a lone pirate bent on taking revenge for those his past allegiance wronged, hiding behind his mask… until he met you.

Heartthrob VanCleef comes complete with no shirt (open overcoat optional), perpetual wind blowing back his luscious locks and extra shine to his sun-bronzed skin. His mount is now a rope that swings him to his next destination.

Team Comp Using ONLY Forged Heroes:

Warrior: Jeff’s Imperius (Episode #5)

Support: Kristen’s Malthael (Episode #39)

Assassin: Kristen’s Edwin VanCleef (Episode #16)

Assassin: Jeff’s Mannoroth (Episode #59)

Specialist: Jeff’s Gelbin Mekkatorque (Episode #65)