welcome everybody to our impromptu stream we had we had you guys last week and we promised that this week we would be showing you some current development and footage of the MMORPG yep with all this talk of apocalypse and testing that we've been doing for apocalypse that being a you know standalone arena mode we wanted to give you guys a look at the MMORPG development and show you even as early as it is we're still several months away from the Alpha one of the MMORPG right phase 2 order phase 2 as we called it but now it's just back to regular old alpha we're gonna show you a video here


that's about what 30 minute early we have a you know we're talking over it so we're kind of describing things as we go we don't want to necessarily you know hit all those points before you see the video so we'll just tell you that just to set this up this is our current state of the MMORPG we took the apocalypse level yeah to show how translatable and easy it is how easy it is to just switch a game-mode and kind of have what wasn't yeah so again it's all where you built it is really you know flexible and we kind of wanted to show you that flexibility and how that that looks yeah also show you a puck from sort of a designer's perspective in terms of like why things were laid out the way they were right and then the other thing to note the combat that you'll see in this playthrough is knock the combat that's the hybrid we haven't had the opportunity yet to take everything we want to learn from a POC and make that hybrid system that's something that we're still in the process of doing so


what you see in this combat is not indicative of what the hybrid combat system will be yeah it's sort of like the first baby steps toward that exactly so without further ado we will toss you off to the gameplay footage and then we'll be back to take questions and give answers afterwards enjoy welcome everybody to our pre-alpha playthrough hi everybody joined by everyone mr. Jeff Bard that's me and mr. Peter Pettigrew I mean Peter Pinay all right we are we're running through this city this is a nice area where we at Jeff yeah so hopefully this looks familiar to some people who have been playing our actions of creation of college product this is actually kind of a test that we did where we pulled over


all the MMO stuff that we've been working on over to this map to kind of show you guys like how easy it is for us to swap between game modes kind of in our production process right and that's because our our alpha 1 map is still under construction we are getting that ready for our alpha 1 that's coming up soon and there's also kind of cool to see this map from this perspective you know I we kind of built it with an MMO in mind but this was kind of a cool way to see it from a new point of view I see we have a quest here that we're grabbing discarding fates hand yeah so right now we the empyrion and the KLR have just entered into an alliance and this quest is gonna kind of run us through some of the agreements and obligations that are a part of that alliance so we're gonna help these guys out we're gonna go deliver a package to a town down the road by the name of Grimm sale so yeah


now I'm telling me not to break the seal but can I break the seal but then like breathe on it to put the seal back on that's unfortunate oh yeah I know it's not too bad we have our NPCs so we have our questing here that's pretty cool love it I love this statue honestly it's really cool just kind of checking out the statue I don't know if this isn't our quest path it's not Steven likes to avoid the path this is a we can survive this now this area is intended to be a town stay the city actually is it a city yep city of a lurin yep that's if this is at level five right now yeah do we have the


should be a panel somewhere that tells us we want to go find a guard to go do that okay yeah well now is this going to be a treacherous path ahead of us this yeah yeah we um we have some monster packs in here and there's a few things we're gonna have to do along this quest line and they're cheering my arrival back over here but I like it all right that's all right I apologize friends Jeff is telling me I must leave you yeah so I mean you'll see that the monster density here is probably not what it would be in the the actual and again this is more of a test for us just to see how well we can flop back and forth between into work that's okay let me talk to these guys I'm the mayor well let me her this account only good music there's only 21 developer citizens


that's great yes so this is it guys this is just a very early look at some of the alpha-1 systems that we're putting in place obviously as Jeff said we're using the apocalypse level to try to demonstrate to you just just how convenient it is for us to really switch on the MMO game mode and put in these you know these are some temporary class kits that we have on these characters this is showing some of the node interface systems the questing systems the NPC's as they're present we have not really built out any of the Stephen where are you I'm sorry I felt a little bit behind of looking at this a power honestly I loved it from this perspective the tower is just huge yeah this is it like I get to see this sort of as a contiguous because I'm so used to popping into this map like wherever


and to kind of follow the storyline along this path it's kind of really yeah a hundred percent totally good but we know we just wanted to show you guys the development on the MMORPG front and the last of time you guys saw some of the Alpha zero footage right art had it really because wrestlers back here you scared me and I shot you I apologize you told me we're gonna fight something so I shot you know I think the time get out of my city okay here we go guys a little spider archers a little maids getting up in there with some staff attacks I feel like and off with Minas Tirith God of the Citadel and


you know I think I'm damaging you I think you are I am sorry I just threw you off into the wall yeah this takes teamwork guys this is how we do things that intrepid you get to see this stuff live as if whatever happens happen just go with the flow good luck don't wander far oh I'm sorry Jeff it was it was a


wall you were able to circumvent the wall no no no this fire is friendly fire get it no so yeah so you know we're working on on getting some action combat integrated with the tap targeted systems okay obviously this is extremely early in that regard so we just began really about testing with apocalypse and as we are watching collecting data from those systems will begin integrating that into the tab targeting systems that are already present in the game so take into account this is a this is a pre-alpha look at the MMO stage of development and alpha what begins


just think about the damage spreads like I only do exactly see we went through that pretty easily I hope they weren't they were just little thanks baby chicks I wonder if these guys oh my god they do


oh it's I just can't we just do we have a pole can I buy a pole for my stuff is it ready for frying need to lure though where do we go don't know we need the marinade that's not fun let me see if these people have any nymph ate mate I think why don't they talk to me I am Fredrik and celibate I make sure we could find some worms probably in the mushroom field it's possible it's possible but I would say unlikely - I'm getting left behind it's ok I'll come back did you go Peter did you find the bait I did what I'm sure many people wanted to see us go fishing okay well I mean I guess we could maybe show them but it's not alright well we'll save that for when


it's ready not let's stick to the script now where are we sorry okay just being honest I may or may not have opened the scroll that we were to deliver you come on is the delivery up ahead you know how much time - because it's playing with Steven and Peter they break as much as they possibly can we happens that's what we're supposed to do it's like everybody let's let's stick the plan let's stick to the script so nothing goes wrong and then and then no it's like at first five minutes we are these farmers being paid an honest day's wage yep is there hard at work out here they are through taxation all right good just making sure this is a beautiful farm a little farm village yeah this is the what crops are they going I would say maize I think it might be oh I see


some I see some danger perhaps up ahead I'll try not to hit you this time Jeff okay but I make no promises I wouldn't hold you Oh


I just love these little mushrooms I know that you guys have seen these monsters before because our creature pipeline their attacks have double our previous testing try to get too complex or put too much also they just looked up fluffy caps they do there they've got a


little character for funny faces it saddens me when they die and their cap deflate but it feels like their soul like their mushroom for fungus so I think we're done here I don't know I got a still got a little dude back here I think down errant mushroom defeats you it deflated I also like how we have no cooldown on the teleport is a beautiful Vista over the


caravan there's an area quest we're almost there we need they need help Jeff yeah let's let's get going let's get some Samaritan don't be there another day every to try and see where this guy is I don't really know where he is teleporting up to you guys he's right over kind of by the statue I'm running back to you Jeff I don't trust myself I will lead you to success Peter your feet are glowy he's got that this can permanently turned on so I'm to be the


one to break the seal and no one else okay you're right it's a dramatic so in any case you are reading along at home or maybe not reading along at home we have to intervene with the others they are apparently going to attack the human city up north and we have to do a couple of things in order to make sure that that attack gets disrupted first thing we're going to what if I told you I didn't read the entirety of that quest would it upset you it would it would hurt my soul every time somebody tells me that I lose a piece of it I'm sorry so I read the whole thing it was beautiful I loved the statue look at all these people are cheering our arrival


again did have anything for sale they might actually did we have the shop set up now this should be but we have things to do we have things to go I noticed some little bitty I know I noticed that our player movement the looks like the replications a little off on that obviously yeah it's there's some stuff we've got a tune on that it's it's it's a crate of your friends are lower in order to get a lot of people on the server but it's particularly bad right now we'll be looking at that and tuning that alright welcome to early pre awful look guys as usual you get to see everything in its entirety it'll look even cooler once you gotta get your hands on it I also noticed Jeff that with the Apoc putting the MMO build on the a pock level we still have some of the chests and weapons and whatnot


spawning in the world yeah would have taken me a whole crowd ton of time to get rid of all so I kind of hid the most freelusion out in the wild god I love the views you receive it again no I'm just admiring the view he's back there that castle took it to the top of this hill I get to be cooler I you know I know I know a mayor of a local city in this area see if I can put a good word in for lordship over that castle see you're talking about yourself aren't you yes trying to get a good view of the castle we're waiting for you I just want to literally fly the dragon out of that castle don't wait for me I have teleport very I guess that's your


powerful I just want to make sure you know ever-vigilant tank right here just a bit I'm sorry I'm being true yeah I've never quite played an MMO that has the views and and just environmental amazingness that ashes is showing so early in development our environment team is nuts I mean they're hard at work right now just doing even more crazy


things they keep pushing this engine as far as it'll go and then pushing it further it will be mine one day I don't know if that's that's fair Oh God oh there's a spider Damon don't you have it set up for that if it doesn't mean like go to layers no that's part of the quest yeah basically chasing him off he's gonna go and catch him yeah we don't want to catch you you came to buy the city will fall


gather yeah so like fire


hey you charged me did I my apologies I think that did it for that cool then we're gonna follow this path north a little bit make our way across solutions so what are the really cool things oh this there's nothing here but because it's better to even took it what if he doesn't have one of the cool things about about the upcoming alpha one is really getting to see the node system shine I am excited the number of nodes that we will have on the Alpha one map not this map the alpha one map that will be able


to see kind of player agency at at work you know I know alpha zero we had I believe it was four nodes three or four notes that I could develop up to stage three but we're going to have a good number more in alpha one that are going to have some some nice and depth kind of quests quest lines and narratives and systems available and I think a look at the housing it would be cool to have a couple different servers running at the same time I'm not sure if that'll end up happening but to kind of see how things evolve differently on the different lives because we really need to test these systems are they're very very complex and the only way to really test them as that scaled so it's gonna be pretty exciting to see what happens there Steven where you going I was just looking at this crystal but I like the heart to drop in here that's


really cool a little bit area but if we delay the city would fall all right yes it is like it's pulsating it wants me to come help it to the corruption listening to the there's no cooldown on the teleporter just spamming to go flying all right so I think we got to get up to the castle and then we'll get our next updates our final fights you know one thing that continues to amaze you know as as our amazing is really


just seeing the speed at which we're able to get these systems kind of up and running and I think alpha-1 is is really going to be a very pleasant shock to everyone in the community just how much of the game is present and available for testing after such a short period of time I mean I you know I'll admit I'm a fan of some other of some other MMO projects but it's always tough for me to kind of sit by as for five six years go by from there you know from their Kickstarter and I want rooting for them but at the same time it's just like I cannot believe the speed at which we are able to get something out in the players hands yeah I mean it's it's it's definitely the experience for me right like I'm very used to long development times and sort of you know hiding in the hole until everything is finished so


this is definitely unusual but very refreshing experience for me you know it's been cool to see people's reactions in real time it allows us to pivot really quickly when we need to and you know it's also kind of neat because not only have we built a lot of stuff in a really short period of time but we've also have pretty robust systems like I was actually pretty surprised we were able to bring it as much stuff over to this Apoc level as we did you know I knew in theory that it was easy but to actually see it happen it's pretty oh yeah I mean the greatest thing about the Apocalypse standalone is that you know we get players in the world that's like big that's like


I love the prisoner


well guys I hope you enjoyed this little preview of the alpha-1 progress or pre-alpha look at the MMORPG development we will have a lot more going forward towards that alpha one build and we cannot wait to show you guys and see you in-game take care of this alright guys that was a very early look at what's gonna be coming soon for alpha 1 hope you guys like this yes now key points to remember is that obviously UI there is incomplete that's why you didn't see some character health bars very place


also but additionally I saw some comments with regards to fps right and that zone is not optimized for the MMO game toy which is why you saw perhaps some FPS issues there but as we approach alpha 1 that optimization pass gets done you know it'll be in the alpha 1 world same thing as we're doing for apocalypse it's the same process yeah it's actually really interesting to see I mean you know as we show you guys website partner as we show you guys development and we move forward with you know creating these maps and these these worlds you get to see you know Peter myself Jeff we're standing behind we're looking at these FPS from one month to the next it can go from 22 up to 90 right in a matter of literally yep a few days yeah and that's because you know the way the optimization works for us is you know you do feature development and then when you're polishing and are


happy with what you've got exactly then you optimize and that's something that's very important you know to keep in mind when you see FPS fi might look low for early looks like this pre-alpha looks at this it's because that optimization passes you have to be done yeah yeah yeah so we can take some questions we'll kind of do a little extended QA I know sometimes QA for us can be a little bit short because we have a lot of stuff to talk about but since this was an impromptu stream let us spend some more time answering questions if I can find the question channel should be there somewhere let's see here where is it little kids I found it okay let's grow up to near the top first question from guild heart economically will the marketplace have


minimum and maximum Ziff so what are your thoughts on auction houses so we talked a little bit about the auction house system and how that works those are confined to economic node types yep right and then the if and echod if a node reaches a metropolis stage it will connect all of the other nodes auction have economic auction houses as a part of its central hub right right and with regards to minimums and maximums you know we don't really want to kind of put a regulation so to speak on the player's ability to auction off items and whatnot you know what we do want to give however is metric so the players can see what the average pricing has been for a period of time and that way you can determine whether or not price is either too high or too low yeah but again we want the market play the action house the market in general to be its own game to have its own like rule system and have people be able to play those markets and and shunt you know


goods from one place to another because not all markets are created equal and different markets will want different things so so it's a big part that part is a big part of our economic model for this game another question for mr. Abney or M Rove knee can we keep friendly fire so we don't want to keep friendly fire no however you know the flagging system does allow for players to initiate combat with other players but what we what you didn't see in this playthrough was a system that will be in place which is basically an alliance flag system so you know if you're a part of a guild if you're in a party if you're in a raid if you're a member of a family let's say the opportunity to participate in those flagging fights will be disabled you won't be able to have AO ease that impact that you want and it would do some interesting things for like the mass combat but most of those things would probably be negative right so that's a key point a lot of our combat systems in the way that PvP interacts in


the world is open wound so people get to participate in either you know castle sieges node sieges caravans guild war stuff like that and we want to make sure that we're not hindering certain classes that are predominantly AoE from being able to actually use their stuff or Mindy exactly okay question from Gill party yet you mentioned potion launchers last time and we saw an iteration of it in testing will we be able to switch out ammo or potions types for fire explosions ice explosions poisons yeah so part of you know part of what we have planned in Apocalypse at least later on as we as we implement new features for the MMO and if it translate over into apocalypse would be to have different explosive types that are present and it's actually part of the potion launch weapon right now it's got an alt fire that does a nice potion so well you know as we grow that that weapon it will also


get other types and that kind of plays into the augment system in a way right you know you have a basic functionality that's present on either a quote-unquote weapon in Apocalypse or perhaps a skill that would be in the MMORPG and as you apply these augments you can have an elemental typed augment there could be either fire or different elements that you might want to see or other effects that would happen for specifically at least 'we pock asks interpret is why do all the male costumes look feminine I don't think they look feminine look at all the other collars that flare up do we have any more mainland costumes so it's important to note that the cosmetics and their costumes that you're seeing now are related to our production schedule and we really started working on the kale are the human the alien the empyrion the period the elvish writing the armors now so you know all those swoopy curves and right I'm sure there's a particular content creator among you who might like to hear the term feminine


applied to those male Cosmetics but really it's just the elegance that the elves have or the females have excuse nothing mostly humans have with relationship to the armors that are present currently in the game that elegance can sometime be maybe maybe misconstrued question from Jay kook oops you say the map will be 480 squared kilometers that is very large I expect it to take a long time to put in enough content in it to prevent certain areas from being dead with nothing to do will you change areas in the world as you update the game so chance that last part of the question yes areas will change as we release updates obviously that is something that's important to us we want to make sure that you know we provide in the map in the world itself a visual change with these updates that relate to their content we're introduced and


whatnot but a lot of it has to do with how nodes are built right so 480 square kilometers is a lot of space it had definitely a lot of space but there's a lot of nodes and opportunities in that wilderness for players to kind of go out and discover new story arcs but right to discover new content that's present there and the way that our content gets revealed is through building up those nodes so that's a mixture of both curated and procedural content right talk a little bit about that oh yeah I mean it's it's for to me I was more worried that people would say that's small it's it's it is definitely large but it's not it's so large that we can't fill it with content yes we are all MMO here and we know how to fill the world with with things that are meaningful and and then people can engage in the note system takes care of a lot of that but also we need there to be enough space for there to be variation among these different types of notes and also to make travel kind of this meaningful in terms of you know where resources are which which cities pop up on which servers and like how the world develops


if we have a very small constrained space then the number of like variations that we have there are pretty constrained too so again not too worried about filling that space with content it's it's it's a very doable space I wouldn't worry about that next question from khatai in terms to is how much better will the FPS get at the MMO testing because in the VR right now the FPS is a little hard to deal with so there's a couple of things that have to do with the current testing of apocalypse right now we're still we still have some optimization passes that were being done yesterday the day before that should be present in this weekend's build and it looks very good for example I think on one of our low spec machines we were seeing up 290 FPS particularly in the village and city areas with some of the changes that we've recently made additionally the scalability settings you know setting from epic to high medium and low those were not current there were those were not present in previous tests we only allowed you to bring the scalability down to I believe it was a high medium yeah we've actually


enabled those settings now moving forward in the next build I'm probably next this weekend to where you can actually scale settings down to a low setting spec and that will help a lot with lower end machines so FPS FPS is obviously I mean the graphical fidelity as president the in ashes of creation is is is stunning it is a beautiful game to play and I really I'm a big fan of the aesthetics of a world I believe it aids in the immersion of you know feeling like you're a part of something in that world but at the same time we do want to make sure that a large portion of the community gets to play this so unreal is really good at having those tools to scale right downward to accommodate lower spec machines okay question but Baba whoops okay that's that let's go down to chromic hey guys great job


thanks croquet my question is when we see mounts not those from the BR mode but like proper mounts on ground the mounts will probably be part of the apocalypse castle siege update yeah hopefully yeah we're will see where we'll be implementing those ground mounts and the idea behind the ground mounts at least from a from a br perspective the ground mounts will act as a utility item that you can some of the mount and your hip box becomes that of the entire amount and yourself and upon taking damage will decrease the amount of time that you have available for that amount to be present they can kind of get you across the map quickly for whatever events might be in the map or whatever they can also be used in the castle sieges and then obviously you know the use in the MMORPG angelos I didn't even think about that so agile os-- asks are you trying to get rid of


us with that discarding fates hand quest name okay because their guild name is but I already had your elf ears made good okay okay let's see question frog let's do let's scroll don't know if we'll get there all through all these but let's go down a little bit and grab somebody a little middle of the pack we will answer a question from green buddy 8:31 is question going to be part of the experience or are we going to face roll through it to get to the end game content there should be no face rolling yes should be no face roller face questing will definitely be a part of it questing will affect you whether or not you participate in the quest system so probably a good idea to take part in it so you can have your voice known right also our philosophy on any game there is no end game that's right yes the game is


the game the game is a game right the idea behind why the how the node system interacts with the world and questing and all the features that are present for you to participate in is that you really don't reach necessarily an end game what you reach is the ability to continue to mold the world in different ways and experience different things and and continue to like exert your power and and you know yourself yeah okay question from penny is there a more up-to-date timeline on alpha 1 phase 2 alpha 2 and Beyond the moment as we approach alpha 1 we will update our timeline probably at our next event which we will announce soon and you will see an update to the timeline then mmm ok question from truth eternal what is a trade agreement and how many can you have oh I don't know if I could tell you


how many I don't think there's a limit to it right now I mean obviously we'll have to put some some controls and do it right I believe we originally spoke about how trade agreements the limits will be determined by first stage so depending on what stage of development the note is grants an additional trade agreement potential right and then additionally should the direction of the the citizens and the mayor dictate that certain building types get built up you can augment that extra sponsors yes but in any case trade agreements are agreements between one note in another node basically they exchange goods and both both parties profit from right and and the abilities and accessibility z' of the citizens within those nodes to certain items and/or crafting materials or crafting times or blueprints that you might have or available quest or rewards all of those get influenced by the types of trade agreements you have the culture of the other node and you have the trade agreement with and


then additionally those trade agreements spawn regular intervals of npc caravans that the citizens are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of goods as a part of that agreement and those are are timed and declared to the citizens and it's also like a nice lever for a mayor if they want to lower their taxes if they get really aggressive in trade agreements then they can kind of have that flexibility exactly in addition to granting additional funding for the node itself so that they have more funding to work with yeah okay next question so can a landlocked node have access to shipbuilding broader question will it be so notes don't exactly have quote-unquote access to shipbuilding what they do however is they can connect with docks that are available for building on the coastline right depending on the proximity of that node


to the coast determines whether or not their hooks of NPC development or or trade agreements from across the ocean exactly and then those docks can grant specific capabilities and/or systems present for players who wish to ship build brick and and explore the ocean but yeah you're not locked out of shipbuilding if you I mean you have to water to launch the ship but you can you can read about the Flying Dutchman believe that one off okay all right next question question from question from will there be will there be UI for apocalypse yes that would be UI for apocalypse Thank You Angela okay from deck stuff mm-hmm how much importance do you give to


player interaction and can you give us an example of interaction systems that you are proud of player interactions okay so we give a lot of importance to that we think that obviously community is one of our pillars and we want to give people lots of ways to interact in ways that are kind of mechanically meaningful not just not just like you know you guys talk to each other and have some role-playing sections right but you know so our crafting system is kind of built around that there's interdependencies between different types of crafters they have to work together in order to really build some of the more high-end stuff there are our kind of social areas social areas can give you mechanical benefits if you spend time in them they give you mechanical benefits if you interact with the different systems that are involved there like playing cards or playing dart games or things like that and the business system right by the way that players can create these taverns and or


just open up your own shop right exact things that you can do and those are all like mechanically meaningful things that you are doing for yourself right absolutely okay question from khatai in some mmo's the movement feels so sharp that i get a headache after a few hours well the movement gets smoother than what it already is absolutely sube is talking about animation I don't know animation or play where location one of the both of those are going to get yeah yeah yeah technically yeah so as we as we continue forward with animations basically just so you guys are aware the way that we we approach animation is you know here we have these lists of animations that need to get done we have spell effects we have weapon attacks we have emotes movement all bunch of animations now there's a philosophy behind how you approach that type of production right you go through and you do a first pass you go through and you do a second pass


you do a third pass and a fourth that's right and you're continually polishing these things yeah so right now you know it's not like you you take okay I'm gonna take my weapon attack and I'm going to take that to its polish end before I get to the next animation Brabham we would still be able to still be aren't exactly so the idea behind how animation and even art in general everything this is all an iterative process not iterative in the sense that you know we produce a final product and say okay what do we need to change about it but iterative in the sense that we go through those first second third fourth passes until we get to the polish stage and part of that is technology - like we are we're still working on our sort of animation engine that continues to get better and you know all these things have a lot of parts to interact necessarily see it the the user end yeah but yeah so as as we get more hooks as we get more code support right as we get all the stuff all these things kind of get smoothed out and the great thing about you know intrepid here is that we have an amazing animation team it's really they're they're really good very talented individuals the games that they've worked on previously that many


of you guys have played are our top notch animation and ashes of creation we'll have some of the best animations that you've ever seen in an MMO yeah so that is something that is is without doubt oh and then the last thing there is a player replication that's that's basically when you're moving and you tell the server you're moving and the server tells another player that that person is moving and you give them exactly and you get to you know the server you kind of get these interpolations on okay is it gonna move here and if you take a quick turn the server has to adjust that kind of thing you know those things are always also being worked on in progress as well an MMO is a very specific beast of that replication a lot of push-pull there right the more data you send the the kind of less things you can do right the slower things get so we have to be really efficient about all those and we also want to have you know varying states to accommodate the number of players we intend to have on screen that you're having to see replication before right and you know if necessary as these battles might reach you know 500 plus


players around a castle we might need to you know call some of those players that you're seeing and also I think this is just a part of the process right you might notice that like other videos didn't actually show that kind of problem well that's because we continue to kind of it's it's a that push-pull really does happen so we figure out some things some optimizations we can do we bump up the tick rate we break some stuff we adds a lot of complexity to it that that that tick rate goes down so it's kind of like this peaks and troughs kind of thing as we move forward we get better at one thing now we have to adjust something to get catch up to that so that's why you think that yes mm-hmm okay a question from Mizzou will we be able to use fishing nets that shouldn't be part of it yeah yeah absolutely yep off a ship yes fishing nets off the ship or just like standing out in your you know ankle high water and throw it at you know Guppies that you can go fishing with yep right as bait that's


hey leave the Guppies alone okay do you plan on making every NDC yeah yeah yeah never feel bad about no it's it's probably not I would like to have some kind of response for every NPC but that is a lot of work and so our focus will be on making our important quest giving NPCs the most gregarious kind of


people and then we'll go down from there if we get a chance to get to all the NPC's and give everybody kind of a reaction state what I'd love to do that but that would depend on time her ami asks could you please change the color of the names for enemy so they don't seem like players yes they will be different colors but again our UI that you just saw is placeholder and in conducted oh yes oh that's Duffield well yes okay question from cheese how any depth will the stock market system be fairly in depth it's a good answer yes fairly in depth okay so I mean we've talked about this before there's there's there's great you know wiki's out there to kind of go over the stock market but um you know the way it works is you have events that are in the world right and then you have organizations that hold stock and the way those organizations


react and/or perform or exist in the world with relation to specific events that that create performance indicators for those organizations determines the stocks rise or fall additionally you have you have a cap to the amount of shares that are available within a particular stock and that cap can be increased or decreased by the amount of assets that that particular organization holds the assets can be relation to a particular gear it could be in relation to Guildhall relation to the no development and specific center buildings and basically as you as the player are kind of participating over the lifespan of a said organization in relation to those events and or assets determines the dividends that you're paid on stock you may hold or the ability for you to sell


and recapitalize so it's it's a fairly in-depth system it's a you know part of what we've described as these Etsy systems sorry part of what we've described as these systems obviously is is our desire for these paths of progression and/or gameplay gameplay to be viable within their realm so the stock market exists within an economic area of the game you know the crafting tree is not the only thing that can participate in this economic area if you are an intelligent investor and shareholder or an individual who follows these stocks you can perform very well in the economic aspect again and also I think it adds a really cool social dimension to the guild system in that it causes a


different kind of conflicts right between players and between guilds and kind of changes the relationship not only is it just you know a group of people who try to succeed at something in the game but now it's also you know other people have stake in your guild you know yeah Mephisto asks is the monster difficulty based on level Slash's ohm or does it scale with your levels so monsters don't scale with your level however zones do exist and they scale with the level of the notes right and that's scaling up and down right correct so basically as these as these spawners exist throughout the world for NPCs to exist each each zone of influence let's say has a predetermined denomination of monster levels types and rewards right and those tables adjust to the development of the surrounding area


which is through the node system so if in areas in the wilderness and it is in the near the starter starting zones you will see you know perhaps a spread of monster levels between you know 25% is 1 through 5 25% is 6 through 8 you know and so on and so forth when the node advances to the next stage the lower ends might get smaller and the higher ends might get bigger if it advances enough you may add a new denomination of levels that are present and that's how the world kind of moves around what the players are doing because those deep dark enemies are drawn to the development and it's also we're doing it smartly - it's not just with percentages and kind of like pockets right we have a sense of where the roads are we have a sense of you know what is close to city was far away from the city so like those those kind of gradations of levels kind


of exist within that schema so you know when you're walking on the road the road is a relatively safer place when you're really close to the walls the city it's a relatively safer place you know we want low level people to be a little participate in the stuff and we need a way to get from point A to point B without getting blocked immediately so you know that's part of it - yes absolutely ok I think we have time for one more question so try to find a big one let us see who has a good question oh oh no I think we had a forum thread maybe well we'll get more forum questions next time all right so a question from let's do a question from that's from who from who who shall it be let's do JEP you pay Oh God


well he doesn't delegate you well done let me find the most offensive namely and forever finest I'm looking for it I'm looking for right now hey let's see well you're finding a question let's answer this one how I end up well the stock market be training ok listen to pick one right this is from Xander since training between people is allowed how you deal with gold sellers BOTS there's no mo out there that gold soldiers haven't flooded it destroyed its cognate to this question I reiterate ok so basically we have a some really cool technology behind sort of our Bop


detection and so seller detection in terms of that because it's a subscription-based game and because we have really good fraud protection a there's a there's kind of a big barrier to entry to kind of the spam of the gold sellers of obviously people will get beyond that but in that case we have behavioral metrics that we keep track of when somebody's acting in the manner of a gold tone we detect them in the game so it's a lot of really active really quick it's like real-time stuff so you know at the moment the gold seller opens their mouth we will see them and do something okay here's a good one are there going to be trade hazards such as the Kraken at sea kraken it's our cage Kraken right well yeah okay the Kraken is oh but yes there was he wasn't necessarily in our cage I don't think he was necessarily it unless you weren't paying attention which did happen to me I think the first time real quick we had like 20 packs on a boat and it was like the very first first week it was probably the first ever merchant ship that was filled with packs in that game and we managed to get it and we were like taking it to the center island and


I didn't even I don't think I even knew the Kraken existed or something and we were just driving and this tentacle comes out of the water and just slams the merchant shit and it breaks in half and all the packs fell beneath the crackin and we spent like three hours my guild trying to get those back but every time I got close to when the crack would come to kill us it was great it was fun but those types of interactions are awesome yes they are and those hazards can create really fun fluid dynamic events that you know stick in your memory like I just recited right so yes there will be hazards they won't necessarily evolve around player driven caravans as much they may but they will be present in for example the trade agreements the trade agreements will spawn these NPC caravans that go between the nodes and it'll be on the players to participate in to the end those specific things they're still and also we have


the idea of bandits and then we also have just no defense in general and no defense in general can affect things like caravans and that that may mean that you know Sorrows hunger comes out of his his thing he's like you know what I don't like caravans today and I'm gonna go attack as many of them as I can until somebody stops me so that's kind of the idea there so yes there will be things along those lines mm-hmm well guys that is all we have for you today we hope that you enjoyed a early look at what alpha 1 and the MMORPG development is currently that we look for we will be announcing the next stream probably will do another stream in about a couple of weeks or maybe three weeks I would say right after the holidays yeah just to catch you guys up to date and whatnot we appreciate you guys for follow so much and staying tuned for what's to come and we cannot wait to see you in-game everybody have a great day have a good one