2018-2019 Percussion Band Placements

Symphonic Band

Concert 1

Concert 2

Chamber Winds

Tim Haigh

Dominick Hernandez

Charlie Dentzman

Wyatt Srock

Jim Wilborn

Alex Green

Andrew Windham

Devon Ruff

Anna Li Lewis

James Pagano

Kyra Thompson

Brendan Pastor

David Robinson

Cecilia Ollis

Joey Allee

John Robinson*

Cooper Norman

JH Leigh

Matt Ianuzzi


Wyatt McGrath

Maggie Packard

Matthew Dorfner


Maddox Allen

Emily Jackson

Ellison Willingham

John Robinson

Athan Peppard

Lukas Froehler

A few words of advice: These placements are from a snapshot of how each player was playing at one given time.  If you did better than you thought, good for you.  If you didn’t do as well as you thought, don’t take it as an attack on you personally, but as an opportunity for guided future growth.  If you didn’t prepare enough, then hopefully you will learn from this as well.  Lastly, know that each of these 4 bands will all create wonderful music, and take your placement as an opportunity to add to that sound.

These placements are based solely on overall scores of the November 26th audition, in order of total scores, while also taking into account those who performed the Symphonic Band portion of the audition.  Parts will be assigned by Mr. Handel as soon as parts are made available.  Challenges for positions in Concert 1, Concert 2, and Chamber winds will be part of the All-Region Auditions in January.

*Additional Percussionists For Kaleidoscope Concert