Divine Saviour & St. Ann


Laudate pueri Dominum laudate nomen Domini - Ps. 112.1

12 May 2019

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Throughout Easter Time, the Church rejoices with Jesus, risen from the dead. Our readings on this Fourth Sunday of Easter celebrate our instinct to come together in joy, worshiping in church. While private prayer nourishes our individual relationship with the Lord, community prayer is a foretaste of paradise. The book of Revelation depicts a “great multitude” worshiping God “day and night in his temple.” Our churches on Easter Sunday often reflect this happy multitude, filling the pews to bursting. Four Sundays into the festive season, we are encouraged to keep praising God together. In the Acts of the Apostles, Paul and Barnabas demonstrate their instinct to worship with their faith community each Sabbath, dutifully taking their seats in the synagogue. In the Gospel, Jesus calls us his sheep and reminds us why coming together as a flock is so important: uniting in community, we imitate the unity of God.

ADLA Capital Campaign

Thank you for supporting the future of Faith and Church

Parish Goal

Pledges Total

Amount Paid

Amount Pledged

Divine Saviour $435,000



$ 737,442

Saint Ann $135,000




Together in Mission 2019 

Thank you for the love and support you show to your parish

Parish Goal

Paid to Date

Divine Saviour           $27,200


Saint Ann                   $ 12,300



Divine Saviour Church

Parish Events: 2911 Idell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Saint Ann Church

Parish Events: 1365 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Divine Saviour School

School Events: 624 Cypress Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065

*Thursday, May 16th: Shakey’s Pizza Night. Please join us on our last pizza night of the school year. Students that participate in this event will have free dress on Monday, May 20.

*8th Grade Graduation Trip: On May 21, our 8th grade students are going to go to Knott’s Berry Farm as their Graduation Trip.

*First Annual Musical Drama Production: Please join us May 24th-26th for our First Annual Musical. Tickets are available for purchase in the school office.

*Financial Literacy Meeting: On Tuesday, May 21st we will have a financial literacy night on campus in the ⅚ classroom at 6:30pm. We are blessed to have experts in this field from OneWest Bank come and speak to families about this important matter. Families who attend will receive free dress passes for their students on Wednesday, May 22nd.

*Memorial Day: On May 27, there will be no classes in observance of Memorial Day.

*Bingo: Next year we are scheduling Bingo differently. To ensure that we have enough volunteers for each Bingo, families can sign up for bingos per date instead being assigned by month. Each family is required to sign up for two bingos per student enrolled in our school. If you are receiving financial aid from the school, you have been asked to do additional from the school, you have been asked to do additional bingos (this is listed in your contract). Please sign up for the required number of bingos. Please note that this is a serious obligation as all families receive aid from the bingos. We need up to ten volunteers per night.

*Finances: Please be on time with your financial obligations we greatly appreciate it since it is the end of the school year. Please keep in mind that students may not start the new school year 2019-2020 with a 2018-2019 school year balance.

*Summer School: We are proud to offer two summer school programs at Divine Saviour this summer. The first program will be put on by Mrs. Abad and will run from June 10th through June 28th. The cost of this program is $225 and all students are welcome, even high school students. The second program we are offering is a traditional summer school including academic and enrichment courses. This program will start with mass at 8am and run until 3pm. There are half day and full day options with half day costing $150 and full day costing $250. There is also a $25 registration fee per child which is due June 14th. It is important that families pay their registration fees by June 14th so that we can secure teachers for this summer.

*Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is open. If you are interested in registering your child please stop by the school office (no appointment necessary) or call the office at 323-222-6077 to speak to Mr. Carvalho, principal.

DSSA Religious Education

Religious Education office: 2911 Idell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90095

*Confirmation Sponsors: Paperwork is due to Religious Education Office

*2ND Year Confirmation Students: March 30th from 9:30am-5:45pm

Registrations for 2018-2019 are Closed.

Parents are welcome to attend Faith Formation Parents every Tuesday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7pm, Saturday 9am and 11am.


Divine Saviour Bingo to benefit school

 2911 Idell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Join us every Friday night for Divine Saviour Bingo!

Doors open at 5pm. 

First time players receive a free main game with the purchase of their buy-in. Anyone who recommends a first-time player will also receive a free main game. For more information please consult the bingo manager or visit our website dssala.org/bingo.

Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers for their continued support. If you’re interested in volunteering please send us an email at  bingo@dssala.org.

DS Sunday Announcements

  1. Every Friday, we have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 9am until 5pm. All are invited.
  2. We have begun are Called to renew campaign. We will have our commitment weekend for all parishioners that have not had an opportunity to sign up on the weekend of December 1st and 2nd. If you are already prepared to make your commitment please contact the office to set up an appointment or speak to Father Albert to sign up.
  3. If you are a registered parishioner and would like to receive your 2018 Donation letter. You may now request them in the parish office. IF you are not a registered parishioner but would like to register in the parish. Please visit the parish office for more information.

SA Sunday Announcements

  1. Please join us for bible study on Mondays in the Hall from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary, no need to bring a Bible.
  2. If you are a registered parishioner and would like to receive your 2018 Donation letter. You may now request them in the parish office. IF you are not a registered parishioner but would like to register in the parish. Please visit the parish office for more information.


Important Information and Continuing Events

in the Archdiocese

  1. EPISCOPAL ORDINATION OF MOST REVEREND ALEX ACLAN on Thursday afternoon, May 16th at 2:00 pm at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Attendance at the Ordination is by ticket only. (10) tickets available for parishioners who would like to attend this special liturgical celebration. Please contact the office.


Divine Saviour Church & St. Ann Church

Los Angeles, California