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Syllabus Addendum

School Year 2018-2019

Today’s Date: February 5, 2019

From Ms. Pope

Middle School Science

Taft 7-12, Lincoln City, Oregon

Dear Parents:

Most of my students have had my class for a full semester now. I am raising the academic stakes, getting 8th graders ready for 9th grade and 7th graders ready for 8th. In order to be successful academically, students need to R.O.C.K.--be responsible, organized, cooperative, and kind. To build student engagement in and advocacy for their own learning and success, I am instituting the following changes to my syllabus for school year 2018-2019, starting February 5, 2019.

Late Work Policy

Any assignment not turned in during the period it is due is considered late. Students who are absent get an extra day for each day absent. It is up to them to advocate for themselves and contact the teacher about late work before or after school or at lunch on the day they return. Any assignment turned in late is worth ½ credit up to the last day of a 6 week period.

Test Retakes:

Students are allowed to use notes on tests so I do not allow retakes. It is up to them to make sure they get notes when they are absent. It is also the student’s responsibility to be on task during class and take notes in a manner that is legible and clear to them. Science notes are published on the science website at, Pope Science. Notes are located with the weekly agenda for the date to be accessed.

Behavior Policy

Some students are choosing to socialize or find other ways to be off task during class time, so they are not getting their work done in a timely manner. While I will continue to use positive reinforcement and refocusing to correct and help students change behaviors that do not belong in a classroom setting,  I will also institute a new discipline policy. I will approach the student misbehaving and will do the following as respectfully as possible:  

  1. 1st offense is a warning: a student’s behavior will be named and their name written on the board and in a log book
  2. 2nd offense, same period,  is a parent contact: a student’s behavior will be named and they will get a check mark after their name on the board and in the log book
  3. 3rd offense, same period, is a discipline referral: a student’s behavior will be named and they will get two checks and a referral

In this way, the teacher, student and parents have a record of what happens in class.

Parent conferences will be requested for students who continue to misbehave.

Homework and Test Points:

It is my goal to have a safe and calm learning environment in which students can feel comfortable working, learning, and talking science!


Vicki Pope

Middle School Science

I have read and understand this syllabus addendum.

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