The Parish of Christ Church, Chatburn

Annual Report of the

Parochial Church Council

for the year ended 31st December 2017

Priest-in-Charge: Revd. Andy Froud MA, M.Phil.

The Vicarage, Church Street, Clitheroe, BB7 2DD

Our Annual General Meeting is open to everyone on our Electoral Roll and to our licensed clergy. It is also open to all who wish to know more about our church activities over the past year, our care of the building and our plans for the future.


The Electoral Roll, as presented to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, is

64 persons of whom 22 are non-resident in the parish.

The Parish Church of Christ Church, Chatburn

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 15th April 2018 at 12 noon


The meeting will open with prayer.                      Revd Andy Froud Priest-in-charge

1.        To elect two persons to act as churchwardens for the coming year.

2.        Any other business.


Apologies for absence.

1.         To receive a report on the numbers entered on the revised electoral roll.

2.        To receive the annual report of the Priest-in –Charge.          Report attached

              To receive the report of the proceedings of the parochial church council and

        the activities of the parish generally.                                     Report attached

3.         To receive the financial statements of the parochial church council for the   year ending 31st December 2016.

4.        To receive a report upon the fabric, goods and ornaments of the church.

                                                                                                       Report attached

5.    To receive a report on the proceeding of the Whalley Deanery Synod.

                                                                                                      Report attached

6.    To elect two parochial representatives to the Deanery Synod.

7     To elect parochial representatives of the laity to the parochial church council.

8.    To appoint sidespeople for the forthcoming year.

9.    To appoint the independent examiner for a term of office ending at the close of the next annual meeting.

10.   Any other business relating to parochial church council business or of general church interest.


Members of the PCC are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual Parochial Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representative Rules. Co-opted members of the laity must seek re-election at the next AGM.

Priest-in-Charge                        The Revd. Andy Froud                                Chairman

Co-opted                                 The Revd Anne Hardacre

Wardens:                                Daphne Porter                Valerie Mewis        

Representatives on the Deanery Synod        2018

                                        Ena Douglas

                                        Howard Douglas also Honorary Treasurer


2017 – 2020                                        Barbara Greenwood

2017 – 2020                                             Arthur Hodgson

2017 – 2020                                         Gary Scott

2017 – 2020                                        Estelle Bolton

Co-opted 2017 - 2018        Clive Greenwood

2015 – 2018                                        Peter Craig

2015 – 2018                                        Ron McLone

2015 – 2018                                        Margaret Jackson Electoral Roll & Vice Chair

2016 – 2019                                        Annette Dugdale Honorary Secretary

2016 – 2019                                        Robin Atkinson        

The following people have resigned from the PCC Margaret Jackson and Ron McLone


Although we no longer have a Vision Champion following Ena’s resignation, I believe that many people are still doing the work of growing this church. It is particularly encouraging to see the number of young families coming to worship here. The restarting of the Christ Church Sunday School as a Sunday Club after many years in abeyance is a great step forwards and again our thanks are due to Rachel Wells and everyone who helps to welcome children and their families to Christ Church

We worship regularly on Sunday at 11 am and have enjoyed many enriching times of worship together. Sadly last year we had to bid farewell to our regular organist, Robert Tatersall and his wife Pam as they have moved to be closer to their grandchildren. We have yet to appoint a permanent organist and so are indebted to our team of organists who fill the rota until we can make a permanent appointment.

It was also sad to say farewell to Geoffrey Hitchen, a lovely man and a very talented musician. We have been, along with many other churches and voluntary organisations in this area, greatly blessed by Geoffrey: may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

We also worship together on a Tuesday morning at 10.00am  with a Communion Service preceded by prayers in the vestry and followed by tea, coffee and toast. At 3.00pm we welcome pre-school children and their parents and carers and now a group from Chatburn Preschool for Play and Pray, a short act of worship followed by refreshments. Thanks to everyone who provides these refreshments both at these mid-week services and on Sunday. We are really grateful to Helen Stratton and her team at the preschool for supporting this service, The children who join us are truly delightful and a real credit to their parents and the preschool. I was delighted to receive an offer to go on holiday with one of the children but, no doubt to the relief of his parents, I politely declined.

We now have regular monthly school services in church on the first Monday of the month: please support these if you can Mrs Emma Gardiner, the staff and children lead the prayers, worship and singing. The school takes part in worship around the Christian year

We are sorry to have lost Revd Brian Whitley to Durham Diocese and we wish him and Brenda every blessing in his new ministry. Alfred Graham, Anne Hardacre and David Mewis continue to help in leading our worship and I know that we are all very grateful for the way they give so freely and generously of their time to support the mission and ministry of Christ Church.

In November Chatburn hosted again a Service of Thanksgiving for Loved Ones remembering all those who have died. Thanks to everyone who helped welcome and support those who have been bereaved.

We continue to promote the church as a wedding venue and many of you will see the leaflets that Clive Greenwood has produced and helped to distribute around the area.

Once again with Chatburn Methodist we have helped to host a children’s holiday club and have hosted a number of “Messy Churches” from September’s Harvest theme to Advent and Mothering Sunday. We are grateful to all the adult helpers who have provided activities who come mainly, but not entirely, from Chatburn School to join in. Messy Church is an international initiative and forms part of our Vision 2026 strategy.

We continue to host regular soup lunches and charity coffee mornings as part of our outreach to the community. These would not, course be possible without the hard work and dedication of our church members who are prepared to work so tirelessly to welcome others to this church.

Thanks to everyone who maintains and helps clean this lovely church building.

Thanks, above all to everyone who works so hard to make Christ Church such a warm and welcoming place to visit and to worship. There are simply too many people to thank but, of course I must thank our churchwardens, Val Mewis and Daphne Porter for all their dedicated hard work over the last twelve months.  I would like to particularly thank them and  everyone else who has contributed to this report - it gives a good flavour of an active and lively church working towards Vision 2026

                                                                                       Revd Andy Froud.


by Daphne Porter & Valerie Mewis

As churchwardens we are custodians of our church, its buildings and its contents. We are bishop’s officers, and ex-officio members of the P.C.C. and we try to be involved in all aspects of the life of the church supporting our priest-in-charge in the whole mission of the church pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

We have a care, alongside the priest-in-charge, for those who regularly gather to worship and are pleased to welcome those who visit us less frequently as well as occasional visitors. We, along with others, see that the church is open daily and available for prayer and quiet reflection. We also see that the church is ready for worship.

In May 2017 our church underwent a Quinquennial Inspection. This means a qualified architect came and inspected all aspects of the our church building from the weather vane, to drainpipes, windows to woodwork and everything in-between.

We have undertake essential repairs to the spire and roof so we are now safe, weatherproof and as watertight as we can be.

We have a created a new grave plan checking and counter checking against church records all those interred in our churchyard. The safety to members of the public using the churchyard is of great importance and we have checked the security of each memorial and detailed certain gravestones which need urgent attention for public safety. This we hope to do as a matter of urgency.

We will need to look at the interior of our church and prioritise what still needs doing. All this takes time and money and all jobs require the necessary approval by the diocese. Certain work needs to be overseen by our church architect.

We have tried to encourage the social life of the church for our own church family to meet and enjoy themselves together. We organised a very successful Book Fair over two days and raised a considerable amount of money for the church.

At Harvest we held a Harvest Supper which was well attended and the Pea and Pie supper was appreciated. The church was decorated with the theme “Harvest around the world” . Our church school, pre-school and the Manor House all came to help to do displays. A Fairtrade stall was available over our weekend for people to buy goods.

Charities that the church has supported over the year are the Children’s’ Society, Leprosy Mission, Church Missionary Society, the Church Army, Shoe box for Children abroad, the Royal British Legion and the Ribble Valley Food Bank.

At the beginning of Advent Mary and Joseph once again made their Posada Journey around the homes of our parish. This time visiting many new families. Our crib figures came back to church on Christmas Eve to be part of the Christingle Service.

On Shrove Tuesday evening we had a Pancake Social. This again brought in new families that have not joined us before. We thank you for your prayerful support and all that you do to help in making Christ Church what it is.




by Annette Dugdale

The Chairman of the PCC, who is Revd. Andy Froud our Priest-in-Charge. Revd. Anne Hardacre and Clive Greenwood are both co-opted members. There are currently 14 members of the Parochial Church Council including two Deanery Synod members who are ex-officio members and one co-opted member added through the year. The Vice Chair and Electoral Roll Officer is Margaret Jackson. During the year four members have relinquished their places.

The PCC has met on 7 occasions and the Standing Committee three times.

The following have been discussed:



by Howard and Ena Douglas

Blackburn Diocese is divided into Deaneries and every Deanery has a Synod Meeting of members, elected by the P.C.C. of their own church. Christ Church, Chatburn, is in The Deanery of Whalley and, as such, can elect two members of the P.C.C. to attend The Deanery Synod.There are three meetings a year in different churches & venues around the Diocese. Ena and Howard Douglas are The Deanery Synod Representatives of Christ Church Chatburn.  Lay Members of each Deanery Synod can be elected to attend Blackburn  Diocesan Synod, which meets three times a year. Ena Douglas is an elected lay representative of Blackburn Diocesan Synod.

Christ Church Parishioners and members of the P.C.C. can refer to the minutes of The Deanery and of Blackburn Diocesan Synods, which are available at the back of the Church and on the website - or

Deanery Synod Meeting June 15th

2017 at Ribchester Village Hall.

Ex -Officio Members of The Standing Committee were elected as follows:-

David Holt - ( Lay Chair) Miles Leadbeater ( Treasurer) Peter Shepherd (Secretary) .The lay members elected were Linda Leadbeater, Karina Lancaster and Carol Milne. Clergy members elected were Martin Duerden, Fiona Jenkins and Andy Froud. A discussion followed and topics were suggested for future meetings. It was suggested that we should seek inspirational speakers and that the parish profiles should be continued so we may learn from each other.

Deanery Synod October 9th 2017 at St James Church, Clitheroe.

The Parish Focus was presented by St. Bartholomew, Great Harwood.

The focus of The Synod was to explore how Parishes via The Deanery could pass  their concerns upwards to General Synod, which would have influence on government. Ian Fletcher, previously lay chair of the Airedale Synod of Bradford Diocese and a former member of the General Synod explained how their concerns had been taken to General Synod, which had to respond. In particular, they passed a resolution regarding the so- called BedroomTax, which called on the government to rethink.

Report from Diocesan Synod.(Colin Penfold)

“Diocesan Synod met at the cathedral on Saturday 15th July. The meeting was an abbreviated one in view of Bishop Geoff’s Farewell Service later that morning. In his unscheduled Presidential address the Bishop commented on the recent General Synod and reiterated his position on the two sexuality- related motions which had been passed with very widespread support.

The formal business was to receive the Annual Reports and Financial Statements of theDBF and DBE.”

Deanery Synod 6th February 2018 at Mytton Fold Hotel.

The Area Dean (Colin Penfold ) outlined possibilities for future meetings. A skills audit is to be organised. Craig Abbot led a session on vocations, inviting members to go back to parishes and consider who might be being called to specific Christian ministries; important to recognise context of declining numbers of both congregations and clergy; not just vocations to ordination but to other forms of ministry; which comes first- vocation or involvement? Particularly important in childhood; God calls to work both inside and outside the church - the latter should not be neglected. We do need ordinands and leaders. Craig showed a video of Hannah’s work - available at

God calls all to something. Which has the most impact?- sermons or people?

Craig explained the process of discernment (on website) for both lay and ordained ministry.

A presentation was made to the Area Dean on his retirement.

The Work of a Pastoral Assistant at Christ Church, Chatburn. 

by Ena Douglas.

Pastoral Assistant, Christ Church, Chatburn


The work of a Pastoral Assistant varies in different churches and depends upon how much Pastoral Care is delegated by The Priest in Charge and upon the co-operation and communication of the leadership team and the congregation.


 Visits have  included the administration of  Home Communions, for which I have the Bishop's formal permission and also Manor House monthly Holy Communion assistance. Pastoral visits have included visits,  following bereavement and serious illness, preparation for Baptism, invitations to Messy Church and Mission Events, as well as encouraging members of the Community to come to The Soup Lunches, The Film nights and The Concerts which  take place here. I work with the families of Chatburn School, where I am a Foundation Governor and hear children read every Friday morning, which brings me into contact with children, staff, teaching and non-teaching,  and the  parents of Chatburn School.


The Prayer Tree continues to be available in the Prayer Lounge at the rear of the church, where any one is welcome to write their own prayers and to take time out to pray, to browse through the books and to reflect upon the prayer prompts surrounding them. Mrs Hall, from Chatburn school, comes into Church regularly to pray there with myself & our Assistant Warden, Estelle  Bolton. Mrs Hall works with the children to write prayers for the Prayer Tree and brings creative display  work to put up in  the church.  In this way a vital link between the work of Chatburn School and Christ Church is maintained.

Tuesday Morning Prayer Time 9-30 am prior to Holy Communion 10 a.m.

This time has been set  aside,  following The Bishop's Vision Course, which took place in Christ Church in 2016.The views of the congregation were expressed and reported upon at The AGM 2016. One of the three priorities expressed in that report was the need for more Corporate  prayer so that the concerns of The Church  and The Community and prayers for healing could be brought before The Lord. The  Prayer chain has been helpful on several occasions. Requests for prayer and for healing will be respected and kept in the utmost confidence.Prayer by itself does not solve all problems but it is a God given way of bringing healing at different levels into the most tragic situations. We feel helpless but we pray!


By A.B Hodgson (Secretary)

It’s been another good year with, once again, an excellent and varied programme with the following events:

Mr M Watkins on Banking in the days of £ s d; Mrs M Mahon speaking on the Brontes and Mr Roy Porter on life as butcher.

We have also had three sessions of indoor bowling at Tosside.

The attendance has been regular throughout the season, but a few more would be welcome. The finances are also good through the year thanks to our treasurer Mr Howard Douglas and with the level of support we can look forward to the future with confidence.

Another development this session has been, the activities of the Society are now on the Church website thanks mainly to the work of Mr John Farrimond, Mr Howard Douglas and Mr Clive Greenwood, and reach out now to a wider section of the community.

Once again it is worth repeating that ladies are most welcome to all activities and meetings.

The A.G.M. is to be held on Friday 13th April at 7.30pm in church.                                                    


by Anne Hardacre

Since the last AGM we have had four sessions of Messy church. : Friday 12th May, Sunday 24th September, Friday 24th. November, Sunday 4th. February 2018. We alternate between Fridays after school and Sunday afternoons.

The Friday sessions take place for an hour after school and have been very well attended with about 40 children with their parents/carers. The Sunday afternoon sessions attract 15-20 children with their parents/carers. They are less chaotic and there is more time to talk to individuals.

We have four or five craft activities on offer, then a Bible story, song and prayer. Each session has a theme, usually centred around the Churches year, such as Advent, Mothering Sunday, Candlemas, Pentecost. We also have food for the children, either at the beginning or end of the session.

Our annual Holiday Club took place on the mornings of 7th-11th August and ended with a barbecue to which the children's families were invited. This is a united venture with Chatburn methodist Church and is held in the Methodist Chapel. We had 30-35 children attending each day.

Our theme was Wastewatchers based on the Scripture Union material of that name. We learnt that God created a beautiful world, but we messed it up and so God sent Jesus to sort out our messes. We made craft items out of rubbish which we recycled, or used some of the rubbish for our games. The story took the form of a DVD presentation.

We Have two Messy churches planned so far this year; Friday 27th April and Sunday 17th June and our 2018 Holiday Club is planned for August 6th.-10th.

We have a wonderful team of Church members who lead and assist at the Messy Churches and the Holiday Club. In addition, several older children help at the Holiday Club as Team Leaders and their help is invaluable. I should like to thank all those who give so much time and energy to our work with children.

Chatburn school holds its assembly in Church once a month, as well as coming into church to celebrate special times of the Year, usually at the end of term. Years 5 and 6 have attended a Tuesday morning Holy Communion service, to experience what an 'ordinary' Communion service is like. Andy and Anne and Derek take Friday assemblies in school each week. Our links with our school are strong and getting stronger. We have much to thank God for, as we look back over the past year and as we look forward to the future in hope.


by John Farrimond went live on 12/01/2018 and is hosted on

We are fully up to date with all our events and opening times. We have posted up links to all local churches, schools and partner sites. A Church Near You (ACNY) is no longer used and a message to that effect has been posted pointing to our new site.

Also Wikipedia and Google have both been updated with the new website address and we have search visibility.

The site is refreshed on a regular basis as we try to keep content fresh and relevant.

More pages are added each week to try and attract particularly families.



by Rachel Wells

Sunday club started last September and is held each Sunday during the service apart from family services. During family services children sit with families and act as sides people welcoming people and then help collect the offertory.  

We meet in the vestry with numbers varying from 2- 9 children with ages ranging from 2 to 11 years.

When there has been a baptism in church we have created a card to present to the family and have had up to 30 children taking part.

Due to these varying of ages and varying numbers planning is tricky and time consuming as we do try to follow the lectionary that everyone else is hearing in church.

I would like to thank Christine, Lynne and Joanne who lead sessions and all the other people who act as the second adult without them volunteering their time it could not run.


by Cynthia Openshaw

Christ Church’s Craft and Chatter group has met regularly on Monday evenings at fortnightly intervals for the past year. Work has been very productive and a variety of crafts enjoyed. Numerous cups of tea and biscuits have been consumed along with much lively chatter in convivial company.

In the period before Christmas 2017, a wide variety of hand made crafts, produced by the members, was offered for sale at local fairs, the result being that £305 was donated to the Church funds. This year, 2018, has started well with meetings being well attended. Plans have been made for the group to hold a Victorian Christmas fair in November. To sum up, a lovely friendly group to which new members whether they be crafters or chatterers, are always ensured of a very warm welcome.

The group has now moved to Monday afternoons 1pm to 3.30pm.


By Clive Greenwood

Concerts provide the opportunity of bringing people together through music and to raise money for the church.

The music events have been taking place since 2010 when Clive Greenwood was asked to organise a series of concerts with the initial objective of raising money for a new organ. With help and support from the church members, sufficient funds were successfully raised in just over a year and a new organ was installed in the church.

The concerts became popular and continued in order to meet the demand for them, and over the years the money raised has been donated to various charities and towards the installation of kitchen, toilets and a new heating system in the church. Proceeds from the concerts are now making a valuable contribution to the current repairs that are needed to the church building.


The concerts are part of the Ribble Valley Music Festival which attracts capacity attendance from many parts of the North of England to the churches around the area where events are held. Praise has been received from the Queen for these concerts being unique in having the fund raising objectives as well as bringing people together.

Both concerts in 2017 sold out weeks before they took place and collectively raised £1706 after expenses, bringing the total raised for this church over the years to almost £20,000 and with over 3,000 people coming together at Christ Church Chatburn through music.



By Barbara Greenwood

The Vintage Tea events were created by Assistant Churchwarden Barbara Greenwood with the aim of people having the opportunity of quality time together in a friendly and social atmosphere.  

Barbara expresses her gratitude to all who have helped in all ways including those who have supported through attendance. The four Vintage Tea events to date have been well attended because of high standard food and presentation along with the customary warm welcome given at Christ Church Chatburn. Quality prevails with finger sandwiches and homemade cakes and with proper tea pouring from teapots. It is all served on china crockery.

Events have been accompanied by live background music or exhibitions. The event on 6th May 2017 featured an exhibition of life in Chatburn and the surrounding area through the industrial revolution to present day. Photographs, letters, reports, video on the big screen and artefacts provided interest to the many people who attended.  

The Vintage Tea events have become a popular feature and often there have been queues waiting for tables to come free. They have brought people together to appreciate the beauty and facilities that the church offers and contributed a valuable amount of money to the upkeep of the church.

The Vintage Afternoon Tea events are to continue and it is planned that the next one on 12th May will celebrate Royal Weddings since this church was opened almost two hundred years ago to commemorate the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel a week after the event.      

This event will prove again that the church is the heart of the community.



By Clive Greenwood

In May 2017 the required five year quinquennial inspection was carried out by Mike Overton, a qualified and diocese approved architect, who was supported by David and Val Mewis. This revealed that repairs costing £30,000 are needed to the church building. There are forty nine items which mainly relate to weatherproof and safety, and these are grouped into timescales needed to be done over three years.  

Urgent weatherproofing repairs have been carried out to the roof in October 2017 costing £9196 and paid for out of church funds. The remaining financial assets will be needed for other repairs and maintenance, so the quinquennial funding has to stand alone and money from outside sources is needed.  

A Quinquennial Project Management Plan was created including a Business Plan that has seven steps of action including grants, quotations for work, fundraising events, and financial controls including a cash flow control to ensure funds are available before repairs take place.  

Self-imposed spending restrictions have been applied.

Opportunities have been explored for the potential of awards from twenty five grant providers. Due to increasing restrictions and the limited opportunities for repairs compared to higher opportunities for development, only seven opportunities exist and these are receiving robust attention by Clive Greenwood.

The Churchwardens, Daphne Porter and Val Mewis welcome quotations for the work required.


A series of fund raising social events have been put together by the Churchwardens and church members and these take place throughout 2018. Considering that some of the renovation is to the doors the campaign is called “Open the Door to Christ Church Chatburn” and this promotion is led by Clive Greenwood.

The church encourages support and contributions from the public to help maintain a safe and continued presence in the community and the heritage opportunity for future generations.