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M2_Info School Directory
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MaST II Lawncrest & Tacony

Local Leadership Directory

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Food Services

Food Account Balances

Across Campuses

School Leader/ Principal K-12

Whitney El Laisy

Lawncrest Campus

K-2 Principal

Caitlin Marshall

K-2 Principal

Kim Volz

K-2 Counselor

Kelly Cooper

School Psychologist

Dustin Richard

Behavior Specialist

Danielle Doney 

Behavior Specialist

Keely Gallagher 


Amy O’Hara


Janet Sokol

Tacony Campus

3rd - 6th Principal

Kirsten Hurley

High School Principal

James Renniger

Special Education Coordinator

Lindsey McDonough

School Psychologist

Dustin Richard 

Academic Support (RTII Coordinators)

Brigid Finn
Lauren Tustin 

Dean (3-5)

Rodney Linder 

Dean (6-8)

Matt DiRocco

Dean (9-12)

Silito Rivera

Behavior Specialist

Danielle Sweeney 

3rd - 5th Counselor

Stephanie Sloane

6th - 8th Counselor

Patrick Mulville

6th - 8th Counselor

Sydney Marion

High School Counselor

George Meyers

High School Counselor

Morgan Fincher 


Alexis Rios


Lorraine Donaghy

MaST Schools Network Team Members

John Swoyer, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Balara, Chief Schools Officer

Kim Barth, Head of Special Education

Crystal Berberena, Student Enrollment Coordinator

Suzanne Colon, Head of Community Relations

Jackie DeWan, Support Specialist

Matt Ehrlich, Head of School Operations

Erin Figaniak, Tech Integration Specialist

Jessica Gotlieb, Coordinator of Front Office Operations

John Grensky, Buildings Coordinator

Sandy Grensky, Financial Manager

Phil Havens, Head of Technology

Bill Keenan, School Programs/Athletic Director

Angela Koenig, Head of Talent & Federal Programs

Katie MacConnell, Network Counselor

Alison Marino, Head of Curriculum

Kaitlin McDonough, Student Information Systems Coordinator

Margaret McDonough, Student Registrar

Michele Morgan, Human Resources Manager

Chuck Puchon, Head of Student Services and Administrative Supports

Mark Roth, Dean of Students

Dan Ratz, Head of Facilities

Maureen Scipione, Assistant to the CEO and Board