Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

President:  Tara Longyear Smith

Vice-President:  Dr. Halin Perera

Finance Officer:  Gary Foley

Secretary:  Denise Munson, Esq.

Trustee: Merton Bartels

Trustee: Steven Hanrahan

Trustee: Debbi Napolitano  

Trustee: VACANT

Trustee: VACANT

Treasurer: (non-voting position): Christopher Harris

Liaison to the Town Board:(non-voting position) Bruce Babcock

Library Director: Stacey Wicksall, MSLIS

The Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees meets every fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 pm in the library.

Trustee terms last 3 years and trustees are limited to serving a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.  To be a trustee you must be a resident of the Town of Macedon.  If you pay your property taxes to the Town of Macedon, you are a Macedon resident.

Those interested in becoming a trustee should submit a letter of intent to both the Secretary of the Library Board and the current Town of Macedon Supervisor. 

The letter of intent should detail what skills and assets the candidate has in relation to serving as a library trustee.  A brief resume should also be submitted with the letter of intent.