1. How do you feel about tattoos?

2. When you see somebody with a lot of tattoos what do you think?

3. Do you have any tattoos?  If so, why did you get them? Was it painful?  What did your parents say?

4. If not, would you ever consider getting a tattoo? Why or why not?

5.  If your son or daughter came to you and said he or she wanted a tattoo, how would you react?

6. What do you think of tattooed hands?

7. What do you think of tattooed faces?

8. What are the advantages of getting a tattoo?

9. What are the disadvantages of getting a tattoo?

10. What kind of people are more likely to get tattoos?  What kind of people are least likely to get tattoos?

11. Can you think of any jobs where having a tattoo would be a serious disadvantage?

12. If your teacher had a lot of tattoos, what would you think?

13. If you had to get a tattoo, what design would you choose?

14. What kind of tattoo would you definitely not want to have?