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Creative Design I & II


Ashleigh Raubertas


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856-848-8200 VM 616

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Remind code: text @h66hg8 to 81010

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Course Description

        This class will offer you an exciting opportunity to work on a real life design project: the Yearbook. What makes this course unique from other classes is that we will all be working collaboratively to put together a school publication, something you and your classmates will be purchasing this year. This puts a big responsibility on our shoulders because we want everyone to feel included and be proud of their yearbook. You will gain experiences similar to those that would happen if you were working for a newspaper or magazine. We’ll work on things like editorial content, proofreading, photo editing, photography, page layout and design, advertising and communicating with the printing company, Jostens. This means that sometimes, you may have to do work outside of class, such as attending sporting events, covering school activities, organizing photo opportunities, staying after school to finish pages before a deadline, etc.

         While our primary focus is the yearbook, we will also do other projects that will help to sharpen your design skills interspersed throughout the year. Students should have successfully completed the prerequisite of Computer Graphics & Design/Intro to Photo with a 70 or better prior to enrolling in this course.

Course Expectations and Assessments

        Due to the nature of this course, not all deadlines are set by the teacher. We work closely with Jostens publishing company and must meet their set deadlines for specific sections of the yearbook. The teacher is unable to change or negotiate these deadlines. It is extremely important for your student to be self motivated to meet these targets.

        We cover 5 units in this course: Layout, Marketing, Photojournalism, Product Development & Graphics/Illustration. In addition to the yearbook, I try to take on other projects in the course that have real life meaning and benefit our school. Some of these assignments in the past have been logos for the Life Water campaign, GREA logo, sports schedules, agenda covers, etc. Because of this, these projects tend to vary from year to year based on need. All primary assessments are evaluated using a departmental rubric.

        There will also be a final for this course that will consist of a performance based task and reflective writing piece.

Course Policies 

        Students may retake traditional tests or benchmarks however, students may NOT retake long term art project assignments. Students may rework areas of an art project if they would like to improve their grade in certain areas of the rubric. There are deadlines for assignments that students are expected to meet to stay on course for the marking period and not fall behind.

        There are no take home homework assignments given in this class. However, at times students may need to work on an assignment outside of class in order to complete it by the deadline!

Required and Recommended Materials 


        I am available after school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (as long as I have no conflicting meeting obligations). Students only need to tell me the day of if they are planning to stay after. Parents are welcome to email and schedule a time for their student to stay after as well.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Consequences may include verbal warning, phone calls or emails home, referrals to the Vice Principal, or removal from the class in extreme circumstances.