Senior Culminating Experience Reflection One

Overview:  Each month you will be asked to do a more formal reflection on your project as you move forward from initial idea through the changes and developments your vision undergoes as you encounter challenges, roadblocks, and moments of inspiration that lead you to alter that initial conception.  

Shape:  The reflection should be written in the form of a narrative of at least two typed pages (12 font, normal margins, etc.), as opposed to an outline or some bullet pointed aberration.

What you should include (although not limited to these suggestions):

-          Your original conception of the project

-          Changes you have made to your initial idea and the reasons for those changes

-          The challenges/difficulties/inspiration that led to the changes you have made

-          The feelings/concerns/decisions you experienced as you moved forward

-          The people you contacted/The reasons for that contact/The consequences of that contact

-          What you see yourself doing next (A loose outline of what you have to achieve to bring your project to completion)

-          Remember we are more interested in what you have done and what you have demonstrated in taking on your project than the project itself; focus on your thinking and feeling and imagination and resilience and courage and despair and hope as you tackle your project